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Deal of the Week: Colossal Web Development Bundle with 60 or 158 Elements for Small Money

This one is for all the web designers, developers and all the other people who like to build themselves a nice web site. Inky Deals has curated a massive bundle in two flavors. The smaller one consists of 60 Premium WordPress themes, HTML5 and Bootstrap templates, and much more for 49 dollars. And the larger one consists of even more of the same goodness for 79 dollars. No matter which one you choose, the discount is around 98 percent. (Image of Notebook: Placeit)

InkyDeals and the Colossal Web Development Bundle

Today's Deal of the Week is perfect for web creators as it comes stuffed with templates in HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 as well as HTML5 apps, grids, galleries and loads more. You'll find email newsletter templates, masonry presentations, WordPress themes and what not. To get the maximum deal opt for the larger bundle with more than 158 elements. Instead of the original value of 8,262 dollars had you bought all the elements separately, you'll only have to shell out 79 dollars altogether. That's one massive discount of 99 percent. Due to the large amounts of individual items we cannot give you a proper impressions in this short article here. The images used here are all representing parts of the bundle but there a loads more over at InkyDeals. Make sure to at least check it out at their elaborate bundle page with live previews of all the elements.

InkyDeals Standard: Commercial Use and Money-Back Guarantee

As always with InkyDeals the offer comes with an extended royalty license. You are allowed to use all the elements in commercial and personal projects alike and you are allowed to derive products for merchandise or other mass-production. The commercial use is not limited to yourself. You are also allowed to use the elements in customer projects. The only thing that is not allowed is the re-distribution or sale of the elements themselves. Unrivaled in the industry is Inky Deals' way of handling unstatisfied customers. They installed a 200% guarantee for these cases. 200% means you will be paid the money back should the bundle not meet your expectations. Wait, that's 100% you say. You're right. The second 100% comes due to the fact that although you get the money back you can still keep the bundle. Lesser risk has never been. I shouldn't forget to mention that this is a limited offer. If you want to grab it, you shouldn't wait too long. Go and get it while it's hot!

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