Noupe Editorial Team December 23rd, 2011

An Inspired Collection of Free Live Wallpapers for Android

Since we have been compiling wallpapers for our readers, we wanted to turn our decorating eye towards the Android series of devices as we have not had a dedicated wallpaper post for those users. Today we address this with a collection of wonderful live wallpapers specifically targeted at the Android line. These animated backgrounds have been a big draw for users since Android introduced them with version 2.1.

The problem many Android users run into is that there are so many of the live wallpapers out there and loads that are not very stable, or worse, just do not work. Then there are those which are somewhat uninspired. So we decided to sort through the hordes and bring our readers some of the cream of the crop. Below is a selection of backgrounds that we hope you will get some use out of. Or at least a little inspiration.

Night in Hong Kong

Steampunk Skull

Don’t forget to turn on the lights


Magical fusion sky

Ahrntal, a valley in South Tyrol

Blue night

Stormy love


Foggy Winter Morning

Over the Baltic Sea 2

Long way to the top

Milky way Antholz lake

Canyon and fog

Chaos of city


A Few of my Favorite Things


Reflections of an overcast sky against the Goosebury building






Man taking picture of a lighthouse in Greece





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  1. Good collection. I’ve been using biomechanical for a while now and I love it. Although sometimes I think live wallpapers are just a waste of battery life.

  2. Excellent collection of live wallpapers.I have created few LWP but i need to improve them to start uploading them to android market.I will keep trying

    have a nice day

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