Dieter Petereit September 15th, 2014

Exclusive Giveaway: Six Licenses of the Visual MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress (Comment to Win)

Today we got a fantastic opportunity for our dear readers here at Noupe Magazine. We teamed up with MotoPress and came up with the idea to give away six licenses of their visual editor for WordPress. MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress lets you build your posts and pages in WYSIWYG mode. Forget about TinyMCE and its shortcomings and turn to the easiest and most powerful way to create with WordPress. All you need to do to secure your chance to win is leave a comment below this article. Easy, isn't it?


MotoPress: Visual Page Design

MotoPress is a plugin for WordPress from version 3.5 onwards. It replaces the built-in TinyMCE with a much better and much more powerful alternative. MotoPress allows you to create posts and pages by simply dragging and dropping elements on stage, where the stage is your post or page. The visual editor looks a lot like your favorite homepage builder without actually being one. Instead of limiting you to a defined feature set, MotoPress extends the possibilities of WordPress. If there is something MotoPress doesn't offer, extend it by using custom CSS. Build your own styles and use them with MotoPress. There is so much you can do. The developers keep extending the product as well...


MotoPress generally works with any theme, though support will vary. This is more a question of the theme used than one of MotoPress. MotoPress works flawlessly with any theme of one of the major theme providers such as WooThemes, Studiopress, TemplateMonster, Crocoblock and others. The plugin automagically cares for responsiveness. Posts and pages flow freely depending on the device they are viewed on.

motopress-in-action MotoPress in Action

MotoPress has been introduced around this time last year and has since seen an enormous development pace resulting in a vastly improved feature set. This video gives you a solid first impression of what to expect:

MotoPress Licences

MotoPress is a premium plugin and not available for free. It comes with three different price tags attached. If you want to add superpowers to your own WordPress website, you'd go for the Personal plan. This plan allows you to use MotoPress on one website and will set you back 29 dollars. The Business plan lets you manage five of your websites using MotoPress for the price of 79 dollars. If you are a developer and want to use MotoPress in your clients' projects, you'd want to go with the Developer license for 139 dollars. The Developer plan allows you to use MotoPress on an unlimited number of websites.


All the prices contain premium support and all updates for one year from purchase. After the first year you can renew your subscription for 50% off of the initial price. If you don't renew the subscription, MotoPress will continue working, but you will not receive further updates nor support. If you don't like what you bought there is a no-frills 30 day refund guarantee in place. Sounds completely fair to me...

Now Win Your License of MotoPress Content Editor

Today and for one week from now you got the chance to win a license of the visual editor plugin MotoPress. We are giving away

  • three Personal licenses worth 29 dollars each
  • two Business licenses worth 79 dollars each
  • one Developer license worth 139 dollars

All you have to do is leave a comment below this post and tell us why you're the right winner. There are no regional restrictions to this game. Wherever in the world you happen to be located, you are entitled to participate. The prices are delivered as a digital download.

The game starts immediately and runs until Monday, 22nd of September, 6.00 pm CEST. Winners are drawn at random from all valid entries. Make sure to leave a proper email address and a real name, so that we are able to get in touch with you in case you win. The addresses will be kept inside Noupe and not given away to third parties for advertising or other purposes. Good luck!

Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.


  1. I want to win the MotoPress Content Editor, because it would help me to be more creative with the design of my wordpress-posts. I have a diy-blog, where I work mostly with a lot of images. MotoPress would save me a lot of time that I spend actually with creating custom text-formats.

  2. This would be perfect for me. I’m a long time user of WordPress and build most of my clients websites with WordPress. Improving the user experience is always important for me and adding this editor to clients websites would earn me a few bonus points :D.

  3. I’ve been searching for weeks the tools that will help me to setup the environment I will provide to my new team of webmasters. I own a small software & web development company in Chile and as we’re getting more and more clients it’s time to grow :) plus, this would be the perfect tool to train my team before I take a few days to enjoy with my soon-to-be-born first son!

    Thanks for always creating the best articles!

  4. I’m the right winner, because I’m sure that MotoPress Content Editor will be helpful tool for my future work as a freelance web designer. Would be great to win the Giveaway. Greetings!

  5. I’m a code-noob and would really like to finally make some decent landingpages or just informative blogposts that I can spice up with nice elements to service my visitors. Easy as that. No fancy-pants marketing geekery or shenanigans, I just want to publish and do it with style. That seems like a way that could work. I’m eager to use it.

  6. I’d very much like to have an alternative to the weak editor in WordPress.
    Thanks for the chance to win this product!

  7. I had seen several other editors but this one is quite different from others. While others provide blocks where content needs to be drag-dropped, this one has lot more flexibility.
    I would certainly consider this for using in new website projects seeing the ease of use it provides.

  8. I find my clients struggle a bit with the built in visual editor in WordPress. If I were able to upgrade them to a better experience, they’d be more inclined to actively manage their website, and perhaps start blogging.

  9. Very nice looking plugin, I gave it a try on their website and I’m really impressed. I’m currently working on a multisite project. I’ve already cleaned out and redesigned the entire back-end to make the UI as simple as possible to work with. MotoPress would be the finishing touch of this project.
    I’ll keep my eye on MotoPress, win or no win. :)

  10. I work for a non-profit, and PART of my role is to manage the website. We all contribute to different sections, but not everyone is wordpress/web savvy and this would definitely help us all make visually beautiful pages/posts without me having to manually adjust each one to make it work.

  11. I want to build my new born startup with MotoPress. a travel blogging platform for Travel Enthusiast in my country. Indonesia. i want to simplify content creator for my user like on content.

  12. I´m a webdesigner from Germany using wodrdpress for all my projects. This editor looks to be innovative and would be able to optimize the worklflow of my clients in a massive way – to keep it as simple and comfortable as possible.

  13. I would love to win the developer license for this or any license to be fair. I do tutorials on YouTube teaching people how to create website and this could also be a great tool to showcase how people can manipulate the use of MotoPress and Headway Themes together.

  14. Uh, would be nice for my blog.
    It looks like I could do more with it then with the normal WordPress. So I’ll have more fun to write my artikels and could be more creative.

  15. Yeah!
    I tried this tool: it’s very efficient and usefull. :)
    Good luck to everyone and thank you Noupe & MotoPress teams.
    Nice Day.

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