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Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing introduces a significant challenge for beginners: identifying the best affiliate programs.

Making the wrong choice among the many high-paying options might set you back for months. Conversely, the right affiliate program could have you earning your first bucks before your site is even finished.

Given the frequency of this question, this blog post is dedicated to exploring the best affiliate programs for beginners. We'll also provide a balanced view of why opting for affiliate networks sometimes makes more sense than an in-house affiliate program, and vice versa.

Let's dive into it.

Jotform Affiliate Program

Jotform, established as an online form builder, has garnered over 20 million users with its numerous features such as a PDF editor, report builder, and e-signature capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and extensive integrations, Jotform also allows users to generate income through its affiliate partnership program.

You can earn commissions from your content by sharing affiliate links and receiving a 30% commission for every new subscriber you bring in. You can easily calculate your potential earnings with the Jotform Commission Calculator.

Jotform gives you everything you need to boost your promotions, such as brand assets, helpful content, and a training package. These resources help you increase your referrals and improve your overall engagement.

Commission Rate: 30% 

Payment Duration: 60 day

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon's Affiliate Program, a dominant force in e-commerce, stands as a lucrative opportunity for affiliates by connecting them to a global customer base and a diverse product range. Its user-friendly interface and global recognition make it an attractive option for newcomers and seasoned affiliates, promising substantial earnings.

Affiliates can earn commissions for every sale through their unique links, offering a flexible and scalable income. With millions of products across various categories, you have the flexibility to tailor promotions to diverse audience interests.

Commission Rate: It varies depending on the category, ranging from 1% to 40%.

Payment Duration: 60 day


Semrush is one of the most popular SEO, competitor research, and content marketing tools on the market. It offers marketers a comprehensive suite of tools to do everything from keyword and backlink research to optimizing existing pages of content. That’s why you’ll find so many SEOs promoting it in their blog posts and YouTube channels. There’s also the tiny detail that Semrush loves rewarding its affiliates with lots of cash. You get $10 for every referral that signs up for a free trial and $200 for any referral that chooses a paid account.

This combination of powerful features and profitable affiliate rewards makes SEMrush an attractive choice for marketers looking to boost their SEO capabilities and earnings.

Commission Rate: $200 for every new sale and $10 for every free trial sign-up

Payment Duration: 120 days


ShareASale, with a business history spanning over two decades, has become a notable player in affiliate marketing with +4,000 diverse marketers. Despite being acquired by Awin in 2017, ShareASale continues to operate independently, maintaining its brand identity. Although its interface may not be the most visually appealing or interactive, ShareASale distinguishes itself by offering an extensive array of affiliate programs, representing around 5,000 different options. These initiatives tend to especially concentrate on smaller but lucrative businesses, differing from the common practice of mainly showcasing large, well-known brands.

Also, an appealing aspect for new affiliates considering joining ShareASale is that this affiliate network is welcoming to beginners and won't remove you from the network if you don't generate any sales in the initial 180 days.

Commission Rate: Varying from 4% to 50%

Payment Duration: 30 days

CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction is reportedly the largest affiliate network globally. Its base represents thousands of advertisers across various industries. This diversity ensures that beginners can discover several programs to promote. An advantage for new affiliate marketers is the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated affiliate manager in most instances. These professionals can provide valuable insights and advice, elevating your affiliate marketing career.

A distinctive feature of the CJ Affiliate network is that it provides clear visibility into the profitability of the affiliate programs. This transparency eliminates guesswork and allows marketers to strategically choose which programs to promote and estimate potential earnings per sale. This feature proves to be a significant time saver in planning and optimizing affiliate marketing efforts.

Commission Rate: Ranges from 3% to 50% or more

Payment Duration: 30 days


Shopify is the online e-commerce platform transforming the way businesses enter the world of online sales. This online store maker removes the need for technical expertise. It also eliminates the hassle of hiring web developers and addresses the common challenges that hinder new online ventures. With Shopify, your visitors can easily choose from plans ranging between $29 to $299 per month, a mere fraction of the cost associated with custom e-commerce solutions. Its user-friendly approach ensures that businesses, especially those new to selling online, can set up shop without struggling over technical complexities or facing expenses.

The appeal of Shopify's affiliate program lies in its generous 200% commission rate for steering new customers their way. This enticing figure includes a 100% commission on the initial two payments made by a new customer. As an affiliate, you also have the enticing option of earning recurring commissions from referrals and 'Plus' upgrades, making Shopify a profitable opportunity for those seeking substantial returns in the e-commerce industry.

Commission Rate: 100% on the first two payments

Payment Duration: Approximately every two weeks


ClickFunnels is an all-in-one SaaS platform, combining sales, marketing, e-commerce, and analytics tools. These work together to automate marketing and sales funnels and empower entrepreneurs to monetize their ventures. Social media influencers can create courses, manage payments, and engage with the audience, all within the platform. Creators and consultants can build dynamic sales funnels for their e-books, incorporating cross-selling strategies, and integrating ClickFunnels into hundreds of other tools. Small businesses can experiment with lead generation through A/B split testing, while subscription box businesses can use attractive landing pages for sales and order management. ClickFunnels provides a versatile solution for a streamlined and effective entrepreneurial journey.

ClickFunnels presents a rewarding opportunity with a generous 40% recurring commission on monthly accounts. Affiliates can also earn a 5% commission for each monthly account sold by those they refer. The platform further enhances its appeal with the Dream Car program, offering enticing bonus prizes to top-performing affiliates. This means that as an affiliate, you not only earn commissions but also stand a chance to unlock additional exciting rewards.

Commission Rate: Up to 30%

Payment Duration: 30 days


Since 2003, this company has positioned itself as a reliable option for affiliates and small businesses seeking affordable hosting. Bluehost presents a profitable affiliate opportunity for beginners. It stands out as one of the premier affiliate programs in this selection due to its earning potential providing a minimum of $65 per referral by link. This explains why the Bluehost affiliate program is frequently mentioned and endorsed across various online marketing blogs.  Bluehost’s profitability aligns with the broader trend in web hosting affiliate programs for beginners. Its affiliate program serves as an excellent service for new bloggers.

Given that people need web hosting before establishing their website or blog, there's a compelling rationale for directing aspiring bloggers and online entrepreneurs to Bluehost. In doing so, everyone involved stands to benefit, especially beginners.

Commission Rate: Ranges from $65 - $125 per sale

Payment Duration: 90 days


The Etsy program is a unique blend of affiliate marketing. It focuses on independent crafters, vintage traders, and artists. While it primarily caters to traders, it's distinct due to the variety of products on the platform. Etsy has quickly become the leading platform in its niche, surpassing competitors and transforming into a publicly traded company in a short time.

What's interesting is its widespread appeal who have either bought or sold handmade items on Etsy. Through Etsy's affiliate program, you can earn a 4% commission by linking to or reviewing products. Note that Etsy's affiliate program is handled by Awin, so you must have an account with them before you begin promoting this opportunity.

Commission Rate: 4% per sale

Payment Duration: 30 days


ClickBank, founded in 1998, stands as one of the oldest affiliate networks. Despite not holding the same fame it once did, ClickBank remains a viable source of income for affiliates today. For those seeking to monetize a niche effortlessly, ClickBank offers multiple avenues. It includes display ads and affiliate programs. These options are user-friendly, making them accessible to both seasoned marketers and newcomers.

While ClickBank primarily features digital products in its Marketplace. Also, there is a selection of physical products available. An important point is the Marketplace interface. It is still functional and appears unchanged since its foundation in 1998.

Despite the interface aesthetics, exploring ClickBank's Marketplace remains a profitable opportunity for affiliate marketers. Digital products, particularly in healthcare and beauty niches, can yield substantial commissions. Even those with limited experience in affiliate marketing can secure $100+ commissions for a single referral, making ClickBank a great option for beginners.

Commission Rate: Ranges from 10% to 20%

Payment Duration: Bi-weekly or monthly


Continuing our exploration of top affiliate marketing programs for beginners, Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder currently leading the web market. Elementor has offered the art of website creation by placing the ability to craft visually appealing websites in the hands of thousands who may lack coding skills. Consequently, Elementor powers a whopping 8 million websites across diverse industries, so, a testament to its widespread appeal and effectiveness.

While there are numerous WordPress page builders available, Elementor stands out for its exceptional marketing efforts, ensuring that you can confidently recommend a product that lives up to its promises. Adding to that, with strong support from the marketing team, constant feature updates, and a highly engaged Facebook community, it's a product that practically sells itself.

Elementor's affiliate program not only aligns with your conscience, knowing you're endorsing a reliable product, but it also offers a substantial financial incentive for each successful referral.

Commission Rate: Starts at $49 for a year and commissions of 50%

Payment Duration: 30 days


If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and need help deciding which partnership program is the safest and most reliable, this was a comprehensive exploration of the top affiliate marketing programs suitable for beginners.

We've covered substantial resources here, offering you a variety of affiliate program choices to consider.

If you already have some traffic, you can start earning passive income from your visitors practically tomorrow, with payments arriving in the next 30 days.

Here’s to a successful beginning!

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