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Best AI Signature Generators of 2024 

A signature is much more than a name at the bottom of a document. Signatures represent your identity, professionalism, and personal touch; and a stylish one has become necessary in today's world where interactions and workflows have moved online. However, creating the perfect, personalized signature can be challenging if you're not a designer.

This is where AI-powered signature generators come into play. AI's innovative approach is leveraged to create customized signatures that effortlessly reflect your personality and style. Whether you need a sleek and modern design for your business emails or a creative and artistic signature for personal use, AI signature generators offer a fast and easy solution.

At Noupe, we've ranked the best AI signature generators for you. Get ready to explore these tools and find the perfect one to enhance your digital identity!


Jotform's newest addition to its huge arsenal of tools is a great AI signature generator that allows you to type or draw out your signature and download it with one click. It offers many different signature styles so you can choose which one best fits your personality.

The AI analyzes your name and picks out a personality style and reflects it in the styling of your signature. You can always choose to regenerate your signature if you aren't satisfied with the outcome. You can also pick your preferred color and line thickness to mix and match for different tastes.


Using GPT variants like Signature Generator by or AI Signature Generator by, users of GPT-4 can easily create their digital signatures with artificial intelligence. These tools combine customized instructions and a mix of other skills to offer a wide range of capabilities for users. 

ChatGPT can analyze and reproduce various calligraphy and handwriting styles effectively. It learns from a wide range of handwritten signatures, grasping the subtleties unique to each style. This enables users to create personalized digital signatures that are both authentic and tailored to their preferences.



  • Multi-dimensional AI features
  • Accessibility
  • Multi-platform support


BunnyDoc is a practical AI-powered tool designed to generate digital signatures with ease. It offers a selection of 8 distinct styles suited for both formal and casual use, although it does not support handwritten signatures. Users can customize font size, weight, and even the color of their signature to highlight it as needed. 

Signatures are downloaded in high-quality PNG format, and look sharp and professional. Despite its fixed font options, BunnyDoc provides a variety of elegant styles that can suit most preferences, especially if you prefer not to create a signature by hand. More importantly, BunnyDoc guarantees privacy, ensuring that the signatures you generate are not saved or shared, giving you peace of mind if you use this tool.



  • Color options
  • Sign from mobile option
  • Security and authentication procedures

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a signature generator powered by DALL-E 3, and it’s free for everyone to use. It creates unique signatures by blending different styles learned from images across the internet. These signatures look like human-made art but are unlike any other designs.

To create a good signature with Copilot, it's important to give clear and detailed instructions. Just like using ChatGPT Plus, you need to be patient to get the best results. It should be noted that it can be somewhat challenging in terms of practicality because of this, but you can guide Copilot to produce a signature that truly matches your style and preferences. 



  • Powered by DALL-E 3
  • Customizable system appearance
  • Dependent on prompt


PDFgear is a professional PDF editor powered by GPT-3.5, and it's completely free to use without any need for registration. Whether you're on a PC or mobile device, PDFgear offers flexible tools for creating and managing digital signatures.

You can upload existing signature images or create new ones by typing or drawing. With access to over 100 font styles, you can customize your signature to suit your preferences. To enhance security, PDFgear allows you to flatten the signature into the document, making it unalterable and unextractable, ensuring the integrity of your signed PDFs. When you flatten a signature in a PDF, it essentially becomes a permanent part of the page, like an image or text. This adds a layer of security because the signature can't be easily moved, modified, or removed without altering the entire document.



  • Free to use without any registration
  • +100 font options
  • PDF editing


AI is redefining our digital footprints, including our signatures. AI-powered tools are now unique resources for generating our digital signatures. These AI signature generators not only create unique signatures but also offer a variety of options for customization. ChatGPT, BunnyDoc, Microsoft Copilot, and PDFgear are several standout tools in this field, and they cater to different needs and styles. ChatGPT excels in creating authentic, calligraphy-style signatures through detailed prompts, while BunnyDoc offers user-friendly customization options with various fonts and colors, ensuring high-quality output and privacy.

Microsoft Copilot stands out with its unique approach of blending styles from internet images to create art-like signatures, though it may require more detailed instructions for the best results. PDFgear provides comprehensive PDF editing and secure signature integration, ideal for those looking for flexibility across different devices.

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