Dieter Petereit March 12th, 2014

Deal of the Week: Designmodo’s Fantastic Startup Design Framework Based on Bootstrap 3 and PSD

Who in the world of web design and development doesn't know Designmodo? Active since 2010, these guys have brought useful resources to the design world and still keep on doing so. Their latest product aims at startups seeking to create a decent, flexible and unique website. Startup Design Framework is the only thing you need to achieve that. From today until the 20th of March 2014 our dear readers are entitled to claim a 25% discount on this fantastic product. Let's take a closer look... designmodo_startup_framework_9

Startup Design Framework: For Designers And Developers Alike

Startup Design Framework by Designmodo is not your usual framework. It is much more elaborate and targets not only developers by making coding more efficient and faster. It also targets designers. That's the reason why Startup Design Framework not only includes the necessary HTML, CSS and stuff, but also the designs in the form of PSD files, nicely structured and easy to work with. Startup Design Framework is based on Bootstrap 3, made with HTML5, CSS3 and LESS. More modern is impossible. Designs created using the framework are fully responsive based on the 12 Grid system. Retina displays are supported, too. Your website will look absolutely sharp even when viewed on an iPhone or better competitor ;-) To get you to speed quickly, Startup Design Framework comes with 25 pre-made pages for you to rearrange. The whole framework works like a building kit where to put component blocks together as you see fit. A block or page consists of as much components as are needed to get the desired functionality. Think of a block as a small website. By combining as many of these little websites as necessary you can create a whole lot of unique websites all derived from the same framework. The following, very professionally produced video explains it better than I ever could: Designmodo has received nothing but positive feedback by designers and developers alike since the introduction of Startup Design Framework a few weeks ago. The design is as top notch as the coding and by giving you the raw files, you are enabled to dive into the designs using Photoshop and your imagination, even extend the framework and lead to where you want to see it. A service called Generator makes it even easier for customers of Startup Framework to create their site layout. Click together your website prototype from header to footer and export the HTML/CSS needed. You can even share the prototype to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or by email. If you want to evaluate if Startup Design Framework is for you, you should check the lite version over at Github. It is more of a free demo of the commercial product, but fully workable, yet not equipped with all the features of the full version. If you've convinced yourself that Startup Design Framework is really as great as you hoped for, consider buying it.

Startup Design Framework: Worth More Than You Spend

With 249 USD the framework cannot exactly be called a no-brainer. Though, if you evaluate correctly what you get, you'll come to the conclusion that the pricing is not unfair. If you build your startup's website upon it, the saved hours easily amount to more than you had to pay to Designmodo. And if you build your client's startup website with it, the saved hours will surely surpass the amount you had to pay to Designmodo, leaving you with higher profit and less time spent, thus giving you more hours to sell. With our Deal of the Week you are entitled to claim a 25% discount on each purchase of Startup Design Framework. Instead of 249 USD you'll only have to shell out 186,75 USD. Take your wife out to a steak house or a vegan lounge, whatever you like most, and spend the savings ;-) To claim your discount, simply enter the coupon code NOUPE during the purchase process. Now, head on over to Designmodo and check out Startup Design Framework. Before I forget: Follow the Designmodo crew on Twitter and make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for useful tutorials not only on Startup Design Framework.

Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.

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  1. Wow! its stunning. The Startup will surely gonna be a blockbuster. Specially the new Retina compatibility and high resolution compatibility is awesome. Startup’s another distinguishing feature is its responsive design. I hope Designmodo will reduce the price coz the whole package costs about 400, which i believe is a bit costly as compared to other frameworks, but believe me there is no match between Startup and existing frameworks even most popular one can’t compete it. Best of luck for Designmodo and Startup.

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