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Deal of the Week: Marigold, a Collection of 8 Beautiful, Hand-drawn Fonts

Hand-drawn fonts have that personal touch. Whenever you need to express things outside of the machinery, with reminiscences of nature, beauty, and real life, you will turn to fonts that transport positive emotions - warmth, sympathy, good mood. Our Deal of the Week has just that for you. Designed by the well-known font designer Laura Worthington, you'll get a collection of eight truly unique fonts. This set covers it all from elegant to carefree, along with all the OpenType features to perfect the experience.

These fonts will better your mood not only because of their inherent beauty but even more so when you look at the price. For one very low price, you'll get the following terrific typefaces: Harlean, Charcuterie Serif, Charcuterie Ornaments, HoneyBee, Adorn Engraved, Adorn Roman, Adorn Garland and Adorn Banners.

Harlean Highlights:

  • An exciting blend of ruggedness and panache, Harlean is a lively and free-spirited typeface.
  • This fun and active font features 1,497 unique characters, so you'll have plenty to say, and plenty of ways to say it!
  • Take advantage of loads of OpenType features with Harlean including swashes, alternates, ligatures, ornaments and more.
  • You'll get Uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, fractions, punctuation and even some symbols.

Honeybee Highlights:

  • This hand-drawn All-Caps typeface is just bursting with sweetness to bring your latest project to life.
  • You'll get plenty of life out of Honeybee with its three sets of full-size capitals and two sets of lowercase capitals.
  • This irresistibly warm font is the perfect choice for food packaging, fantasy games or all sorts of kid-related projects.
  • Honeybee sports some 599 different characters from A to Z, including numbers, fractions, punctuation and a variety of other symbols.
  • Besides a boatload of gregarious glyphs, you'll also get yourself 20 ornaments to beautifully complement your designs.
  • Stylistic Sets and tons of OpenType features such as ligatures, swashes, and alternates, ensure the fun will never end with Honeybee.

Adorn Garland Highlights:

  • This beautiful script font sports a bit of a vintage feel to it.
  • With its slow and gently deliberate style, Adorn Garland works perfectly as more of a textural element than a headliner.
  • Add a gorgeously smooth visual break with this font's sense of contrast, light touch upon the page and elongated strokes.
  • Enjoy more than 200 (234 to be exact) swashes and alternates to truly breathe life into your work.
  • Talk about character! Adorn Garland features 1018 unique characters for each weight, including Uppercase and Lowercase letters, numbers, fractions, and other symbols.

Adorn Engraved Regular Highlights:

  • The formal invitations of years past step into the forefront with a modern twist, courtesy of this breathtaking typeface.
  • Part of the Adorn Family of fonts, Adorn Engraved Regular, is a fabulous choice for stationery and a wide variety of social printing.
  • Access some 1,429 characters from Uppercase to Lowercase, as well as numbers, fractions, and symbols.
  • There's loads of OpenType features to have fun with too, such as swashes, alternates, ligatures and more!

Adorn Roman Highlights:

  • With its traditional calligraphic hand, Adorn Roman works as both a display and text typeface.
  • Created using a chisel edge calligraphy pen, this magnificent font is technically a humanist sans, with tapering stems and high contrast in its thicks and thins.
  • Even though it's a body text, you'll find loads more warmth and softness, especially for small groupings of words.
  • Its collection of Basic and Extended Latin Characters contributes to 294 unique characters per weight, including Uppercase and lowercase letters, fractions, numbers punctuation and a variety of other characters.

Adorn Banners Highlights:

  • Add some true panache to your project with this collection of 20 professional banners.
  • Each banner includes a mirrored image left and right element, along with a customized and expandable center to let you encapsulate any size message or heading.
  • With a total of 117 different characters, you can seamlessly mix and match to create the perfect banner.

Charcuterie Serif Highlights:

  • Charcuterie Serif comes at you in two exciting weights: Regular and Bold.
  • Each weight features 296 different characters, for a total of nearly 600 unique glyphs to work with.
  • Easy to read, this typeface comes in Uppercase and Lowercase characters, numbers, fractions and all sorts of popular symbols.

Charcuterie Ornaments Highlights:

  • Add a symbolic touch to your latest design with this fabulous collection of ornaments.
  • Charcuterie Ornaments is made up of 136 different characters from arrows to brackets to animals.

More of What's Inside


Normally, this massive collection of fonts sells for $187 (for the Desktop fonts), but for a limited time only, you can get all 8 Laura Worthington Typefaces for only $37! That's a saving of 80% off the regular price! OR get BOTH the Desktop + Web fonts together for just $55!

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