Dieter Petereit July 22nd, 2013

Next to Naught: Nexa Slab Font, Typeface with Multi-National Characterset, Dirt-Cheap

Fonts are plain sailing. There is no shortage. Even freely usable fonts are no rarity. Google Fonts even offers a few hundreds of beautiful variants. But, what if you want your design stand out from the rest? What if you are not into buying at the next Trader Joe's? What if you need multiple language support? Things get a little more complicated, then. Today we got something for you. Keep calm and read on...

Mighty Deals: Nexa Slab Font, Internationally Usable, Petty Cash

Mighty Deals, our favorite designer's market with a tendency to bargain things away, has a great font on offer. I am talking about Nexa Slab Font by Fontfabric. Fontfabric is an independent type foundry, which was launched by the end of 2008 by designer Svetoslav Simov who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They do custom font development also. As we have accustomed to, Mighty Deals does not disappoint this time either. Again they offer a discount which just slightly does not hit the 100 percent mark. Nexa Slab Font, a typeface with 24 different versions is available for a little less than 10 percent of its regular price. The deal has almost ended, though. So, go for it, while you can!

Nexa Slab Font: This is Why You'll Want to Buy it

  • 24 Fonts in 1
    With the Nexa Slab font you won't just get a fresh take on typesetting, you'll also get a huge amount of diversity, as it comes with a slew of different weights and forms. Each of the 3 basic forms (italics, obliques and uprights) comes with 8 unique weights, giving you a total of 24 different Font variations! Weights include: thin, light, book, regular, bold, xbold, heavy, and black.
  • For Web and Desktop Use
    In its desktop incarnation Nexa Slab comes as an OpenType format with all these lovely extra features such as
    • Lining figures (proportional and tabular)
    • The "f" ligature set
    • Alternate characters (a, g, y)
    • Automatic fractions
    • Automatic numerators
    • Automatic denomerators
    • Automatic subscript and superscript
    • Automatic ordinals
    • Extended language support (most Latin-based scripts supported)
    The web font version lacks these additional features, yet still enriches fitting projects.
  • Fantastic Pricing
    The Nexa Slab Font with all its weights and forms normally sells for $99 (Desktop or Web Font versions), but for a limited time only, you can get all 24 versions of the font (either Desktop of Web fonts) for just $9! OR get both the Desktop and Web fonts together for just $16 instead of $198! That's a whopping 92% off the regular price!

But, there's a fly in the ointment: The deal does run for a mere 13 hours onwards. No time to think and rethink, back and fourth. Simply click here, and we'll take you directly to Mighty Deals. Over there, you'll want to click their BUY button. What are you waiting for?

Dieter Petereit

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