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Creative Fabrica: Hand-Made Artful Design Elements and Fonts

There are tons of design elements on the web. But if you're not looking for something standard, you need to dig deeper. Creative Fabrica is a new go-to for your search.

Amsterdam: Creative Home of the Creative Fabrica

If you've been to Amsterdam before, you know that the city is full of creativity, and a source of inspiration in itself. Thus, it's no surprise that our today's newcomer, Creative Fabrica, is a small business residing by the famous canals in the heart of Amsterdam. Not too long ago, the team behind Creative Fabrica was in your position, running a design agency. Thus, obviously, they also know how hard it can be to find the right design material. So, we can expect some expertise in that regard. [caption id="attachment_103281" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Creative Fabrica: Landing Page[/caption]

The Main Focus Lies on Bundles and Flatrates

When you first take a look at the Creative Fabrica website, the first thing you'll notice is the unconventional design style. The way the offers are displayed already shows you that you'll find things you won't find anywhere else. Starting as a provider for out-of-the-ordinary fonts, Creative Fabrica has expanded to the distribution of graphics and other elements as well. They gathered a lot of free material. However, this is still a charged offer for the most part. Creative Fabrica has a portfolio of over 3,600 fonts, as well as over 500 sets with thousands of individual graphic elements. The portfolio is growing continuously, as Creative Fabrica is not only expanding their stock with their own designers but also allows external graphic designers to sell their elements in the Fabrica, similar to competitors such as Creative Market do. Of course, the main reason for a specific exclusivity and the Fabrica's unique handwriting is the fact that they're working with their designers. [caption id="attachment_103279" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Creative Fabrica: Fonts[/caption] You can purchase individual elements, but buying one of the offered bundles is better in any case. One thing that I haven't seen like this before is the option to tailor your own custom bundle from the given supply. This package, called Pick 'n' Mix, allows you to freely choose thirty elements, and buy them as a bundle for 15 USD. Similar to various deal platforms, the offers on Creative Fabrica are available for a limited time only. Creative Fabrica is both a market for individual products and a deal provider that turns individual products into bundles. If that's not sufficient, you can also make use of the brand new flatrate offer. [caption id="attachment_103280" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Creative Fabrica: Graphics[/caption] Here, you pay a monthly fee of 29 USD to gain access to the entire product range, including the fonts and graphic elements. If all you need are fonts or graphics, you can book either one as an individual flatrate for 19 USD a month.

License With Commercial Purpose

Every element, except for fonts, comes with a commercial license, allowing you to use the product in client projects as well. As usual, the distribution of the elements as such is prohibited. However, you can create and sell mugs, t-shirts, or other merchandising using the material from the Creative Fabrica. Fonts can either be bought under the personal or the commercial license. As you can imagine, the personal license does not allow you to use the product commercially, so it's not suitable for professional use. If you want to use a font for a web-based customer project, the client also needs the respective license. When using the font to create a print project, your own license is enough, as you don't pass on the font files. Sounds complicated at first, but it's not. The nearly 200 freebies also come with the commercial license.

No Download Without Account, Payment Also Via Paypal

To be able to use the offer of the Creative Fabrica, you need to set up an account. To do so, either use your Facebook account or use your email address and create a password. Once you're registered and logged in, downloads start immediately, as long as the selected product is a freebie. [caption id="attachment_103278" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Creative Fabrica: Fonts With a Meaningful Preview[/caption] In this context, it is also worth mentioning that you don't have to install a software to be able to use the offer. We've seen this differently often enough, so we're happy to see that Creative Fabrica forgoes these nuisances. I was especially pleased about the option to test which special characters are available for each font via text input. Once again, this is not the standard either. For the payment of the charged elements, Creative Fabrica offers Stripe for credit card payment and also Paypal. If you run a design business in Europe, and you have a sales tax ID, you can avoid the billing of the VAT from Creative Fabrica's side. Otherwise, you'll have to pay the legal taxes on top of the labeled prices, depending from where you connect.

Conclusion: Creative Fabrica Belongs Into Your Toolbox

Creative Fabrica is already very well equipped, especially in terms of fonts. This is due to the fact that fonts marked the beginning of the catalog. Here, you'll definitely find something for any project. Worth a dedicated mention: you can easily test which special characters are available via text input. The number of graphic elements is growing rapidly. The prices are moderate. What can I say? Creative Fabrica should definitely be a bookmark in your toolbox.

Dieter Petereit

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