Noupe Editorial Team October 19th, 2009

Huge Books Giveaway: Comment and Win!

We are giving away 14 Web design-related books to the Noupe Community. The winners will be selected randomly among all commenters to this post. The winners will be announced this Friday, 23rd of October 2009 in this post.

To participate, just pick the number of the book you are interested in and answer the question “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?” in the comments to this post. Thank you and good luck!

Please don’t forget to enter your valid e-mail so we can contact the winners of the books! Hopefully, the winners of the books will be able to widen their horizon in web development and create more effective, more user-friendly and more beautiful web designs. CLOSED

Update Oct/23 2009

We genuinely appreciate our community and respect our readers for reading us, and now we wanted to give something back. Over 1,161 readers participated in the giveaway. And the winners are:

Book No. 1 – Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers – Martin Evening

Yannick Lefebvre
Book No. 2 – Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

Chetan Sachdev
Book No. 3 – Designing the moment – Robert Hoekman, jr.

Book No. 4 – Store Front – James T. & Karla L. Murray

Kim Andersen
Book No. 5 – Bulletproof Web Design – Dan Cederholm

Book No. 6 – WordPress 2.7 Cookbook – Jean-Baptiste Jung

Nathan R.
Book No. 7 – transcending CSS – Andy Clark

Book No. 8 – slide:ology – The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations by Nancy Duarte

Book No. 9 – Designing for the social web – Joshua Porter

shlomi asaf
Book No. 10 – The Non-Designer’s Design Book – Robin Williams

Anca G
Book No. 11 – Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3

Nathalie van Heijningen
Book No. 12 – 1000 Graphic Elements – Wilson Harvey

José Vittone
Book No. 13 – Designing interfaces – Jennifer Tidwell

Virginia Moura
Book No. 14 – The Designer’s complete index – Jim Krause

Congratulations to the winners! All winners have already been contacted.

The Books You Can Win

1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers – Martin Evening – A professional image editor’s guide. 704 pages. Martin Evening’s Adobe Photoshop for Photographers titles have become classic reference sources for photographers at all skill levels. Whether you are an accomplished user or just starting out, the Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers book contains a wealth of practical advice, hints and tips to help you achieve professional-looking results.


2) Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg – Better Interaction Design and Web. 444 pages. Better Interaction Design and Web Development with Simple JavaScript Techniques.


3) Designing the moment – Robert Hoekman, jr. – web interface design concepts in action. 256 pages. Have you ever wondered how the teams behind the most popular sites get so many people to sign up for their products and services? With so many great applications out there, how does someone choose one over another?


4) Store Front – James T. & Karla L. Murray – The disappearing face of New York. 224 pages. Expensive hardcover. A visual guide to New York City’s timeworn storefronts, a collection of powerful images that capture the neighborhood spirit, familiarity, comfort and warmth that these shops once embodied.


5) Bulletproof Web Design – Dan Cederholm – Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS. 280 pages. A book by Dan Cederholm, showing web designers how to inject flexibility into their designs. Bulletproof Web Design contains several guidelines to help prepare compelling designs for worst-case scenarios, increasing user control and readability for varying text sizes and amounts of content.


6) WordPress 2.7 Cookbook – Jean-Baptiste Jung – 100 simple but incredibly recipes to take control of your WordPress blog layout. About 120,000 blogs are created every day. Most of them quickly die, but a few stay, grow up, and then become well known and respected places on the Web. If you are seriously interested in being in the top league, you will need to learn all the tricks of the trade. WordPress 2.7 Cookbook focuses on providing solutions to common WordPress problems, to make sure that your blog will be one of the ones that stay.


7) Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS : A manifesto to transcend the web of today. 384 pages. In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover how to implement highly original designs through visual demonstrations of the creative possibilities using markup and CSS. You’ll learn to use a new design workflow, build prototypes that work well for designers and all team members, use grids effectively, visualize  markup, and discover every phase of the transcendent design process, from working with the latest browsers to incorporating CSS3 to collaborating with team members effectively.


8) slide:ology –  The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations by Nancy Duarte. 294 pages. No matter where you are on the organizational ladder, the odds are high that you’ve delivered a high-stakes presentation to your peers, your boss, your customers, or the general public. Presentation software is one of the few tools that requires professionals to think visually on an almost daily basis. But unlike verbal skills, effective visual expression is not easy, natural, or actively taught in schools or business training programs.


9) Designing for the social web –   Joshua Porter – 192 pages. No matter what type of web site or application you’re building, social interaction among the people who use it will be key to its success. They will talk about it, invite their friends, complain, sing its high praises, and dissect it in countless ways. With the right design strategy you can use this social interaction to get people signing up, coming back regularly, and bringing others into the fold. With tons of examples from real-world interfaces and a touch of the underlying social psychology theory, Joshua Porter shows you how to design your next great social web application.


10) The Non-Designer’s Design Book – Robin Williams – Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice – 208 pages. This book is for the secretary laying out an office newsletter, the entrepreneur designing her own advertising, the student wanting a better-looking term paper, or the professional creating a lasting impression with a new client. As a book of general design principles, it doesn’t matter what computer one is using, or whether one is using a computer at all – the principles and terminology of good design remain the same.


11) Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3 – The official training workbook form Adobe Systems. 368 pages. This thorough guide to Adobe Illustrator CS3 is ideal for beginning users who want to master the key features of Adobe’s powerful vector drawing software. Using clear, step-by-step lessons, each chapter contains a project that builds upon the reader’s growing knowledge of the software, while review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce key concepts and skills.


12) 1000 Graphic Elements –   Wilson Harvey –   Details for distictive designs – 320 pages. Often, the small, delightful details make a piece shine, similar to the way unique buttons on a white shirt can give it an entirely new look. This book explores 1,000 of these embellishments available to graphic designers across all kinds of projects, from books to brochures, invitations to menus, CDs to annual reports. This book invites designers to literally shop for ideas. Content is organized by type; if you?re in the market for an unusual binding, turn to the bindings section to see a wide collection of fresh ideas.


13) Designing interfaces –  Jennifer Tidwell  –  Patterns for effective interaction design. 352 pages. This book is an intermediate-level book about interface and interaction design, structured as a pattern language. It features real-live examples from desktop applications, web sites, web applications, mobile devices, and everything in between. This site contains excerpts from some of the book’s patterns. The book has more, of course — more introductory material, more patterns, and more examples. Naturally, I’d like you to buy it! But this material has been on the Web for a while, and I’d like to keep it here.


14) The Designer’s complete index –  Jim Krause – 3 books in a box. The Designer’s Complete Index. It’s creative, powerful, inspiring and real – providing all the insight and problem-solving muscle a designer needs to produce the best work of their life. This super-cool boxed set contains all three of Jim Krause’s best-selling “Index” books, including Idea Index (graphic effects and typographic treatments), Layout Index (your secret weapon for effective, dynamic layouts) and Color Index (over 1100 color combinations with CMYK and RGB formulas). Each volume is packed with hundreds of stimulating ideas, creative solutions and practical instructions.


Good luck!


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Book #2 or #9. I would like a post about how to add online credit card processing in either rails or PHP. I can’t seem to find a tutorial about this anywhere!

  2. Definitely book #11 as I am currently embarking on my quest to learn illustrator CS3 (can’t afford to upgrade to 4 atm) and this book absolutely fits the bill of what I need.

    I have just begun reading here at so what I would like to see may have already been done. Regardless, I would like to see as much content as possible that is accessible for the novice web designer. I am just now learning HTML/CSS and the Adobe CS software so some integrated information would be awesome.

  3. Hello,
    i’d like to have one of the following books:
    #1, #2, #5, #7, #9, #11, #13 or #14

    At the moment I’m working on some Website Redesigns.
    So one of the books would be nice =)

  4. #13 or #14: I’d love to see the content management articles go beyond Joomla! and Drupal, maybe looking at CMS principles or alternative systems.

  5. A.) How about:
    5) Bulletproof Web Design
    7) Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS
    14) The Designer’s complete index

    B.) “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”
    How about more articles on typography for the web.


  6. Id love to learn more about WordPress. I use it every day for my blogs, but I have to use a theme that was designed for me.

    I am a graphic designer, so I would prefer to work with a tool that also uses my own designs!

  7. #2 or #13
    I would like to see more things about the backend as well as what you already do for the front. There is loads of great stuff about js and good web design, but the things you post on php seem mainly superficial, like the php frameworks thing you did a while back. Maybe some actual tutorials of little things done in php or something like that.

    I realise that php is a large topic and that there are many ways to do one thing, and that some things maybe impossible to implement (depending on version or a framework or whatever) though.

  8. Book number:

    1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    MORE Joomla, WordPress: tips, tricks, tuts.

    MORE giveaway for peoples start in websites: hosting, themes contests.

    More photoshop “HOW TO…”, icons tuts.

    Joomla & WordPress extensions/plugins tuts, template/ theme tuts.

    Cinema 4d tuts.

    Thanks for this giveaway. Good luck for all.

  9. I’d like to see more article geared towards the “Beginning Developer” — it’s hard to catch up without a good foundation. I also agree with the comment above about integrating Adobe software into posts. It’s ubiquitous and the best.

    Books #9, #14, #6 would be great – Thanks!

  10. Book #3 or #13.
    I really like the mix of tutorials that covers both web server configurations and design ideas/concepts. I would like to see, though, more hands-on best-practicies solutions for backend programming. Snippets that deals with authorization, authentication, sessions, html templating. How to structure a good site with templates etc.

    Thanks for a great service!

  11. More about developments on embedding fonts within websites.

    Basics in CSS aimed at designers.

    Usefully resources, royalty free images, icons, inspiration.

    Look forward to the future of noupe

    Books: 3 11 12 13 14

  12. #4: Store Front
    I love to see posts about designer’s process…from wireframes to finished product. I find that kind of insight so inspiring!

  13. The articles you wrote by now are great, but a bit more about usability, accessibility etc…
    I have just read a book about navigation and design. Would be a great topic, wouldn’t it.

    I’im intrested in book #12.

  14. I’d be happy with either #13 or #14. I’d love to see more posts about html5, interface design and web typography. Thanks!

  15. #1 or #9.

    It would be nice to read something about using of power of Google Wave and possibilities of its integration (for example with Drupal or WordPress).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. # 2,3,5,6,13 & 14

    I’m a student and I’m really into web developing / designing. I would love to improve my knowledge on that fields

    see ya!

  17. Number 5 please.

    It’s quite an obvious one but I still enjoy your big lists more than anything else, your round-up posts are very high quality and not just cobbled together.

  18. Book #2. On a less technical area, I would like to see some articles or processes on creating critical workflow documents for freelancers. This is something I have neglected in the past. I would like to see recommendations on what documents are used, why they are important, and how to create or taylor your own to fit your business and niche. Thanks, and keep up the great work at Noupe!

  19. I would love #14. Would like to see more tutorials on experts design process and how they conduct research for clients. Also, if there could be any tutorials on building web applications for dummies, that would be great!

  20. I’d love to get my hands on the Bulletproof Web Design book. I’d love to read more about branding design, wordpress development, and social network development on this blog. Thanks; keep up the great work.

  21. Wow, can I put my name in for all of these books LOL
    If I had to choose it would be #6 I create WordPress templates all the time and I am sure there are some snippets that would come in handy

  22. I would love to have #14 because I’ve become obsessed with design lately but I feel like I need some direction and help. This set sounds very encompassing and helpful!

    Overall I think that Noupe is very well rounded, but I’d like to see some articles on how to get the word out about a personal website or designs. Maybe give some pointers and teach about outlets for designers to show off their work online (i.e. emptees for tshirt designers and such). I think this would help a lot of the freelance designers get their work seen and spread on the internet.

  23. #3

    I would like to see more posts on processes for commercial projects from start to finish: people involved, documents, time calculation, pricing..

  24. Hi,

    Book #5, Bulletproof Web Design.
    I would like to see posts on how to get protected against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS.
    Pretty much like the book.. :P

  25. #4

    I’d like to see more freelance related articles, or even a forum where designers/developers can get together, discuss, exchange info.

  26. Book 2: Learning jQuery

    I’d like to see more articles about working in the industry. Also, more tutorials.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. I would like to have book #5 or #10.

    And I like reading more about recent web trends and some article giving introduction to HTML5. Also, something on how integrate accessibility with beauty.

  28. Book #5 and I would like to read more about integrating other php based CMS like MediaWiki with WordPress.

  29. #7

    I’d like to see more tutorials for the beginner. Or the bare basics. Sometimes we miss simple solutions because we have gotten caught up in the more complex functions and solutions.

  30. #12

    I’d like to know more about how to design better experiences for the user. I’d also like to know more about how to use words and images to tell a story and not just make your site look good.

  31. #1 – Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    ->we need some topics on php

    ->and also i don’t like your footer. by the way everything is excellent.

  32. I would like to read more about the coming “Web 3.0” – what designers need to know about reader interaction, what people are looking for when they request “hip design”, and better ways to communicate (dialogue, not monologue) via video/audio and the web

    Book #14

  33. Hi everyone,

    Books #5, #9, #13 or #14 will be great!

    I would like to read about tips of how to improve web design and more tricks/tutorials/samples of javascript/ajax stuff.


  34. I’d like book #13.

    I’d love some more posts about interface design for small interfaces, e.g iPhone or other mobile devices.
    As I think mobile devices have the most overlooked interfaces at the moment..

  35. #6

    What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe? Interviews and discussions on people’s workflow, rapid prototyping, keeping things organized and moving in hectic schedules, etc.


  36. I would love to read book #14. The reason I would love to read this book as with a new startup that I am adventuring in, designing a quality and extremely effective user interface will be the key asset of it’s growth.

    I personally would like to read more of User Interface Designing, the Dos and Donts of UIs along with usability testing here at Noupe. I look forwarded to seeing more of these topics here.

    Keep up the great work I really enjoy reading the material here.

    Best Regards,
    Aaron McGowan

  37. Book #8 slide:ology.

    I’ve always wanted to improve my presentations, not only verbally also graphically.

    I’d like to know how other people manage to create better presentations.

  38. #2, #6, #14, I always love learning new techniques in jquery (or any other javascript library) also photoshop tutorials from a trusted source are always great

  39. Some really good suggestions on here,

    I’d like to see some articles on how some of the more creative people out there expand on some of their initial creative ideas, how they go from that first initial idea to a fantastic looking website. I can come up with good ideas, but getting them looking like that on a finished product is often easier said than done. I’d also second the suggestion that some more beginners articles would be very well received.

    I’d be interested in any of #3, #7, #12 or #14

  40. Book 14 or 4 would be great!

    How about an article about design oriented iphone apps? Maybe other functional ways to integrate design into your life subtly.


  41. Book #9!

    I would love to see some more articles about the steps to get to a final webdesign, like wireframing, creating the final design from a wireframe, etcetera.

  42. #2~!!

    The jQuery stuff is interesting and it’d be nice to see some more info about the particular challenges to freelance starters.

  43. Well, I’d like to read about AJAX-based things applied to Joomla and WordPress templates. It could be very helpful.
    The books I want to win are: #1 or #2 or #5 :)

  44. Book #2 is my favorite.

    I liked the articles about impressing artworks very much in the past and would really love to see more of them in the future.
    Also articles about jQuery techniques to improve user experience are always very helpful!

    I hope that I’m lucky today ;)

  45. I’m in for book #3 – Designing the moment

    I would love to read some more interviews with the “guru’s” of the web, Like Zeldman, Eric Meyer etc. about where the web and web-technologies are heading.

    Great contest!

  46. I chose book number 9.

    I would love to see more posts on web designing techniques for social media enthusiasts, as in for people who are willing to build a product that shall leverage the power of social media. Thanks :)

  47. Book 2) Learning jQuery

    I’m working with CMS (Drupal and Joomla), so it would be great if you post some topics about it.


  48. Hi, thanks for this chance..
    i’ll say Book #6
    I’d like to see in the future more stuff for Begginners and more stuff about WordPress


  49. I’d love to see a series on creating a ruby on rails application and then building 3rd party apps to interact with it. For instance, building Adobe AIR, FLEX, iPhone Applications to connect and manage data from a ruby on rails application.

  50. #14 – I’ve had these books on my amazon wish list forever. To have them in one handy carrying case would be out of sight!

    I think I am most interested in stories that describe other people’s creative processes. Also, I love the “little tricks you may not know” type stories… I always find something good.

  51. #1

    The content is just great, just keep ’em coming :)
    (actually stumbled here from smashing mag, worth frequenting +subscribed right-away)

  52. ¡hi, i would like to have this books!

    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #13 or #14

    I would like to see more killer wordpress tips in

  53. Hi,
    I want to get more depth on the :
    14) The Designer’s complete index – Jim Krause

    Right now I am working on some RIA stuff, I want to get more depth on designing client interfaces…
    Cheers !

  54. I would love to see more CSS tips and tricks, as well as articles for beginning developers. I want to get more into the coding side of things, and there aren’t enough “developing for dummies” books out there.

    I’ve got my eye on #14.

  55. Book #1
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I want more Photoshop articles and tutorials.
    Articles about special effects should be nice.
    CSS tutorials is also good.

  56. As a phonographer definitely book#1: Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers. It will help a lot.

    Second Choice book#9: Designing for the social web

    BTW good choice of variety of books.

    Thanks in advance.

  57. #14 is my favorite book.

    I would like to see some articles about creating a full portfolio with WordPress. I think I would been interesting to see the way how you start.

  58. Hi!
    Thank you for this contest.
    I would like to read about Jquery, Web usability and web standards. I like all the small tutorials about javascript too.

    Books: #2, #5 or #13! :)


  59. Hmm, tough one, but I think I’d like to see more unique and inspiring uses of WordPress. I’m thinking outside-the-box design and pretty, love-to-look-at stuff. #12, #4 & #6

  60. I’ll like to get book #1, #4 or #9

    It would be nice to read a series of posts about PHP OOP/jQuery to create a simple backend interface. Something one could follow over a few weeks maybe.

  61. I would like book #1

    I would like to read some articles on Photography and Photoshop and more articles on CSS.

  62. Book #9
    “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    I would like to see regular updates from newbies to web design sharing the their learning experiences.

  63. #6

    I’d like to see more stuff about jquery and e commerce from scratch, in particular the payment modules (paypal for the most part). I read tutorial after tutorial on the later and I’m still not sure I want to embark on e commerce sites for my clients.

  64. #11 would be awesome. Teaching myself how to design has been a long process.

    I would love to see more tutorials and general tips for Adobe Creative Suite.

  65. Book #7 and #14

    Just want to see unbiased content about web design and the “same” web sites for inspiration!

  66. All books of these books would make a lovely addition to the library, and I will favorite “#4 Store Front”. Would love to read more “best practices” posts for any relevant discipline.

  67. 8) slide:ology

    I’d like to read more posts that are scenario / story based and step through how someone discovered and then solved a specific problem.

    I know list-based posts are good for SEO and traffic, but i’d prefer to have articles that can really be dug into.

  68. #3 would be awesomely helpful to me, just as more articles about e-commerce would be – especially the role of progressive design in boosting conversions and in particular, single page checkouts and effective landing page design!

  69. Hello,
    I’d love one of the following books: #6,#9,or #3

    Possible future posts: A post on E-commerce from scratch, and a post on using social media as a marketing platform, possibly the bare bones starters guide on design and development of facebook applications.

  70. would be great to see more posts about designing in general… like thing that you know works.. maybe tips with different typographys or colors and such..

    would be really great to get #14 or the #11
    this giveaway is awesome!
    keep going noupe!!

  71. Oh man, I would love #11 (#14 would be my second choice).

    I’d like to see more posts with vector tutorials, and different techniques to create typefaces.

  72. Hmmm… Lots of great books. Can’t decide one. Here are my choices.

    #2 (‘coz I like to explore deeper with interactivity enhancements)
    #3 (‘coz I’m interested with successful social media apps)
    #4 (‘coz I’d like to hone my CSS designing skills)
    #8 (‘coz I want to learn how memorable presentations were made)

  73. 1) I’d love to get this book: Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    2)“What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”
    R/ Would love to read about transition from Adobe PS CS4 to web design.

  74. I would like #2 and/or #11. I currently use jQuery, but would like to become much more familiar with its extensibility. I need real help with my use of Illustrator. Cheers!

  75. Books 14,13,6,or 7.

    I would like to see more posts about designing interfaces and building magento ecommerce sites and wordpress blogs from scratch. Taking the PSD design to HTML and PHP on those platforms.

    Thanks for the contest!

  76. I’d love to win #6

    Been moving more and more into WordPress over this past year and I’d love to give this book a read.

    I’d like to see even more WordPress as CMS examples or tutorials on cool things you can do with it.

  77. Hi, I would love to win book #3 or book #13.

    My lucky number is 13 so you’d never know!

    I would like to read less list-type articles and more in depth analysis – more concept, less show and tell (a bit). It would also be good to have a topic on the changing tat of the web and web design – as more and more tools are becoming available that will make anyone able to create a website/ have a web presence how can the professionally trained designers/ developers/ UX practitioners adapt and up-skill.

    – Niamh.

  78. Number: 14) The Designer’s complete index, for me!
    And…I would like to see more tutorials in photoshop and Css ..thanks!

  79. Two! Deux! 1+1= !
    (even though it looks like you’re swamped already)

    Great reading here, always, but also always interested in advanced CSS tricks o’ trade, CSS instead of js, etc.


  80. Book #1 or #14 =D

    I would like to see posts regarding web development using HTML 5 and CSS 3. It would be fun if there are Javascript Libraries tutorials made available.


  81. I’m a coder and really would like to have an eye for design so I guess I would like to read some articles on how to accomplish good web page design from the ground up!

    At the minute I can code the webpage but if I designed it – it would look like the backend of a bus!

  82. More inspiration. And maybe some explanation of how they’re doing what they’re doing. I see some crazy-nice stuff, but I don’t know how to use it myself.
    Oh, and book #12.

  83. 14) The Designer’s complete index

    I think having some decent articles on Drupal, and how to build certain things. I’m learning Drupal at the moment and just moved onto building modules and it would be really handy to have a on-screen resource with in-depth information.

  84. I’m a coder and really would like to have an eye for design so I guess I would like to read some articles on how to accomplish good web page design from the ground up!

    At the minute I can code the webpage but if I designed it – it would look like the backend of a bus!

    Book #10

  85. #7) I want to be a css design ninja.

    I haven’t been around this site much but would definitely like to read some “importance of branding to customers” type articles! Thanks!

  86. Hi,
    great initiative!
    Thanks and wish me luck and if I may say it: books #1, #2, #5, #13 or #14. But indeed knowledge is a tresaure, so with any of the books it would be great :)


  87. I’d love book #1 (second option could be #14 :))!

    In Noupe I would like to see more tutorials or showcases on sites that use a big format photo as their background and design the site around it.

    Also a new take on hosting… not about companies but what is the appropriate level (shared, dedicated, free, etc) we should aim for when buying a hosting solution according to our traffic, type of website, etc.

  88. Would love book 13 or 3.

    Here on Noupe, I’d love reviews of new Web Applications. :) Also, compilation of small tips or cool website for inspiration, or other are always great!

  89. 14) The Designer’s complete index

    Lots and lots of articles about design and layout. Tutorials are nice as well. Maybe showing how to create some of the fantastic design trends out there (like glossy buttons for example)


  90. #11 Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3

    Would like to read more about e-commerce and website design in general and tips when using web design/development programs like dreamweaver, fireworks etc.

  91. I’d love #14. I’d also love to see more tips and tricks from designers actively freelancing in web design. Any information in that area is invaluable.

  92. Book 7 – or 6

    Would love to have a series of following a developer and how they would design a website from scratch for a client.

    More articles of j-query, CSS, and PHP.

    Would like to learn how to get others to buy you lunch and how to get out of jury duty.

    Hangover tips are also a plus.

  93. More posts on jQuery and jQueryUI would be most appreciated, including surrounding tools, libraries and demos.

    Book #14.

  94. #2, #3, #5, #6, #7, #9.

    I’m in a web design class right now, so I’d probably like to check anything out with XHTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

  95. Publish more on:
    – how design can affect sales,
    – pros and cons on visual subliminal messaging,
    – excerpts from research projects on how people perceive www pages,
    – men vs female approach to different layouts,
    – statistics on online related issues
    – image vs copy arguments,
    – design for design projects,
    – alternative forms of design.
    You may also include a long term “From our readers” column where you may publish articles from your audience (on subjects you suggest).
    Good luck!

  96. I’d love almost any of them (but 3,5,6,7,9,11,13 or 14 especially).

    I’m with Alex Burton. Some detailed articles on learning Drupal, theme-building in particular, would be very useful.

  97. Book #6

    I’d love to see more articles on WordPress. Maybe more hacks, quick solutions to complex problems otherwise, keep up the good work! Love the site!

  98. The book I like to have and read is numer 13 – Designing Interfaces. In the future I would like to read more about technologies that can be used for RIAs. Another thing I would read about is Adobe’s Flash Platform.

  99. #1) CS4 for photographers

    I would love to see more articles aimed at implementing photoshop in designing websites. A combination of multi-part tutorials that implement jquery and flash would be amazingly useful and would keep me coming back for more. Thanks!

  100. #2 I’d love to see some VERY basic jQuery tutorials as many tutorials assume basic knowledge and go for broke. I’d like to see something aimed at folks that don’t really know what it is and tell them why they should use it and how. In simple terms, with concrete basic examples.

  101. 7 or 10. As a naturally gifted (ahem) left-brained coder, my right brain just barely functions. I suck up anything that appeals to my meager right brain on how to make HTML look less like a coder developed it.

  102. Book #2.

    As for what I’d like to see in terms of blogs, I’d like to see how DOM-standards scripting techniques (like object-oriented JavaScript) combines with libraries like jQuery or MooTools.

  103. I would like to have:
    8) slide:ology – The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations

    I never read a book on this topic, and it seems interesting to learn a bit more about a technique we many times don’t pay a lot of attention to and take for granted.

    My second choice would be:
    3) Designing the moment

    More about general web design, creating good layouts and typography would be nice.

  104. 14) The Designer’s complete index

    noupe was perfect as it was. so in future, i like to read the same high class articles as noupe posts now.

  105. 12) 1000 Graphic Elements
    13) Designing interfaces
    14) The Designer’s complete index

    Love to have any of these three books to stimulate my creativity?? Thanks in advance if I do win?

  106. 2, 7, 14…but all of them would be useful and interesting. As for what I want to see more, I’ve got you on RSS so pretty much everything you post I will read…anything useful and inspirational.

  107. Oops…I forgot to answer the 2nd question…So, Book #1, and I would like to see more posts on resources for photography mixed with graphic design.

  108. i would go for 11) Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS

    and for noupe, i wish some more drupal related material!


  109. I would love to get #13)Designing interfaces by Jennifer Tidwell since I’m dwelling more and more into interface design lately.

    I’m sure it would be tremendous help.

  110. Thanks for the contest!
    In ranking order :)
    #14 designer’s index
    #11 illustrator
    #2 jquery

    I would like to see more articles/tutorials on drupal themes, jquery ui and design/photo/web inspirations.

  111. Book #6.

    I would like to see more topics on Web Project Management. There are lots of resources on how to build and design but not as much on how to manage that build.

  112. oops, forgot to answer, too =)
    what about getting more tipps on cool and essential books for webdesign? a comparison would be great!
    (#1 #3 #5 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 or #14)

  113. #1. I’m a sucker for Photoshop tutorials, but I agree with Alex’s idea of tutorials for Drupal (or any major CMS tutorials).

  114. Would be interested in #9 – Designing for the social web

    Would like to read more on Different Typographical combination for a beautiful web design here in future.

  115. #5, #9 or #13 please :)

    I’ve stumbled upon Noupe more than a year ago for the insightful WordPress customisation tutorials. More of those can truly help a lot :)

  116. I would like to get any one of #2, #5 or #13.
    I would appreciate if you could publish more articles on latest techniques for interface design for enterprise apps.

  117. my choice is 2. Learning jQuery and what I want to read here is obviously everything jQuery related (and WP too).

  118. #9 Designing for the social web!

    I’d like more Designing tips for coders/User Interface type articles. Also like Typography use cases and examples in web design.

  119. #4 Store Front :)

    I’d love to see more articles about the psychological aspects of design, e .g. how to affect the user’s behavior or how to indicate a certain message with it.

  120. Any of #5, #8, #9 or #10 would be great!

    Would love to see design tips for programmers. i.e. I’m a developer (not a designer), I’m obviously going to use real designers for big projects, but it’s nice to read about simple design techniques that I can use in small projects I work on (like intranet tools and utilities).

  121. Hi Noupe,

    #2 or #14 for me! Why are we all ways answering the same question on these contests?? I think you guys know very well what you should write about. So I’ll say something I haven’t before. Let’s have more contests, fuck content give me stuff. There I said it!

    1. BTW, you know what happens when you accidentally check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” and then go to dinner? Yeah I thought so. I’m gonna be deleting e-mails for a long time.

  122. 4) Store Front
    9) Designing for the social web
    8) slide:ology
    3) Designing the moment
    14) The Designer’s complete index

  123. #3 or #13
    I’d like to see posts about design interface that really communicate with users and if possible, tutorials about changing a bad interface to a usable interface. It would be really nice to have posts about how to create a web design based on graphic design techniques.

  124. I’d love one of the following books: #6,#9,or #3

    Possible future posts: A post on E-commerce from scratch, and a post on using social media as a marketing platform, possibly the bare bones starters guide on design and development of facebook applications.

  125. There are a lot of these I’d love to get a chance to read, I’m interested in every aspect of the web so any of book #s 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 would be awesome

  126. I have almost bought #3 a handful of times. Since we just released our first real web app, I think it would be more relevant now than ever.

    #14 would be awesome for inspiration too.

  127. The book Storefront. So when i finally be able to visit New York i know what i missed and judging by the cover there will be lot of nice store’s i don’t see anymore alive.

  128. #14!

    I’d love to see more posts on working with other open source CMSs like Textpattern or Joomla… Maybe even some posts on rolling your own CMS!

  129. I would love to see more How-To’s or articles such as the “7 Key Principles That Make A Web Design Look Good”.

  130. I would love to get Book #9 Designing for the social web, I think more articles about customizing wordpress themes and creating wordpress themes would be very beneficial.

  131. I would also like to win a book!
    The preferred ones are: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 14 :)
    Thats a wishlist – like christmas!

  132. #13 . Article about integrating WAI, WCAG principles in our site, but in a list-example-simple-understandable format, without all the w3c bla bla

  133. #9 seems to be very interesting :)

    I would be pleased to read more posts about user interfaces in webdesign and app.

    Thanks and keep the good work ;)

  134. I am mainly interested in Book #2, followed closely by #6.

    I always enjoy articles related to WordPress, being a WP plugin publisher. I am also a big sucker for list of the best-looking WordPress themes.

  135. a) I would like to know the best combination of available tools/web-scripting languages to make minty-fresh interfaces like this:

    b) I would like to read more about Liquid Layouts

    c) Suppose, I’ve built a video player which streams videos from a server in real-time using HTML 5. Now, how can I code a mechanism through which user can select a portion of the video using two sliders(for example, say from 1:45 to 1:55)and tags it with keywords.


  136. Book #1

    I would like to read more design articles with titles “Best 10 methods to xxx” or “Top 58 of xxx”.

  137. #2 jQuery – I would like to read about web design trends. Specifically, point out cool new sites and web widgets and then tell me how they did that. (Example, Meta Lab’s website has some very cool jQuery – how did they do that?)

  138. #2 and I would love to read more about jquery, because in my opinion it can do the same and more than other javascript frameworks

  139. #13 or #14.

    I’d love to read more about emerging “standards”…HTML5 and CSS3, as well as other new things like this.


  140. I like the number one, Photoshop for Photographers.

    What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?
    I’ll like see tutorials, and more of web design and tips.

  141. #14 The Designer’s complete index – Jim Krause

    I’ll like to read more on Photoshop tips and tricks and designing for big businesses, interviews with designers, graphic artists.

  142. #5

    Enjoy the site as is. But id I have to leve a suggestion of something to see…maybe a “site of the day” link that shows off a particular topic of discussion.

  143. Book #6.

    I’d like to see more posts on Joomla! A good list of tutorials and also tips for building Joomla! themes, plugins, components etc..

  144. Thanks a lot !!

    I’d like to read something about Webkit. Pros and cons, inventory of the “fuctionalities”, etc…

    And the book I would like would be #14: The Designer’s complete index

  145. I would like to receive book #2 or #14; and I want to read more about drupal customizations and js technologies.

  146. 14) The Designer’s complete index

    Which language is the safest to invest time developing with for the coming years; php, ruby; jquery…?

  147. pick the number of the book
    1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I’d like to see more posts on WordPress. Tutorials for building WordPress themes, plugins, components etc..

  148. 13) Designing interfaces

    I’m not so interested in the technology and toys, I’d like to hear more about the user experience and how the technology can be applied aid that.

  149. #13

    Interactive and interaction design is the basic element in usability, if done right, the most complex things can seem simple.

  150. I’d love to get the #14 layout index collection! Great package and I’d love the whole set to boot!


  151. #2 #7

    I am interested in JavaScript and tutorials with it. It is not important if it is jQuery or some raw JavaScript examples. Moreover, would be great to see some techniques made with CSS, JavaScript.

    I would like to see more real tutorial than only a bunch of links to others sites and similar stuff. Sometimes they become boring and information repeats. I think people would agree on this.

    Moreover, i am interested in articles about future designs, typography and etc. I think that futuristic articles would also be a great decision for this site.

  152. #8

    Well, I lack articles about humor and how to use it in design. Be it in images and text or in the whole layout and web design functionality.

  153. Number of the book you are interested in: 1

    “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    I would like to read more posts regarding comparitive software for websites, that will work wisely with the wordpress installation. For example, possible future projects on integrating e-Commerce programmes such as ZenCart and so forth.


    Have a nice day!

  154. #10, #12, #14

    Would love to see more articles on designers going from novices to freelancers. The best way for beginners to break into the business & advice (good as well as what to avoid).


  155. 1,3,10,11,12,14
    How about what level of skills someone would have through Self thought through the net. maybe testing?

  156. #1 Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I would like to see articles about enhancing photos to look almost surreal. That special “glow” look that is more than photoshopping for print, but a deliberate effect to make photos stand out.

  157. #2

    I’d like to see some more PHP oriented stuff, maybe a few tutorials on building apps using CodeIgniter. This site has really been all front end till now, but now that you guys have merged with Smashing, maybe you should take the sites in two separate directions rather than conflict with each other.

  158. I’d like to see some more PHP oriented stuff, maybe a few tutorials on building apps using CodeIgniter. This site has really been all front end till now, but now that you guys have merged with Smashing, maybe you should take the sites in two separate directions rather than conflict with each other.

    REPOST: entered the wrong email

  159. I’d like to read more about easy things to do to make better websites. I like book #10 “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” the best. Thanks!

  160. Thanks for one of the bests websites. Keep the good Job!
    Books #1 or #90 would be excellent!

    I wold enjoy more articles in User Experience, Interface Design and jquery.


  161. #2 of course.

    On Noupe, I want to read more about good practices to make websites and experiences about some developers and designers.

    Cya gL ;)

  162. Thanks for this giveaway!! i would love to read more about jquery and UI Design in future noupe posts.

    I want book #2 eagerly. i want to learn jquery.


  163. Book #1 please
    I’d love to see more Photography related posts, not just photoshop tutorials but also reviews of photoblogging tools and inspiration posts with great photography websites.

  164. I’d like to see some tutorial on how to use CSS to get the ‘eye-popping’ look of some sites; not how CSS works – hopefully we’ve figured that out by now, but examples of how some sites use CSS in action to achieve their gorgeous facade.

  165. I’d like to read more about the principles of UI design. Interviews with top-level designers to get insight in their workflow and creative process would be great!

    I’d love to have book #14.

  166. I’d love book #1 Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers!

    I would love to see more on photography because it is so important for a good design to have great photos.

  167. #1 Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I would like to see more post on solutions to common problems beginner web designers/web developers come across while starting off. Something more than tuts,plugins, & hacks.

  168. I would to win #14 or #10. Plus, I would love to read more of practical tips for an upcoming designer to hone his/her skills. Keep up the great work.

  169. I would want book 14: The Designer’s complete index as it seems very interesting indeed – very useful for my work at the moment.

    I would prefer more posts on web design with more tutorials.

  170. I like book #2 or #12,

    What I would like to see more is ExtJS tutorials, it may not as popular as jquery but is also very good, please more ExtJS!

    Thanks for a great site anyway!

  171. I would love to read more about accessible plugins for jQuery and/or solutions to improve speed of jQuery, e.g. .each versus for, etc.

    And I really like books no. 2 or 5 :)

    Keep up your good work!

    Thanks, Bob.

  172. I would like to see more PHP articles, specifically how to streamline common Web tasks or provide visitors with U.I.-value functionality.

    I would like #2, “Learning jQuery”.

  173. #14 – I would like to see more articles that would bridge the gap between being a designer and a programmer. More introductory tutorials on using different programs/technologies etc.

    :) Love Noupe, thanks!

  174. Wow, they are all wonderful books. Love to have #1 or #11. I would like to see more content about design not just for the web, but design elements for printing (i.e. magazines, clothing/fabric, poster, etc). Love to have lots of tutorials, interviews inspiration, and some freebies thrown in. Thank you!

  175. Truly, to be honest, the mix of articles that you currently have going is great. Possibly, it would be nice to have some process-oriented articles – communicating with clients, motivating design/development team members, etc.

    I would like to read more than just these three, but these would be my top picks: #6, #7 or #14

  176. #5 – Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm

    I would love to see more articles that give tips, words of advice, links to resources, etc. for up and coming Web/Graphic design students. Any insight into the field of Web Design would be wonderful for a Web Design student like me!

  177. #2 – learning jquery

    I would love to see more OOP (object oriënted) php (or other coding language) tutorials

    or how to create your own Model-view-controllers from scratch

  178. I’m interested in #2.

    I think it would be nice to have a few more articles on workflow. I think we all understand how workflow should work on a high-level basis but sometimes the details are left out. Perhaps an interview series on how some leading designers & developers go about working on a project from start to finish. I’m always looking to improve my workflow and understanding how others accomplish what they do and the tools they use to do it would be great.

  179. #14

    I’d really like to hear more about creating a good user experience as well as how to direct traffic to a specific page on your site.

  180. great giveaway! I would love to see some more articles about CMS solutions other than WordPress, e.g. Drupal, Expression Engine or Silverstripe.

    my picks are: #11 and #14

  181. In future posts, I hope to see some more articles about the new features in CSS3 and HTML5.
    I know that already is some different articles about the stuff that i mention, but it would be cool with some tutorials :)

    the book I’d like to win is number 5: Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm

  182. #2, 5, 7, or 14!

    Perhaps you could go into CMSes other than WordPress, their pros and cons, tutorials, etc?

    Besides that, I’d love more tutorials on AJAX/JQuery, common development mistakes and their solutions.

  183. #13 would be wonderful, but they’re all good :)

    Q: What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?

    A: I’d love to see more roundups, but instead of just roundup go into details about similarities and difference / good and the bad.

    roundup of:
    social networks
    news sites
    school and church sites
    and so on.

    thanks, anything you guys will post will be great.

  184. Definitely book #2. I’ve just recently seen some really cool stuff out of jquery, worked thru a couple of tutorials but would actually love to get the whole story! Second (and only by a small margin) would be book #7 on CSS!

  185. #2

    With the vast library of jQuery plugins out there, I would love it if you wrote more about some of the really core ones. The ones that make most people’s development lives easier and more productive!

  186. #11

    I would like to read more psychological stuff like dealing with clients and avoiding arguments. i really like the ’10-things-to-know-about’ stuff.

  187. #14

    I am always interested in seeing more articles about web usability and accessibility, and I love the current trends and practices articles.

  188. #1

    Would like to see more print design, like the poster and business card posts. A post on brochure designs and trends would be great!

  189. If I win i would like The Designer’s complete index.

    Anyways maybe i would be more interested in maybe something review-like. Favorite design pieces, office/home furniture designs and the kind.


  190. Hi,

    first of all your site is a big help!

    I woud like to read more about css tricks, jquery, html5 and Textures.

    The Book I like is #14.

    Best Regards

  191. Hi,

    I would like to read more posts about book reviews. I think book reviews help a beginner to pick a book that can help to gain solid understanding of that area.

    I will like to read book # 2, Learning jQuery 1.3.

    Thanks and Regards,

  192. 14) The Designer’s complete index

    I would like to read about rapid application development tools for web applications.

    Good luck to everyone, have a nice day :-)

  193. Now, that’s a nice contest!

    I’m interested in books: 2,7 and 13 :)

    Future posts at Noupe? I like more of those javascript/jquery/php plugin-lists/tips posts.

  194. Book #2, I have been using JQuery plugins for a while. But really wanted to dig deeper to know more about the theories behind this fantastic javascript library.

  195. I would like to have book #3 or #14

    and about the future posts , i would like to read some posts about advanced CSS and jquery ..

  196. I’d like to know a bit more about the future of the Web, ie. HTML5 and the new juicy Javascript APIs.

    As for books, I’d really like to get my hands on either #3, #8, #9 or #14. That’s a lot of books, I know, but I like to cover all my bases!

  197. I’m pretty new to this site but I really like it so far, I’m a big fan of smashing magazine and this site is an awesome addition to it. I would like to see more tutorials as I am a beginner at web design. I like your long list of books, but I think I would like to read #6 WordPress 2.7 cookbook. thanks

  198. Book #3

    I would love to see more posts related to starting/growing/doing business on the web. Not necessarily just e-commerce but also the whole software as a service or application (Google) approach.

    That said, keep up the good work, the posts are always terrific.

  199. In the future will I like to read something about WordPress, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS

    The book I would like would be #2: Learning jQuery

  200. #14
    I would like to read articles about web design styles and trends in different countries and continents like what is happening in asia, middle east, south america etc…

  201. 1,2,5

    I’d like to read about Expression Engine, HTML5/CSS3, any advanced layout techniques, posts highlighting exceptional/unique web designs or specific page elements, any fresh posts not recycled from all the other blogs out there

  202. Books #5 or #13

    Would be great having more articles about UI and UX, specially with an academic focus. Maybe results of usability tests and the sort.


  203. #12
    It would be nice to see more about the little things in design. what makes the look and feel of a “macbook” perfect and from an acer/dell less perfect to sometimes BAD!?
    Like the plastic buttons on a dell :p

    the internet is really big these days and most of the people who develop/design a website don’t pay attention to the little details which can make the difference in some cases.

  204. I would love #6 the most, though any would be a wonderful addition to my library.

    As far as “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?” anything with WordPress, CSS, or Javascript would interest me the most.


  205. Book #2

    I’d love to see more on coding for designers–css, html tricks, jquery to display images, etc.

  206. Book No. 12

    I’m interested in reading more about rich content and Web Multimedia/Design concepts and trends.

  207. I enjoy reading tutorials on Noupe, seeing fonts, and emerging design techniques. I’m getting up to speed on Dojo, so would enjoy some content on that framework.

  208. My choice is 7) Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS

    I’d like to see more broken up tutorials going through the various stages from concept to finished product. Starting from sketches and wireframes, layouts, design, jquery, final touches etc.

  209. Preferred book – WordPress 2.7 Cookbook

    I would love to see more articles focused on wordpress.
    i.e. plugins, cool themes, best practices, and updates. Maybe news for wordpress designers?

    i’d also like to see more beginner jquery stuff


  210. #5 or #14 — love hte design elements1
    Why do I want to continue reading posts on Noupe? Easy. Not only have you maintained my interests (and filling my RSS feeds) thus far in a digital diaspora, but your articles are always relevant, information and, moreover, useful in the professional and personal web management. There’s something for everyone!

  211. I would like to read more articles about interfaces design and users behaviors, or about new features of recent browsers, HTML 5, CSS3 or Js features (such as transitions in ff 3.7pre-alpha).

    I would like to read book 13.

  212. I would like to read book #13

    I would like to see more on html5 and CSS3 as this arear has so much potential to make the web better

  213. 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I like to see interviews wuth top and uocoming designers, photographers, writers, etc

  214. Thanks for this opportunity! It’s always great when an established blog takes the time to ask for feedback.
    In the future I’d love to read/see more about tips for great design, free XHTML, Jquery, Ajax, etc. cheat sheets for codes, and design tutorials.
    Thanks again; I’m most interested in book 10- but I’ll take any of them :-)

  215. Would love to read #2.
    And I would like to see some posts with examples of sites that use jQuery to create usable interfaces. Hiding unnecessary elements until they’re needed. Using sliders, tabs, etc. to expose the most important content.

  216. It would be great to find more content about user experience, usability, web development, web design or inspirational posts.

    I would love a number 9 : Designing for the social web

  217. I would love to learn more about design, web development, wordpress & typography! Great books; This is a great giveaway! I would be happy to win any of them but especially #14.

  218. Soy nuevo en el campo del diseño…desearía encontar en Noupe más acerca de fotomanipulación…usabilidad web principalmente articulos de como mejorar la experiencia con el usuario final..y creación de widghet para wordpress..gracias

  219. Soy nuevo en el campo del diseño…desearía encontar en Noupe más acerca de fotomanipulación…usabilidad web principalmente articulos de como mejorar la experiencia con el usuario final..y creación de widghet para wordpress..gracias

    yo quisiera leer el libro # 3Designing the moment

  220. 13) Designing interfaces

    I’d like to read more articles relating to javascript where the script is not entirely dependent on jQuery. Along with any UI related articles.

  221. 7) Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS
    I’d like to learn and become more flexible in terms of markup and css specially that grid system!

  222. I’d like to see more Adobe Illustrator tutorials, particularly about character illustrations.

    14) The Designer’s complete Index

  223. number 13 I am fairly new to web design, I often get stuck with hat turn out to be fairly simple problems, but some “top10 web trouble shooting issues” articles would be very nice!

  224. #5

    I want to see more tips on really elegant html and css. You know, clean code, no hacks, accessible, cross-browser, easy to change later, and produces some really great things. I really like to make html and css decoupled so that either can change freely and I’d like some more articles with tips on this.

  225. I pick No. 10

    I would like to see more Articles / Tutorials about: Usability, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  226. 9) Designing for the social web

    I’m keen to read more about cool ways to use new CSS3 tricks.

    There’s something more specific I want to find information about as well: Is there any way I can set a Windows-level hotkey to refresh the page in Firefox 3.5 while keeping the Dreamweaver window active? i.e. not to leave focus from Dreamweaver window and just send a command to Firefox to refresh itself. I want to achieve the same thing as the guy in this link – – except with Dreamweaver instead of Emacs. That way I could have my code view open on one screen and firefox in another, and refresh the page without having to switch focus to a different app. Anyone got any ideas?

  227. #2

    I’d like to see more walkthroughs that solve entire problems, from back-end tech, to display technologies, to user experience and business thinking.

    A random example: a tutorial on user registration could employ Ruby gems at the back-end, a jQuery plug-in to avoid reloading the page to display the login box, words of advice about most users’ utter confusion about OpenID, and business thinking about the risks and benefits of asking for loads of user information during registration.

  228. Number 9
    Not that I’m complaining with the current articles, but more things about Practices for Effective Web Design would be great. Thank you.

    …and good luck to all.

  229. I would like #6.

    I’d like to read more case studies about how great designs made a huge difference, and also how to think creatively when designing.

  230. Book 10

    Problem posed; solutions offered style presentation for css, javascript, php, cms, usability etc. In other words, same content, maybe just a shift in how it is presented sometimes.

  231. I would love to see more articles on best design practices.

    Book #10 is a classic. Would love to get my hands on it!

  232. 1,3,6,8,11,12

    I really like photo related photoshop tips, maybe lightroom. Would also like to see more wordpress plugins, themes, and customizing tricks.

  233. #1

    I’d like to see something, ANYTHING on Asp.Net instead of any of those inferior web platforms :)

    I’d also like to see more jQuery items, but not just rehashes of tutorials and plugins posted elsewhere.

  234. #13 designing interfaces.
    Well, it goes to say that I like interfaces because they’re kinda sorta everywhere…so more on interfaces please. Thanks, keep on rocking!

  235. Jquery has become a language all it’s own. #2 would be my choice, as I want to extend my library of Javascript books. Thanks for the contest Noupe.

  236. 13) Designing interfaces

    I’de like to see more off what makes good interface design and examples. As well as more design theory stuff :)

  237. I would really like to see noupe talking more about User Interface and User Experience, Its becomming an increasingly important topic and it would be nice to get web designers thinking and adapting there designs to meet well with there users needs! (Its also a multi platform topic) and like the others I would love to see more jQuery, I can never have enough jQuery and perhaps a combination of UI / UX / jQuery Would be fantastic.

    And I like the sounds of number #14, I spend most of my time finding the best possible design / layout for the sites I design and this would make my life a lot easier and clear a lot of wireframe brainstorming thats littered everywhere.

  238. Number 14!

    Q. What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?
    A. I would love to see more tutorials focusing on single design elements with round ups and best practices.

    e.g. A post on ‘search forms’

    – 20 great search forms
    – 2 photoshop tutorials to make different ones
    – 1 psd to css/xhtml tutorial
    – Best practices for search forms

    This could be part of a huge series and at the end have a fully completed page layout with really detailed individual design elements.

    Another Idea I have:
    A. A post where you go and asked say 20 designers/coders the question “what tip makes your life easier?”

    Answers could include anything from a productivity program to a photoshop shortcut!

    Thanks for holding this competition I would love to get my hands on any of these books!

    Cheers, Odin.

  239. #7

    I’d definitely would love to see more AJAX tutorials, maybe a tutorial on inline editing and saving or something similar

  240. #6 please. In future posts I’d like to see more tutorials on anything related to WordPress. I’m going to start a self hosted WordPress blog soon and need help! I also need help w HTML. Right now I am using HTML “cheat sheets,” so to speak, to learn. Thanks for doing this giveaway. My email address is and my name is krissy knox. :)

  241. 5) Bulletproof Web Design

    I would like more post about making contact forms, Psd to htmls are great one i always read and more UX theory to apply to websites and GUIs.


  242. Book #6 please!

    There’s been a lack of WordPress articles on Noupe recently, specifically which type of (preferably free) templates is perfect for you. It’s taking me forever to choose the perfect one!

  243. #14 for sure!

    All of the books would be great, but #14 actually consists of 3 books! What a steal.

    Anyways, I would love to see Noupe have some future posts on online Portfolios. There are a few points of interest and categories as well. I would like to see posts on Portfolios in terms of:

    -Collegiate vs. Professional Portfolios
    -Flash Portfolios
    -HTML/CSS/jQuery Portfolios
    -Portfolio Title and Domain Name

    I love your contests, your posts, and your archive of tips and tricks. Noupe + Smashing Magazine = Awesome

  244. 14 looks like a winner (really, most of these are good ones).

    It would be good to see more material related to those places where developers and designers overlap. The best designs and implementations seem to come from closely working teams, so tools that make that process better would be great to know about.

    One thing that is sometimes missing from sites like Noupe is advice on the application of the cool new interface ideas that are presented. Sure there is a great list of jQuery plugins, and some are better able to determine when each might be appropriate, but I think there are others that might benefit from example applications of this kind of content (think of it like the example sentence dictionaries sometimes have)

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  245. No : 7, 11 & 13 – i would like to read this books

    Regarding this question ” What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    i love to real all ux, photoshop, js and css related articles.

  246. I am very interested in jQuery and the magic of CSS. Whenever you have the time to write something about them I’ll be among your first readers.

  247. Book 11- Classroom in a Book – Illustrator would be great!

    (or Book #6 The WordPress Cookbook)

    I am most interested right now in reading more about building WordPress from the ground up instead of modifying existing templates. Everything I have found in my searches has been start with ____ template and do ____. I want to know what the code does, not just copy and paste it from one place into a messed up template that 9 out of 10 times doesn’t work when you are done.

    Also, anything Illustrator! (trying to teach myself Illistrator too!) :)

  248. My Choice would be #1,Which is my favourite..I would Like to read more about CSS3,Web 2.0,the latest trends web development.Web Development,Web Designing are at the best position now,we need to know more about them and when we got like u guys makes our job easy..Thanks guys!!!

  249. I want to read WordPress 2.7 Cookbook.
    Qquestion ” What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”
    I want to read more articles for php related.

  250. I would like to read more about interface design study cases, best practices, how to utilize white space, learning user behavior, and any theory related to interface design.

    Which is why I choose #13

  251. Have just started my own wordpress website I would love book number 7) WordPress 2.7 Cookbook to expand my skills further.

    What I would love to learn more about is where xhtml is heading in the future. We have seen how css is expanding with the release of css3 but what is happening on the xhtml front? Will we be converting to creating websites in html 5? What does this mean for developers?

  252. 3) Designing the moment:

    I want to read more about basics in arts and design concepts to learn the origin of design from scratch.

  253. I would like to have book number 5.
    I’m studying webdesign in school but I would really like to get new tips on making nice designs with a good usability.
    Maybe an article on using MOD’s. =)

  254. Book 3.

    For the content, I just wish there would be more frequent updates.

    For something more specific, some type of day-themed list of resources would be great. For example, Abduzeebo has Friday Fresh Free Fonts. For “promised weekly content”, something like that really hooks readers in and makes them come back.

    For some reason, I just realized I started every sentence with “for”.

  255. I would like to read book #3 (Designing the moment)

    It would be great if you could post more on usability issues and how users view and navigate through websites in our times.

  256. I want to sign in for The Designer’s complete index.

    What I want to read more on Noupe, is more tutorials (AJAX, JQUERY etc).


  257. 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers
    I would like to read more about how to create wordpress themes and i would like to see free wordpress themes with a nice design.

  258. The Designer’s complete index nr. 14

    I would like to see more inspiration posts about:
    – Inspirational Photography
    – Monthly collections of best design/inspirational websites
    – Photoshop technique`s

    Keep up the good work!

  259. Book 13

    A lot of us know how to code and can find plenty of solutions on the web. I would like to see how developers manage their time effectively, what systems do people use to be organised, plan their upcoming work etc. What works and doesn’t work for us out there!

    Ari – Webology

  260. #5

    I’d like to see a site deployment checklist: all the things that it’s easy to forget when your new site’s going live (robots.txt, error reporting…ummm and all the other things that I can’t think of now (that’s why I need a checklist))

  261. As a student interactive communication, I prefer book
    #9: Designing for the social web.

    I like noupe for giving me information about the latest techniques of interactive design & it’s best practices, thank you.

  262. 13) Designing interfaces
    I would like to see some post about information architecture. But you are doing already a hell of a job! And thanks for this nice giveaway!

  263. Dear, I would like to take my chance on book no. 1 – Adobe Photoshop CS4 For Photographers. I am a New Media Designer and Photographer from Brasov, Romania and I am looking to improve my photography post edit skills. Thanks, Alex.

  264. I’d like to read more about grunge/vintage/typografy layouts/designs.

    And I’m interested in book #10 (The Non-Designer’s Design Book)

  265. #2 please (though I would be happy with most of the others).

    I’d like to read more articles on interface design, and implementing web-standards painlessly!

  266. Number 4.

    What I would like to read at Noupe? Anything in-depth related to web design really. Be it usability, design principles, fresh CSS tricks, typography. If the content is there, I’m in!

  267. I choose book number 7.
    I would like to read more programming development content. Tips about PHP, Javascript. How to use API, how to speed up a website. And protect them!

  268. Hi! I’d like #2.

    I’d also like to see more jQuery/Ajax tutorials and some examples of inspirational usage. Keep it up!

  269. Book #2
    Like to read more about jQuery, CSS, Web-Typography and maybe a little bit TYPO3-stuff.
    Please keep on that good work!!!

  270. hope you’ll also send the book to switzerland based readers! ;)

    3) “Designing the moment” i’ll very appreciate!

    in future i would like to read more about design trends, css3 and html5! of course also some tuts about mootools or jquery.

    thx for the great work!

  271. Book #1 looks most interessting to me, since I think I could learn a lot more about photoshop and photography.

    Would like to bring this stuff in practice with my dSlr :)

  272. #12

    I would like to see the (x number) of (something) articles get shorter and less frequent. More original content less linking to other content.

  273. The #14 would really come in handy.

    I would like to see more articles on systemizing the design processs when creating a image for a new company that doesn’t have any kind of image yet, and maybe not even a name.
    Basiclly how to go from scratch to an inspiring and creative, visual solution.

    Best Regards,

    Martim Santos

  274. book #14 please…

    i’d like to see more showcases of great design, in whatever field, for inspiration and ideas and looking at great design just makes me so happy

  275. 2) Learning jQuery

    I’d like to see more about Javascript techniques most notably using progressive enhancement.

  276. Thanks
    My interest is on jquery (book#:2) or photoshop (book#:1).

    Because i am learning both these things often.

    And i would like to see more information on Flash action script. I do flash, but don’t know how to work on action script.

  277. #9 Designing for the social web

    I would like to read about PHP, How to use API, how to speed up a website.

  278. i would like to read ‘designing interfaces – Jennifer Tidwell ‘

    this is the era of Users! era of ‘U’

    so conquer or foresee users mind
    is the most fav designing job
    i ever gone through.

    to learn and grow by
    reading this book-thts wht
    am expecting from this book.

    thnx and regards,
    sajan mani(pl dont hesitate to ask my address to courier the book(LOL)!!!)

  279. #4

    I like the present style and content, but I think more emphasis needs to be placed on what you set out to show…”what’s new & better”…rather than just the same old lists that other sites might publish.

    What’s here is already good, but it would take it to the next level if you really concentrated on showcasing things out there that are really pushing the boundaries of web design.

  280. #14 -The Designer’s complete index from Jim Krause

    Hello! first off all, this site Rocks!
    I’d like to see more flash actions script, css and jquery tutorials.
    Please keep on the good work!
    good luck for everyone!

  281. #13 Designing interfaces

    I would like to read more about user experience, usability apply to Web design, and the way to implement this design in a correct Web development (using patterns, web standards, …)


  282. #10 Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3
    It will be really great if you can write a post about the masters behind massive blogs like Smashingmagazine,WebDesignerDepot,Noupe etc..
    I want to know the the birth and of such awesome blogs

  283. #3 – Designing the moment by Robert Hoekman, jr.

    Everybody will definitely be interested in getting concepts for clean (with widely used White color) website designs for independent software/web developers to make themselves known to public.

    Why this? Because we get to see a lot of profiles from graphics designers and those concepts are way beyond creative intellect of *developers*. You guys already know very well that developers are *very good* in designing UI :-(

  284. HI! Nice competition you have here.

    It is difficult to choose one book among many so interesting ones but… I’d like to win #6.

    And I would like to read more about WordPress: what’s new, show cases, experiences…

    Cheers :)

  285. #14, absolutely! From Noupe, I hope to see a continuation of intelligent and interesting articles for web designers, with particular focus on project round-ups and showcases, of design, layout and code.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express our opinions! I still hope that Noura will make occasional guest appearances though…

  286. I would love to open my iGoogle’s “web design” tab and find some more Noupe articles on UI, so #3 is my choice.

    We’re all here to learn better design, sharpening the axe, but it’s those fundamentals that are driving this design that we do that I would really like to see more of.

    This contest was a great idea, these comments are priceless feedback for Noupe. Attracting people with free books is a small investment compared to the return so far, and it’s still a fresh article!

  287. 2) Learning jQuery

    the new trend in design that’s include design for mobile phone (ex: iphone, nokia s series etc)

  288. Really really original contest!
    I’ll try…

    #1 Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I want to read many articles of Digital Photography and tips, to become a better photographers!
    Bye ;-)

  289. Book #4 looks awesome

    I would like to see more posts about interactivity: thoughts about presenting information in a more interactive way, rather than just text on a screen. This is different to networking etc, it’s about exploiting a fact about our neuropsychology: we find it hard to concentrate on stuff for too long!

  290. #3) Designing the moment

    I would like to read more about webaccessability (WAI), Usability and userexperience (UX) to make the web nice and usable.

  291. How awesome! How in the world do you get set up with all these amazing contests?

    Prize of choice (if I should be fortunate enough to win:
    11) Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3

    I think I’d like to read some articles about running a successful blog like Noupe. I’d like to know your history; how it all started, what obstacles you’ve encountered and how they were overcome. I’d like to know how you gained all the loyal readers and how you get set up with all the prizes for the contests you run to help keep the readers coming back. So pretty much, a self-interview would be sweet to read about.

    Thanks in advance. I really hope you’ll consider the article idea.

  292. 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I’d like to read about designing interfaces and user experience design.

  293. book #2

    Im a developer by trade and Im here to improve and learn as much design skills as possible.

    Im interested in
    -design best practices
    -photoshop tutorials
    -articles covering from concept to finished product

  294. Many great choices, but I’d like #14 to have a handy, hard copy of color combos.
    I love Noupe’s emails: sometimes they’re a bit long to digest. Continue the great info, perhaps with smaller lists.

  295. Book 12 looks interesting.

    What I want to read in future posts? … Your excellent posts!

    Keep up good work!

    Thank you.

  296. Hi, I would like to win : 13) Designing interfaces .

    I would like to read more JQuery, AJAX, and web interfaces tutorials and some photoshop tutorials too.

    Thanks a lot !

  297. Book #2 : Learning jQuery

    I would love to see more topics on graphic user interfaces and how to make them simpler for all audiences on the web.

  298. Book #3

    I’d love to read more about human-computer interaction and how beneficial well planned design is to the overall user experience.

  299. #7

    what about follow ups? you have articles, like, how to choose the perfect CMS, what if you followed some readers as they test or speak on how the choice has affected their everyday use or administration.

  300. #14 seems like it will help me out(I’m lacking some color skills in my designs).

    -In the future noupe, I would like to see more in-depth design analyzing posts(does that make sense? lol). Basically something like this one. Thanks =]

  301. Learning jQuery is my choise. I’m in love in this javascript frame, and I have still so much to learn :)

  302. 2) Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

    more of PSD to HTML and PSD to wordpress tutorials.

    Good luck to all

  303. Book 11.
    Would like to see more tutorials for both design (photoshop, illustrator, etc.) and development (php, ajax, javascript, etc.)

  304. Book # 14. Awesome Contest. Love the Idea.

    I would like to see more article on using photography in web design. And would also love to see more PSD to HTML techniques.

  305. #9 – Would be really useful for a job I’m working in!

    I really love to read interviews with famous and successful designers, but the kind of interview that really add something to our lives like tips, history, inspiration and references that those professionals can offer.

  306. #6

    Selfishly I’d like to see more GWT articles

    I’d also enjoy more articles on creating large web applications – not necessarily publicly available sites, but erp-style web based apps.

  307. I think that an article about a tutorial or guidelines or stuff like that ain’t wrong, but you can find them anywhere, plus, there are lots of blogs that do them too. And everyone knows that to be ahead in the competition you have to do some out of the box thinking.

    I have some ideas that would be really interesting for a breaking article:

    1. Something about web design going green (I know it sounds crazy, but you might want to check that minimalistic layouts and some combination of colors reduce your monitors energy usage).
    2. Probably analyze Obama’s Social Media Campaing and how it was designed.
    3. Get ahead in the future and analyze some future design trends.

    About the books: #’s 2, 13, 14, 3 or 11.

  308. Hmmm… 14 cause it has 3 books :P, but if not that.. then 5. Those would probably help me the most with my design skills. Good luck to everyone!

  309. 5) Bulletproof Web Design

    I’d like to see more stuff on web applications and best practices etc, more jquery and web design posts would be great also.

  310. I am interested in #6, WordPress 2.7 Cookbook.

    I would like to read about WP development including transferring local to live, developing plugins, back-end customization, etc.

    Also, site design inspiration from a white screen to completion.

  311. I’m really interested in book #14

    I’d like to see more articles or showcases about original layout designs or elements (including use of AJAX, jQuery… to improve interfaces and ergonomy).

    I’d also like to see more WP development oriented tutorials (from PSD to WP theme conversion, plugin development, hooks, tips & tricks…).

    Good luck everyone!

  312. #7 Transcending CSS (by Andy Clark’s)

    I’d like to see more articles on creative and innovative web-design techniques (frameworks, tools, new ideas, etc. etc.)

  313. I would love to win 6) WordPress 2.7 Cookbook.
    (Although all books look very very interesting)

    I enjoy your posts a lot. Very usefull and detailed.
    I guess i would like to see more step-by-step tutorials on wed and interactive design. May be some tutorials on Flash?

    Thank you for great work:)

  314. I’d like to have book nr 3.

    My article idea:
    There are many books and articles about designing a logo. But how about designing a logo that has a tagline attached to it? That tagline could be a f***ing nightmare. Ideas, guidlines, and good examples (and why not some horrible ones too). That’s all for me, now send me that book, thank you!

  315. I’m interested in book number 7, Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS.

    I would like it of there was a blog post that everyone could chat and discuss their current works and offer advice. I would like to read more on professionals and how they got into their businesses.

  316. #2 Would be really useful

    And I’d like to see more little tips and tricks. I can never usually be botherd to read huge tutorials, I may learn alot but I just cant be botherd.

    But cool little tricks, especially jQuery ones are always good :)

  317. #2 Learning jQuery

    I would like to see the Noupe make their OwN article that discuss some more php or web related tips & tricks and in depth thoughts how to achieve something…kinda like that.

  318. #3

    I currently most enjoy your posts that relate to WordPress and jQuery. I’d also like to read stories you publish that dealt more with the business side of web work.

  319. I’d like to see more posts dealing with how websites use video – how it integrates for best performance. I’d also like to see more posts for non-profit websites and how they can utilize tools for their websites.

  320. Wow, great choices of some great books! I’d love to get my hands on number 2! haha :]

    I’ve learned SO much from Noupe since I’ve been following the activities here for the past year or so.

    I would love to see more tutorials on jQuery and AJAX as other commentators have noted. It’s soooo powerful and Noupe has ALWAYS done a great job of not only placing powerful tutorials in our aggregators but also ones that are easy to follow for the n00bs in all of us! >:]]

  321. #13 Designing Interfaces by Jennifer Tidwell

    I’d love to read more about best practices for user interface design, especially for online applications and data management software.

  322. 3) Designing the moment – Robert Hoekman, jr.

    I’d love to read more about user interface design, stationary design. More jquery, mootools tuts..

  323. #12

    I’m interesting in design best practices, efficient free tools for webdesigners, concept all-in-one with process for designing web but also print, folders, business cards, etc.

  324. The book I would like is #2 Learning jQuery. I would like to see more posts concerning the future Semantic Web, CSS3, HTML5, usability and accesibility. Thanks!

  325. #12
    i’ve read many great articles here on noupe and i’m/i would be really excited if a can/could read about CSS/XHTML/PSD2XHTML articles.

    Thanx and regards, zoli

  326. The Designer’s complete index

    I would love to see some more stuff of different CMSs specifically wordpress.

  327. 6. WordPress 2.7 Cookbook

    I want to read in future posts on noupe:

    (1) Tutorials about new and promising CMSs such as Silverstripe. I’ve read about Silverstripe and worked the demo. It looks promising. Another CMS worth writing about: Expression Engine 2.0 (newest version to be released soon). These tutorials would help keep noupe ahead of the curve. Remember, people go to tech sites to search for tutorials not found on other websites.
    (2) More in-depth info about common CMSs such as WordPress. I’ve seen a thousand tutorials that give a broad overview of WP. Give tutorials with painstaking details, thanks.
    (3) Practical web design tips that can be used today, not in the year 2020.

    Thanks for considering me for the book contest. Your giving me the WordPress book would greatly enhance my life.


  328. What a great selection of books. It’s hard to decide but I think #5, Bulletproof Web Design – Dan Cederholm, would fit my needs right now.
    It’s a good hands-on book.

    I would like to see more basic step-by-step examples of design and trouble-shooting design problems. In fact, trouble-shooting is more important right now. Too many times I have to go in and “fix” someone else’s mess and it would be nice to have more reference material for that.

    Other than that, this is a great site!

  329. I would really like the Transcending CSS. On Noupe I would like to see more wordpress hacks and resources from the web

  330. I would love to see a tutorial about “How to create an excellent and custom homepage in wordpress”….Thank You

  331. ok i go try…

    #1 The Designer’s complete index

    I want to read many articles of CSS 3 and HTML 5.

    Bye :)

  332. 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I would like to see tips and other interesting advice for beginner designers.

  333. 6) WordPress 2.7 Cookbook

    Would be cool to see more frequent web dev tuts, tips, tricks using Illustrator! Always something great here, tho!

  334. Wow. Not sure I can select a book. I’d love #2, 5 or 7 but if I had to select 1 of those I suppose #7. Transcending CSS is just such an inviting title. As for what content to see more of on Noupe, tips and tools for proper css are my favorite articles so more of those with cutting edge examples.

  335. The designer box set would be amazing for me and my design co workers and friends to use for ideas and refreshers!! Love the design of the whole package done for the three books!

  336. #14: The Designers Complete Index (although honestly I would like to read them all!)

    I too would like to see more regarding HTML 5. Perhaps a comparison & contrast to XHTML. More jQuery is surely useful as well as perhaps integrating WordPress into an existing design.

    Keep it up!

  337. #5 – Bullet proof web design.

    I would like to see more articles for beginners on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby etc..

  338. I would like to win book #3
    I would love to see some more of the compariosn articles like the one you did on php frameworks (maybe one on cloud computing platforms google app engine vs AWS)

  339. Forgot to add what I’d like to read…my bad.

    I love posts more on the theory side of Design, like the recent “7 Key Principles…”

  340. #3) Designing the moment

    I would like to see more articles about designing particular website elements with a long list of examples from sites that got it right (like that one about contact forms)

  341. Designing interface, number 13, certainly is a great book. I’m a professor of interface and navigation design for the web and I’m looking forward to use it as reference for my students.


    Rui Alao

  342. #13
    it would be nice to see an in depth look at the thought process and execution of particular successful sites or elements of a site. This would be more theory than tutorial.
    Tha ms for the great stuff that you post now.

  343. I strongly suggest you view more details at S e e k R i c h B e a u t y . c O m where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true!

  344. #8 – slide:ology

    Since noupe and smashing mag is now a brother, it better if smashingmag and noupe different in every aspect.. i think noupe should focus on tutorial, interview and new invention in design

  345. Book #2
    I’d like to see less top X lists (or, limit them to top 10, not top 50) and more articles on the state of the web. I’d love to hear your thoughts on various breaking news, like the recent data-loss for Sidekick customers.

  346. I could put book #2 to great use.

    Just keep on with what you’re publishing. I find just about all of your articles really useful so nothing in particular, whatever others want more of.

  347. I first said, I’d go foor book #3, but I already got that one :D

    So now I would say book #2!

    But my advise stays the same, more on user interaction improvements.

  348. Book #2 – I’d love to read more about industry secrets from the professionals themselves. More tutorials and it would be great if they are more over your tried and tested kind.

  349. Thank you for contest.

    I would like to read more tips about wordpress. I am also interested in typographie e.g. how to create fonts.
    14) The Designer’s complete index

  350. Book 3: Designing the moment

    I`d like to read about the different way`s to design things and Websites between the different regional provenance (worldwide). Beacause, i think that`s an important reson for such a Diversity in the Design and Art, too.

  351. I would love to get #8 (slide:ology) , I’m currently working on some new ways of making presentations to teach students in Chile…., and I believe that book would be really useful for me! thanks a lot!, great contest btw.

  352. I would like to read #5) Bulletproof Web Design I need that desperately. I am bugged with multiple browser issues need some tweaks.

    hmm.. really looking forward for it.

  353. I would love to see more topics on CSS3, graphic interfaces and WordPress framework.

    #14 – The Designer’s complete index

  354. I would like to read more about design trends, usability, how-to-do tutorials!

    #12 – 1000 Graphic Elements


    1. Forgot: “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”
      I would like to read more about design trends and photography.

  355. Oops forgot:

    “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    I Like to read more about (web)design trends and digital photography

  356. #7 yeah!

    I would like to see some posts with information about printing and graphic design. also info about psd to xhtml when dealing with a complex design :)

  357. book #14

    i would like to read more about flash(hot tips,action script 3,new drawing tech)
    i also love any article start with (40 awesome…):)
    thx in advance

  358. Great contest guys!
    I’d #14 The Designer’s complete index
    I’d like more books about the theory in design web!

  359. I would go for # 14 please :)
    I would love to read more “About Me” page design with downloadable Vcards and how to personalize them.

  360. I’d say #2.

    It would be interesting to read the not-so-obvious worst or maybe bad practices in Web Design. Anything about Usability Engineering would be great too.

  361. 12) please.

    I would be interested to read some useful stats and opinion on the stat of web design today and how you think things might change in the next year, and in the next ten years.


    Ben x

  362. 2 – Learning jQuery, Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

    What I’d like to read the most is:

    – JS/jQuery tuts and tips, especially jQuery, because it still needs to be explored, it has big potential.
    – .htaccess file and mod_rewrite, what you cam do with them and HOW TO do that

    I think both of these topics are pretty important and useful :).

  363. #14 The Designer’s complete index

    1. More inspiration & design trends articles
    2. Tutorials / tools collection
    3. Jobs / Opportunities for web professionals (may be job list per week)
    4. More usability & design principles etc

    I think, i am listing too much.. Enough…


  364. Hey,
    So many nice books, and just one to chose. Bad !!

    But that’s the case, so I would go for #2 Learning jQuery – Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg.

    I would like to read more tutorials about creating wordpress and Joomla themes. Also something more on flash would be really exciting to see.

  365. Hi,

    I would prefer Book #2.

    Being a ASP.NET/C# programmer, I would like to make use of new sophisticated jQuery techniques in my ASP.NET pages. So, I am looking for more jQuery related articles in noupe.

    Thanks & Regards,

  366. Book #1…

    I once had a book, but one day it turned on me so i had to take it to be destroyed. I think of it every day.

    But in answer to the question, it would be great to hear/see more about 3d and animation techniques.

  367. Definitely 14 sounds like a great reference.
    I would like to see more of the general topics as opposed to the technical stuff. Publish more articles that have to do with productivity, and strategy.
    If 14 is taken 13 sounds pretty awesome too. :D
    keep up the great work!

  368. Book #14

    I would love to see more design inspiration and resources! I love trawling your site before I start any new projects to get my creative juices flowing.

  369. Book 7. would like to see articles on how to design for a better user experience through effective use of css.

  370. #2 .. 1) would like to see more jquery in with and/or css3 .. 2)more iphone /or other mobile phone web dev. 3)mySql vs SqLite vs SQL Server Compact/Expres

  371. I have to pick …

    14) The Designer’s complete index – Jim Krause – 3 books in a box.

    I’d like to see more illustrator design/layout articles and tutorials

  372. 2. Where to start. As an individual who has just been studying web design for a year I’d like to see more information about how all the languages work together. I’d also like to see more references to some of the resources available on the web.

  373. Those Index books are classics so 14) The Designer’s complete index would have to be my choice.

    I’d like to see a bit more about experimental design (web and otherwise) and also more graphic design history items. I’m referring to really old styles. There’s so much to be learned from the people who blazed the trails for designers.

  374. 13) Designing interfaces – book I want… :)

    I like to see more on html5, css3, lightweight jquery technique to increase web usabilty…
    thank you.. for freebies…

  375. book 9 please..(Designing for the social web)

    i like to see… collection of high quality flash website for inspiration and free Flash Action Script 3 download resources… thank you noupe for the great opportuniy to win prize…

  376. I’d love book #11

    I’m always interested in free resources (icons, fonts…) as well as articles about javascript or jquery (tutorials, as well as collections of good scripts).

  377. Book 13) Designing Interfaces

    I would like to see more in-depth tutorials about Interactive Design Theory and Patterns. Because most of time the job is not about “the next cool effect”. Technology is not the idea, it’s the tool supporting the idea!

    Thx for the freebies

  378. I would like to win the “Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers”

    And I am expecting a topic to be posted here featuring designers from South East Asia, Philippines in particular

  379. Goodness! I think I just had a bookgasm! You have some damn nice books there. I’d be happy to win any of them. The Designer’s complete index takes the cake for packaging!

  380. book #8 looks absolutely interesting.

    What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?
    More tips on how to communicate better witha website and presentation.


  381. Book 13: Designing interfaces would be my choice. I would like to see more about designing for the social web and designing for a worldwide audience.

  382. Number 7 please!

    I would like to see more tutorials, and code snippets ranging from beginners right through to more complex functions, rather than round-ups.

  383. I’d love to see more interviews. It is a huge help and inspiration to read about the opinions of great creatives and artists around the world. Old and new.

    I’d love to read: Store Front – James T. & Karla L. Murray – book#4.

  384. I would like 7) Andy Clark’s Transcending CSS

    I guess I would like to see more stuff on design processes and workflows.

  385. #11: Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3
    Noupe should have more articles about emerging RIA – introduction & tutorials

  386. Book #2 – Learning jQuery

    I would like to see some useless but fun and creative jQuery and Ajax applications on the web or in a tutorial.

    Good luck!

  387. Any book about web design/development is welcome but I have to say number 14 looks especially good, jquery is interesting as well but I’d go with #14.

  388. #7. I’d love to read more about inspirational design. Also learn about freedom of css and the best techniques.

  389. Book number 1 for me – Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers.

    Personally, I’d be keen to see more articles on CSS and HTML dev, focusing on CSS3 and HTML5. Also articles looking at making your own creative brand and marketing it online.

  390. I like the “Bulletproof Web Design” since I am a aspiring web designer and would like to learn more about CSS and HTML codings.

  391. #14 – The Designer’s complete index – looks handy indeed.

    More articles on web typography, especially with CSS3 would be very interesting to read on Noupe.

  392. What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?

    Innovative posts, not the things you already read at other blogs like this.

    I’d like the bookset #14

  393. WordPress 2.7 Cookbook for me!

    I am looking forward for more WordPress Tutorials tips, hacks and techniques to be shared for my friends here in the Philippines! :D

  394. book 5. It’s a classic, Dan Cederholm is a great guy, and this book should be in everybody’s collection!

    What I’d like to see more is how you can design sustainable, accessible, standards aware websites with great, inspiring and captivating content.

  395. #14 seems amazing!

    I would like to see more stuff related to Joomla. Maybe a side by side review of Joomla vs. WordPress, pointing out strengths and weaknesses. Or something about the use of WordPress beyond blogging, as an all-around CMS.

  396. Book #3 please :)

    I’d like to read more about the future of web design. Like it would be nice to know of future web designing being more intuitive, no more coding just placement, typography, function and artificial intelligence and layouts unrestricted… Art!

  397. Book number 6 would be my pick – I’ve fallen for WordPress.

    I’d love to see more on WP as it grows – and HTML5, CSS3, Javascript libraries, with some Canvas coverage to confuse me and stop me becoming complacent.

  398. Please, book 14: designer’s complete index.

    I’d like more articles about design applied to applications like mediawiki.


  399. I would love Book 4! Wondering around town, I already spend most my time looking at shop signs (for some geeky reason…)

    Answer: I would like to see more posts on learning the latest web thing-me-bobs e.g. CSS3 & HTML5.

  400. 3) Designing the moment

    I’d like more Infos about upcoming technics like HTML5 and articles about using design tools efficient

  401. Book #14 preferred (but would also accept #7, 9, or 12)

    Definitely more tutorials and articles on typography—they’re always my favorite things to read.

  402. Book #11 – Classroom in a book: Adobe Illustrator CS3.

    I’d like to see beginner Photoshop tutorials for the basic tools and their usage.

  403. Just started learning JQuery, with absolutely no previous coding experience, but i’m very proud of my first stab, and that book would be mighty helpful. (btw check out my first jquery!)

  404. Book #13
    I’d like to see more articles about the steps between design -> code, good design principles, articles by featured designers, practices about how to minimize complexity,

  405. Book #1 – Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I think although there’s plenty to discuss on Photoshop, covering Lightroom tips, tutorials, presets etc. would add a lot of value. Offering free Lightroom presets would definitely be popular among photographers.

    Great idea for a competition!

  406. I love these kind of contest!!!

    Book #4 or #12

    i*d like to see more about photography and techniques to integrated these in motion graphics projects and resources off all kind of design…

  407. I would love to get book number 6 on WordPress recipes. I run a couple of blogs but I’m not sure if the stuff I have written in the template is best practice or not.
    I would love to see some stuff about Drupal here as although it is a nice system the template stuff can be a little daunting…

  408. Book set #14 (The Designer’s complete index) would be just amazing!!!!! :)
    I would like to see more articles on HTML5 and CSS3 as well as Adobe Illustrator tutorials!
    Thank you! :)

  409. Would like book #3 please :)

    I would like to read more about applying social media into organizations, and different kinds of wordpress tutorials..

  410. Amazing giveaway! Books 2 and 14 look really interesting, but if I had to choose one it would be 14. It would be great to see more inspiration from across the web on the blog, and not just web design: maybe inspiring artworks or music.

  411. I would love #12. :)

    What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?
    I would like to see articles featuring a whole “package” of WordPress plugins for example, a good set of plugins that altogether work to improve SEO for a website, or plugins to promote posts, etc. And also resources and tips for freelancers. Thanks!

  412. Book #4 please. Would love to see articles on how CS4 apps exporting/working with wordpress. Workflow might not be that glitzy but at the end of the day we all want an easier life!

  413. Book 3, i would love to see more info on UI and UX design and methodology, backed with case studies showing these practices being applied!

  414. The lovely book nr 14!!

    I would love to see more design critiques and analysis based on state-of-the-art design/design tools.

    But I love the site just the way it is!!

  415. Book(s) 14 would be amazing, but a second choice would be Book 7.

    I would like to see more on html5, and effective css tips and tricks. Keep up the good work.

  416. I would love to get my hands on one of these:
    3) Designing the moment – Robert Hoekman, jr
    9) Designing for the social web – Joshua Porter

    Fingers Crossed :)

  417. In the event that I am supper lucky & get randomly selected #14 would be the sweetest prize….

    How about a post on design for print the complete process from idea conception right through to the delivered article ?!?!

  418. Book #4 please!

    There are plenty of books about design, and each time I enter a bookstore, I never know what to choose. I’d like to see book reviews on this blog, so it helps designers choose the most helpful books out there.


  419. Book #5

    I want to see more xHTML/CSS design techniques articles and also jQuery related. Such article will freshen up designers skills and open mind to more great hacks to design better websites :) Thanks!

  420. Could I enter for Book #2: jQuery

    I would like to see more tutorials on this site. Of course, giveaways like these are nice too.

    But it’s the tutorials that keep me coming back!

  421. i would like to get #7 Transcending CSS.
    and more things you can write about is html5, css3,and more jquery & ajax.

  422. i would like to read something about interface design. i’am interested in the book about interface design and slideology.

  423. Book #4 – mostly interested in CSS tricks. Pseudo classes.
    I’ve read about the book and I think it has to be on my bookshelf

  424. Hi All,

    I’d love book number 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

    I’d love to see more photographic based articles. The web is full of great Photojournalists….but how do they get those iconic images in what are often very stressful/difficult situations? I often read that they use Photoshop while in the field. What is it they do? I’d love to know more about how these individuals go about the daily business of taking and processing photographs.



  425. I would love to read book 2 – learning jQuery.

    It is an amazing language and some of the plugins are really powerful, but it would be fascinating to understand and write some of my own plugins. Also interested in best practice and accessibility.

  426. I choose book #10, The Non-Designer’s Design Book, been hearing good comments about it, yet I love to text my chances against over a 1,000 comments :)

  427. book #1
    I just started to learn Photoshop for customizing my more tips on this subject will help me a lot.


  428. Book 14 — The Designer’s Complete Index

    I’d like to read more about designing websites since I am more of a developer than a designer.

  429. Want to learn how to get all of the front-end possibilities out of jQuery, so #2. So there you have my answer as well.
    All the stuff that is related to front-end.

  430. Book #5 please. I’d like to see more interface design articles (from the beginning of the design process to production).

  431. #2 looks very useful.

    I really would like to read more about design trends: what are the most popular sites doing, why are they doing it, and how are they doing it.

  432. That’s a great collection! Since I can’t have them all … I would definitely love #14 or #1.

    I’d like to read more about Illustrator as I just started to have fun with it.

  433. I would like to see more inspirational posts about design elements like header, call to action, footer, navigation and so on. And I like freebies. :)

    Book #13 looks nice for me!

  434. I would like to win 5) Bulletproof Web Design

    and would like to see a tutorial describing how to design a site that gracefully degrades so that all functionality is available to all users and those with javascript enabled and/or use modern browsers get rewarded with better interactivity/experience.

  435. After reading and viewing Noupe’s previous post “50 Brilliant Bird’s-Eye Photos”, I really don’t know if there’s anything more to see @ Noupe!

    I would love to be the lucky winner for book #7 “Transcending CSS”.

  436. #9 is the most appealing to me.

    I would definitely like to see video casts at Noupe, video tutorials, video interviews, etc.
    Noupe has always been a place where I could find resources more on a useful context than on a “this seems to be an interesting reading” kind of way.

    These are the two aspects I would try to incorporate at Noupe.

  437. Book # 3) Designing the moment. Although I like a couple of them, but I’d go with this one coz I’m into UX designing nowadays.

    As for what I’d like to see more here, definitely more on AJAX/JavaScript and CSS.

  438. Book #9 – Designing For the Social Web – I’d like to fathom the mindset behind designs geared for social interaction online: in essence, it looks simple, but is not!

    I’d like to see more articles that discuss ways in which we can write better and more complex JavaScripts – using namespaces and utilising the power of prototypal inheritance to create well-formed, modular scripts :)

  439. Would love book 9. I am an educator and could definitely use the training.

    I would be interested in seeing some posts on design for college courses and creating a good front page interface.

  440. #9 would be great to read.

    I’d like to see more about integrating social networking into your site, and how to get the most new followers/fans from it.

  441. 2

    I would like to read about API implementation from services like Google and the social networking sites. How to best integrate, why you should, why you shouldn’t.

  442. I am interested in reading tutorials that solve complex design problems using photoshop, illustrator, CSS, and javascript. If my entry is selected I would like to win book number 9 to further understand the design principles behind social media, helping enhance the efforts my organization is working to implement in that area.

  443. I would love book 11.

    I use Photoshop a lot but need to learn more about Illustrator..

    Would love to see some posts about vector design, including some image.


  444. I have to choose only one … hmmm — i love 2, 5, 6, 9 and all the others … but now i decide hmm .

    I whould love to get Book Nr 6 !!!

  445. Smashing magazine made me come here. They even threatened to withhold my pre-ordered Smashing book if I didn’t. Now that I’m here, I want to buy all the books listed. Well maybe not the JQuery one…cheers

  446. #10

    As a design impaired developer, I’m interested in tutorials and basic tips and techniques for improving my designs.

  447. Lot of great books, but I really would like to read the WordPress cookbook. I just complete a site for an artist made entirely with wordpress – it was my first experience – and I am really pleased with the result. The site is really easy to mantain and I read and used various recipes from Cat´s who code, Wp recipes and other blogs.
    Thanks, Tiago.

  448. I would like book #2 (Learning jQuery). As far as what I would like to read here at Noupe. As a professional ASP.NET developer I would like to see more ASP.NET articles. I do PHP for some of my side work, but my main job is as an ASP.NET developer. I would like to see how I could use ASP.NET MVC in future projects and perhaps integrate some of the CSS & JavaScript frameworks into ASP.NET applications to enhance them and make them better cross platform applications.

  449. This is a great list of books that covers every angle. It Some on my list already and some new to me. I would like to read several of them. Especially 8,12,13,14,or 3.

  450. I would love to have book #7.

    Q – “What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?”

    A – I would love to see articles that present information on how integrate UX design principles with good web design principles. I would also be interested in reading about UX design studies. It would be helpful to read about how they are conducted and the findings they uncover.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the book, and influence the type of content you present!

  451. I’d like book #2 Learning jQuery

    What do you want to read in future posts here at Noupe?
    I like everything here is, so just keep on going the way you are doing now!

  452. Would love the jquery book, I have been working on intranets forever and am now venturing into the wild so all the javascript I know is IE exclusive.

  453. For me, book number 7 would be great to have, as i am currently enrolled in a CSS course part time, so this would def. help me.

    For what I would like to see in future posts, maybe it would be cool to see a post/video of a “Day in the Life of” a random designer. Seeing what they do in a day to get inspiration, create amazing designs, interact and socialize with others etc etc. That would be pretty neat.

  454. Book #3 (designing the moment)

    I would like to see more posts about usability and accessibility, e.g. related standards for web design (including web design for mobile devices), tips for incorporating them into the design and build process if any etc.
    More generally, if possible articles about the relationships between web design and user experience (e.g. factors promoting/hindering good user experience to keep in mind when making design decisions, tradeoffs etc.) would be very welcome.

  455. I’m always interested in finding out a little more about #13 Designing interfaces, its one of those things thats very rarely covered well and is incredibly subjective

  456. #1 is a must! Coming from both a design and photography angle, I really enjoy the Photoshop tutorials. Keep ’em coming – something to do with afvanced texture application would be excellent – whether it be for a commercial (design) setting or for photography.

  457. I haven’t really browsed this website until I saw a tweet about the books. I will definitely be back. There are so many good articles and posts here that I still have to read!

    #5,7, or 9 please and thank you!

  458. #1 looks fantastic.

    I would love to see more posts related to design concepts rather than technical details. The technical details are definitely important but every web design blog deals with the nitty gritty. I would love to see more conceptual offerings of insight. Like how to lay out a design or how to pre-map a system of programming code to solve a certain problem. Thanks!

  459. #3 or #13
    More inspiration material. Like webdesign trends, call to actions, slideshows etc. But also more information about interaction design.(usability)

  460. I’m good for either #3, #10, or #14. (Hell if we are allowed more… #8 and #9 look interesting too!) It’s too hard to choose! Ah!

    In terms of what I’d like to see on Noupe, I would love to learn more about ways to take WordPress to the extreme. To take it farther and farther from simply blogging and towards (and even further) than other CMS’s will go. Also, more things like how we can start using HTML 5 already and showing people how to do that… Maybe in depth uses of the actually-useful jQuery plugins that relate to WordPress…

    And I’m always interested in articles that stir up huge discussions…

    I just realized I don’t even subscribe to your RSS! You just got one new subscriber.


  461. Oh my god how did I forget! (Sorry its me again.. ^^ from up there.)

    I would LOOOOVE to read any article that investigates UX… whether it be A – B testing or just general design guidelines, or ANYTHING!

    User Experience articles are always gems.

    That’s it!

  462. I would take any/all of these books (minus The Designers Complete Index. I already have that one.) Interested in the jQuery, Designing Interfaces, and the Storefront one.

  463. #3 or #14 would be great.. #4 would keep me interested for a long time too, they are all really great titles! I would love to read more about photography blogs and Social Photography.