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5 Best Places To Find Deals For Designers and Bloggers

If you’re like most people, you’re probably too careful when spending money online on digital products. Instead of buying assets from popular online marketplaces, you spend a lot of time looking for free alternatives and taking risks downloading pirated content. Well, there’s no shame in that. You work hard to earn your money and you should always be careful when spending that money. Although, unfortunately, those free stuff you download online are often very poor in quality and they’ve already been used by thousands of other people so your designs always end up looking like someone else’s creation. When doing professional work, you shouldn’t cheap out. Because the quality of your work heavily reflects on your reputation. And for designers, reputation is everything. But, that doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive design assets or pay full price either. There are plenty of great sites you can explore to find great discounts and deals to grab your favorite mockups, fonts, graphics, web hosting, themes, and many other online services. In this article, we’ll share with you some of our favorite Deals sites designers and bloggers can use to find special coupons and discounts.

Design Bombs

Design Bombs is a blog that shares useful guides, tips, and tutorials for both professional designers and bloggers. The site has a special Deals section that includes many different types of deals and coupons that help designers and bloggers save a lot of money. The coupons on this site range from 20% to 60% of savings when buying web hosting, themes, graphics, illustrations, icons, and more. In addition, Design Bombs also has a section for Freebies, lots of articles dedicated to designers, and beginner guides such as how to choose the right WordPress hosting and How to start a WordPress blog. Whether you’re a blogger looking to use unique graphics to include on your blog posts or a graphic designer looking for fresh graphics for your next project, this site got deals for all.

Mighty Deals

This is yet another popular site for finding deals on many different types of content, such as fonts, textures, brushes, online courses, design elements, and much more. The site includes deals starting at $10 and above. And there’s also a Free Deals section on the site where you can download mockups, fonts, and icon packs for free. The site also has deals for web designers and bloggers as well. The deals on this site will help you save 50% to 90% when buying design assets.


WPKube covers all things related to WordPress and blogging. This blog is filled with tutorials, how-to guides, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of WordPress platform and building blogs. If you’re new to WordPress, WPKube is a blog you must follow. The Coupons and Deals section of the website also includes lots of deals for buying WordPress themes, plugins, web hosting, and other services at incredible discounted rates. The WPKube deals for WordPress plugins and themes will come in handy when building your next blog or even upgrading the existing website. In addition to deals, they also have some in-depth guides such as What is Managed WordPress Hosting, How to install WordPress, and more.

Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a curated marketplace full of deals for designers. There are deals on this site for unique typefaces, card designs, graphics, backgrounds, brushes, and so much more. The deals on Design Cuts will allow you to save up to 99% when buying various content for your projects. The learn section on Design Cuts features lots of free tutorials and tips on design, like installing fonts, downloading resources, and more. There’s also a Freebie section as well.

Ecommerce Booth

Building an eCommerce website is not easy, especially when you have to worry about making the site look perfect in every way, setting up payments, and offer a great user experience to the customers. The Ecommerce Booth is a great blog you should follow if you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business. The Deals section of the blog also includes several great deals for saving money when buying web hosting for your eCommerce website and using website builders like Squarespace to create landing pages or easily build an online shop without any experience in web development. Wrapping Up All the deals sites in this list are often updated with new deals and coupons. Remember to bookmark them to come back later so that you’ll never miss a great deal ever again. Next time when you’re in the market looking for new stuff for a design project or for building a new blog, don’t go buy stuff directly, use a coupon and save some money! It’s not being cheap, it’s how smart folks spend their money. Featured image by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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    WPKube is my favorite among all because I follow it. Their tutorials, tips for WordPress bloggers are amazing.For a newbie blogger, this site is the best. Apart from how-to guides, you will find plenty of deals, coupons for themes, hosting, etc.

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