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Decals Galore: Your MacBook Gets a Unique Look with our MacStickrs Giveaway

MacStickrs, a small company based in London, wants to help you make your MacBook feel more like it is yours and yours only. To achieve that, founders Aleksandr Karev and Jaroslav Urban designed a decent set of non-obtrusive stickers with a twist. Instead of taking the Apple face off and putting their own thing up, they tried to only carefully adjust the look of the Apple product. That way, you will still feel to be owning a pure MacBook, yet have the opportunity to weigh in your own personality modestly. MacStickrs likes Noupe as much as we like MacStickrs, so we decided to play a little game where you can win one of 20 decals we give away. Shipping is worldwide, so partake from anywhere you happen to be located at the moment, as long as there is at least kind of a shipping service available, that is ;)


Combined or Single: MacStickrs Combine Perfectly - If You Want Them To

Karev and Urban started MacStickrs in 2011 and carefully built up the business, following the principles of "Start Small, Stay Small" by Rob Wailing. Without pumping more money than would have sounded reasonable into the project, they managed to stay in market and are at the moment looking for a few retailers to decentralize sales. At the time being you will need to order your decals via the product's website They have a wide range of payment providers available and ship worldwide for the low fee of 2 USD.

If you want to get a taste of the feeling behind designing and selling decals for Mac products, watch the promotion video:

Today we are giving away 20 MacStickrs, which you can choose freely from their ample portfolio. In case you win, the decals will be sent directly from London to wherever you are, if you let us know your whereabouts, obviously...

Each sticker is neatly packaged, the Apple logo is shown dashed to help you with positioning. By the way, MacStickrs runs a website aggregating Instagram contributions featuring their products.


Choose Freely, yet Wisely

Win Your Stickers


So, what do you need to do to get into the draw? We'll play a little quiz where you will have to answer a few questions correctly to make for a valid participation. The answers can be obtained from one of the websites MacStickrs operates. You need to enter your name and email address, so that we can get in touch with you in case you win. After the draw we will get back to the winners and ask them for their complete postal addresses as well as their choice of sticker.

The game runs until Friday, 17th of May, 6 pm. (UTC +1). Good Luck!

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  1. That’s actually a pretty clever idea. If I had a MacBook I’d probably get one of those stickers for sure.

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