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Celebrating 10 Years of PSD2HTML (Anniversary Infographic, Discounts, Giveaway)

PSD2HTML® turned 10. Some might say it’s the end of an era, but for PSD2HTML®, it’s the beginning of a whole new adventure. To mark this special milestone they are offering an epic 50% discount on markup and an unusual giveaway. Don't miss their parallax best practice and example and secure your chance to win the giveaway. How? Read on...


PSD2HTML® is a widely known web development company. Today, they are celebrating a decade in business. That's over 1,346,688 hours of work, 1,065,289 messages, 85,527 web pages, and 75,091 projects. Oh, and, of course, an unbelievable amount of coffee, tea and midnight oil! They lived through 6 major website redesigns and an uncountable amount of various UI and UX tweaks. Make sure to take a look at their anniversary infographic to learn about their biggest achievements, some fun facts and numbers. As the infographic is an interactive parallax adventure, we cannot provide you with the experience here. A simple screenshot will have to do. Click on it, and we'll bring you over to their place: Anniversary Discount As part of the anniversary celebration, PSD2HTML® has announced an exciting offer: 50% off HTML/CSS markup for desktop sites. This birthday discount also has a special symbolic meaning. In March 2005, PSD2HTML was the first-of-a-kind brand offering design to HTML conversion services. To take advantage of this offer, just follow this link and proceed to checkout. And hurry, it is only valid through April 5, 2015!

The Birthday Giveaway

Do you want more gifts? Here you go! Here's an amazing chance to win $500 worth of ANY services PSD2HTML® offers: anything from responsive HTML5/CSS3 code to feature-rich online stores.

How to enter:

Just tweet the following message:
I'm in! @psd2html is giving away awesome prizes! #psd2htmlrocks
Then leave the link to your tweet in the comments below. This is not just another giveaway; this is a real auction! The last bid/comment wins! The number of entries per person is UNLIMITED! Just keep an eye on this contest for the next week if you really want to get your hand on the prize! We close the comments on the 2nd of April at 6.00 pm CEST. Do it like you did on eBay... Good luck and don't bring our servers down, please ;-)

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  1. I remember using those guys around 6 years ago and they did a cracking job, so happy to see them still going and I for one don’t think their end is anywhere close to being a reality.

    Will make use of that 50% OFF for sure. Thanks so much!

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