Dieter Petereit November 20th, 2014

Pay What You Want for Thousands of Premium Resources in InkyDeals’ Creative Bundle

This is a dream come true. All of you know Paddle and their great bundle offers. And all of you know InkyDeals and their insane bundle offers. Now these two have partnered to bring you the ultimate great AND insane bundle offer. They’ve put together 13 of their best selling deals worth 6,714 dollars and let YOU name the price...


What Are You Willing to Pay for the Equivalent of 6,000+ Dollars?

Leaving the price tag to be written by the customer is always a risk. Yet, Paddle and InkyDeals have already proven that they are completely unafraid in this regard. Still this deal is different from the risks they usually undertake. The distance between pay-what-you-want and 6,714 dollars is really big.

Confidence is the key. Both Paddle and InkyDeals know that they don't offer crap hoping noone will notice and buy it anyway. They have a reputation of always bringing great quality at totally affordable prices and they don't want to ruin that. Again they don't...

If you know InkyDeals, the variety of elements will not astound you any more. But have you ever heard of such a bundle being priced by yourself? This will definitely astound you. Okay, being totally priced by yourself is an exaggeration. In fact you will have to beat their current average price to actually receive all the elements. If you stay under the average, only the first three parts of the deal will be yours truly.


At the time of this writing you had to be prepared to pay more than 6.44 dollars to be granted access to the whole bundle. Values below that would only entitle you to get the first three parts of the bundle bundle. 29 dollars was the recommended price. What is that bundle of bundles worth to you?

InkyDeals Standard: Commercial Use with Extended Royalty License

As always with InkyDeals the offer comes with an extended royalty license. You are allowed to use all the elements in commercial and personal projects alike and you are allowed to derive products for merchandise or other mass-production, such as t-shirts, cups, whatever. The commercial use is not limited to yourself. You are also allowed to use the elements in customer projects. The only thing that is not allowed is the re-distribution or sale of the elements themselves.

I shouldn't forget to mention that this is a limited offer. If you want to grab it, you shouldn't wait too long. Go and get it while it's hot!

Dieter Petereit

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  1. Bought, thanks!

    Kind of annoying though that they give you a PDF document with links, and it’s not clear what you get. I did the $30 thinking I’d get everything since it was the top shown, but it doesn’t look like I did…

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