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Best B2B wholesale platforms that add strength to Business Startups

It is a fact that the trend of B2B platforms is at its prime in the present era. B2B platforms currently are mostly seen participating in wholesale trades.

As with time, the business to business portals is also evolving greatly with the integration of advanced technologies changing the functionalities to be better compatible and more convenient for its users. 

B2B wholesale platforms have proven to be incredibly useful in providing additional digital trading and branding features. As by these mediums, the outreach method to connect the seller with the targeted audiences have become relatively much for effective and efficient as well. B2B wholesalers have assisted numerous businesses around the globe to excel larger by reaching out to the local and international clients via a single platform. 

There are a few major aspects of these B2B wholesale platforms that have strengthened startup businesses to grow and contribute to better stability for businesses. By offering these traits to them that are:-

  • A direct integration of the data from the platform to the computer providing the company with the immediate notice on a lead or transaction attained.
  • Ensuring a larger market audience that creates a higher possibility to receive offers and demands to achieve expansion and growth. 
  • Minimizes Hassles: quicker negotiation process, fewer commercial visits, rapid delivery to responses such as price reduction or than immediately providing pricing lists, etc.
  • Reduces personalized interactions that eradicate the possibilities of personal deals and discounts being offered.  
  • Secure and spontaneous communications between the distributor and the purchaser.

Due to the market's obsession to get acquainted with the finest B2B platforms so that they can use it to their advantage. That is to help them boost their business’s presence around the world. Highlighting every aspect of these platforms so that it is easier for everyone to consider which platform will prove to be of better assistance when associated with. The list in no specific order will comprise of the top global B2B platforms.

Here are the 5 fastest growing B2B platforms in alphabetical order:


Alibaba is considerably one of the largest online markets that are residing. As a leading B2B Wholesale website Alibaba has been found to have a huge inventory consisting of every possible goods and product that may be required by a consumer. For quite a few years it was reckoned to be one of the largest marketplaces but with the ongoing competition and rise of the B2B industry, there have been competitors who could match up to Alibaba’s inventory but yet hasn’t been able to overtake it though.  

Alibaba originated, in the year 1999. Since its initiation, it has been able to secure a vast international market by attaining customers from around the globe. Alibaba over a decade has been able to grasp customer, even more, to expand its horizons by providing qualitative and standard base services. It has grown to such extent by valuing and keeping the needs in mind of its customers such as providing multiple languages in customer support to international clients. 

Alibaba is a B2B platform that presents versatile services. It was able to secure the highest calculated sales in the year 2019 while still having over 35 million users. Alibaba is one of the biggest wholesale distributors that numerous and various industries around the world use. As it reserves a huge inventory with mostly wholesale products/ goods and they amazingly present them through striking seasonal discounts that trigger to the audience commendable well.


Amazon is an entity that nearly every person has heard of that’s how widespread this B2B platform is. Amazon is relatively quite different from the other platforms as it has a certain difference in it such as in its operations and marketing strategies. One of the prime reasons it has been able to dominate the wholesale online marketplace is due to its ability to provide premium delivery services with utmost customer satisfaction.

Since a very long all that one could speak of when spoken of B2B platforms like Amazon or eBay. Making them each other’s biggest rivals for years. The only distinguishing point that could be seen amongst them was their selling process which differed from each other. Amazon catered to its selling process to the best extends as it could rather than having adapted eBay’s unique auctioning selling procedure.  

Amazon has strengthened its features to the highest possible reach out as it could. Since it is a B2B platform that doesn’t has auctioning of goods but certainly has a higher amount of wholesale goods and used items available for purchase for its users. Amazon is considered as one of the best platform used to sell bulk wholesale items and used goods.  


eBay is one of the very first B2B platforms residing. It is an e-commerce platform which has surely been able to secure its spot in the competitive B2B wholesale platform. As it most certainly has had a long run for its money in regards to all the competition and advancements that have been encountered since the demand has simple grown ever since the trend of convenient wholesale bulk purchases via these platforms. 

eBay has been able to maintain its compatibility against its growing competitions over the years by making the best of its better and innovative market strategies that assist in securing its position and adds up to its expansion. Even though most purchases made on eBay are generalized daily items such as clothing, jewelry, etc. but they also provide and consist of a much larger inventory comprising of a diverse range of goods and products. 

The most unique and wholesale aspect of eBay is its distinctive style to auction goods. There this distinctive tactic is a key reason for their success and highly driven customer attraction. With daily consuming products and a wider range of goods such as gadgets and exclusive products eBay also offers wholesale based goods that help extend their inventory while attracting new and larger audiences.   


eWorldTrade has proven to be truly amazing indeed when spoken of how much it has accomplished over its relative short spam since initiated. It has attained a large market worth due to its extensive growth in regards to the wide-ranging product, service, and demand from customers. This all has added up to its reputation over the years. eWorldTrade has widespread out operations that are distributed all around the world even though it is based in the USA. 

A crucial reason why eWorldTrade has been able to drive its sales to such remarkable heights is by presenting the most reasonable wholesale prices which have influenced the audience’s attraction towards it. eWorldTrade has mastered the art to provide its customers with convenient bulk services while not jeopardizing the quality of any of the purchases made. Being the only platform that can cater to every order placed no matter of how quantitative the order is and even then eWorldTrade ensures to deliver as committed during the initial correspondence.

B2B wholesale platforms are known to have a wide range and huge inventory but delivering the goods as promised while maintaining the quality is something the only eWorldTrade has been able to secure with the highest customer satisfaction rate. eWorldTrade has the latest most tech advancements as assistance that allows it to deliver the fastest most delivery services in the industry.


Unlike product-selling eCommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon, Salehoo primarily specializes in connecting high-end retailers with product suppliers. That’s a bit similar to Alibaba, but Salehoo is more cut for the deal since it works with only a few thousand suppliers that are highly vetted on the market. As a result, retailers don’t have to worry about getting substandard or counterfeit suppliers.

One of the things that makes Salehoo stand out from other supplier marketplaces is its rich application of decades of knowledge in the eCommerce market. For instance, Salehoo allows for a one-click Shopify integration, which helps users import products directly from a chosen supplier to their Shopify store. This, in turn, provides a seamless eCommerce experience for users.

Besides the much-needed integration, Salehoo has a good record of providing excellent customer support and educational resources even before the onboarding stage. This factor has helped it clinch a fantastic work record with over a hundred thousand entrepreneurs and thousands of reputable online stores.

Global Source

Global Source which is also referred to as GSOL. It is privileged enough to be one of the very first B2B platforms to be listed in NASDAQ. Global Source is most recognized for having a wide range of wholesale suppliers who are available from all across every industry. To this point, it is famously found to be of assistance to a business that suppliers are found paying minimal amounts to be presented as a verified supplier over the platform to attract higher consumers. 

Global Source has a huge residing presence of suppliers available from which the most suitable according to requirement can be selected from. It consists of an entire dictionary that possesses various manufacturers and suppliers that are mostly based from china and are reputable B2B suppliers. Global Source has achieved numerous global acclamations and awards for its incredible services.

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