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10 Best Bootstrap Free and Premium Admin Templates in 2021

The importance of a dashboard cannot be overstated. It is an essential part of every web application, organization, and any place where data is crucial. It plays a vital role in decision-making.

However, building a dashboard from scratch is a time-consuming process that might even cost you a lot of money. This is where dashboard templates come in. Check out some of the best Bootstrap admin templates that you can find in 2021.

Most of the dashboards featured in this template will have both free and premium versions. You can try out the free templates first, to see if it’s the right one for you. The premium version of the templates will have more features, layout options, UI components, widgets, and more. 

The best admin panel templates in 2021:

  1. Star Admin 2
  2. Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template
  3. AdminLTE
  4. CoreUI
  5. Berry
  6. Material Dashboard Pro
  7. SB Admin 2
  8. Volt
  9. Flexy Bootstrap
  10. Flash Able

Star Admin 2

Star Admin 2 is a modern admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5. This is a revamped version of the all-time popular, the original Star Admin. This dashboard template comes with many pre-built layout options and example pages that you can customize easily. The code is super simple to understand. You can literally set up and customize your dashboard within minutes when you use Star Admin 2. The free version comes with an MIT license, which means you can use it anywhere you like. The premium version comes with a ton of extra features, layouts, UI components, and so much more. Not to mention the access to free lifetime product updates and 12 months of premium customer support. Check out Star Admin 2 now:

Free version of Star Admin 2
Premium version of Star Admin 2

Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template

If you’re a developer looking for a Bootstrap 5 Admin Template enriched with features and a highly customizable, Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template would be a great choice for you!

Download: https://themeselection.com/products/sneat-bootstrap-html-admin-template/
Demo: https://themeselection.com/demo/sneat-bootstrap-html-admin-template/landing/


AdminLTE is a well-designed dashboard template built on top of Bootstrap. The design is simple. A lot of thought and research has been put into this template and it is obvious. Check out this template using the links below:

Free version of AdminLTE

CoreUI Admin Template

CoreUI is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template. This admin template is extremely popular for obvious reasons. The design is clean, the code is well-written and it comes loaded with features. You also get customer support with this free template. CoreUI is very beginner-friendly, you don't need any design skills to work with and customize this template. CoreUI Admin Template has been designed to save time.

You can get CoreUI using the links below:

Free version of CoreUI
Premium version of CoreUI


berry (1).png

Berry is a unique, advanced, pre-built, ready-to-use, highly customizable, and developer-friendly admin template. We’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring the best Bootstrap Template that is not fast and easy to use but highly scalable and this makes developing tasks easy. 

It comes with bug-free, well-structured, well-documented, well-commented code and regularly with all the latest updated code.  Using Berry you can create an impressive, high-quality, responsive, high-performing application.

The admin dashboard is fully responsive and passed through the various retina devices. It also gets good scores in Pingdom, Google Page Speed, and GTMetrix.  However, the code is passed via w3 validators with all w3 standards. 

Here are the best features of Berry - 

  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • 2+ Dashboard
  • Auto Compile SaSS file
  • Auto Minify/Uglify CSS, HTML, and JS codes
  • 3000+ Plugins
  • Light & Dark Layout
  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Compact Layout
  • RTL Layout
  • Preset Colors
  • Font Family
  • Box  Container
  • Latest and improved version
  • 8+ Apps
  • 4+ Table
  • 30+ Elements

Premium version of Berry Bootstrap 5

Free version of Berry Bootstrap 5

Material Dashboard

Material Admin is an admin dashboard templat built with Bootstrap 4. This template has been designed following Google’s Material Design guidelines. The dashboard looks like a bunch of sheets of paper which flow and slide amongst each other. This gives it the unique “material” look. The free version comes with an MIT license, use it on any project you want! Check out the free and premium versions of Material Dashboard using the links below:

Free version of Material Dashboard
Premium version of Material Dashboard

SB Admin 2

This is a free admin template built with Bootstrap 4. SB Admin 2 has a clean and simple design that can be customized easily to suit your needs. This template’s design is a mix of material and flat design. It also has minimal bloat code. The premium version of this template comes loaded with extra features, UI components and a lot more!

Check out SB Admin 2 for free using the link below:

Free version of SB Admin 2
Premium version of SB Admin 2


Volt is an open-source admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5. This template comes with more than 100 components, 11 sample pages and more. Volt features a simple design, and the template is light. It can be easily customized. It is rare to see a free template with these many features. The free version comes with an MIT license. Volt also comes with detailed documentation that you can refer as you customize the template.

Check out the free and premium versions of Volt using the links below:

Free version of Volt
Premium version of Volt

Flexy Admin Lite

This is a very simple admin template built with Bootstrap 5. If you're looking for a modern dashboard design that is super clean and minimalistic, Flexy is the dashboard for you. The premium version of this template has many different layout options and a lot of extra features. It also comes in a beautiful dark mode, apart from the standard theme!

You can get Flexy Admin Lite using the links below:

Free version of Flexy
Premium version of Flexy

Flash Able

Flash Able claims to be the most comprehensible admin template ever. This template is built on top of Bootstrap and has many feature-rich pages and components. The code is developer-centric and is easy to work with. The template is regularly updated, which ensures that you always get the best versions possible.

Flash Able renders fast and is responsive. It also allows you to choose and change between the different color options available.

Free version of Flash Able
Premium version of Flash Able

These are some of the best admin templates built with Bootstrap that you can get in 2021. All of these dashboard templates have been used by thousands of developers from all over the world and choosing the right template is essential for your dashboards. Pay attention to the license options available. Most of the free templates mentioned here, comes with an MIT license. This means you can use it on any project you want, with no hassle. Hopefully, you’ve found a great dashboard that works for you!

Featured Image by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

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