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Pixeno: Web Designers Hosting for Free (with Luck)

Today we are back with another special giveaway. Pixeno, a company offering web hosting for web designers and developers by web designers and developers, gave us six of their annual hosting plans, which we don’t want to keep but raffle off to our dear readers. Participating is easy. Simply answer the questions at the end of the article correctly and you are in the draw…


Pixeno: Young, Ambitious, with Excellent Support

What do you as a designer or developer expect from the perfect web hosting company? Let me tell you what I expect. Pricing should be fair, but this is not the most vital point. Cheap offers usually turn out to have a catch to it. So, if it’s not the price, what is it? What makes me as a designer happy?

Know Where The Data Is

In these days it gets more important to be and stay informed about the location of the data you shovel up to the cloud. Large hosting companies rent spaces here, there and everywhere. Pixeno runs its rack of servers from one single private datacentre located in Maidenhead, UK. This location is equipped according to all modern standards to keep your data safe and websites running.

You can expect Pixeno to offer more locations during the course of the next few months in their effort to grow internationally. You will still be able to choose the location of your data, though.


Have It Run Again When It Doesn’t

Have you ever tried to get to talk to a member of the support staff just when you utterly needed one? I know we all have. And in more cases than not we all failed. Waiting stuck in the telephone queue for hours is not a rare reality. Then, when you finally got through, how many times did you have to find out that the supporter had lesser skills than you or was plainly clueless?

Pixeno gets praise for delivering a precise, down-to-earth support through qualified personnel that don’t consider their customers idiots. Almost needless to say that their support is not outsourced to some anonymous call-center.

Managing Web Space Shouldn’t Be Painful

Managing web space should be as easy as possible. Modern control centers with more or less intuitive dashboards should be the rule, not the exception. Unfortunately it still is the other way round. I don’t want to learn the mode of operation of anachronistic user interfaces, nor do I want to be blocked from editing parameters just because the interface offers no access to them.

Pixeno’s control center really takes the pain away from the task of web management.


Pixeno’s Product Range: Designer’s Hosting Done Right

Pixeno was founded in 2010 by a small team of web designers and developers from London, UK. Although you’d consider the company to be very young, they have already managed to make their mark in the world of web hosting. As designers and developers themselves they are always working on improvements of the feature set and - even more so - the user experience. Having started with acquiring clientele from the UK they are now a global player, serving customers from around the world.

Pixeno offers a bunch of different hosting products. You’ll find the classic hosting in the form of personal web space as well as reseller hosting. And you’ll find next generation solutions such as cloud sites and cloud servers, too.

Cloud sites and servers work redundant, guaranteeing the best of all uptimes, while the classic hosting represents a server and an FTP client. Cloud hosting is unsusceptible to hardware errors as it relies on clusters, not single machines.

Pixeno Wants You

If any of the above raised your interest, you should consider one of the following. Head on over to Pixeno and request a 30-day free trial for any of their products (The request form can be found at the bottom of each page). No payment details are required, no strings attached.

Or take part in our little game here. We are giving away six one-year hosting plans as follows:

This sums up to a total value of almost 600 dollars. All you need to do to secure your chance to win is answer the following questions correctly.

Hint: All the answers can be found over at Pixeno’s website

Make sure to leave a valid email address. Otherwise we’d be having a hard time trying to inform you in case you won. The raffle starts immediately and runs until the 10th of February, 6.00 pm CET. The winners are drawn at random from all correct answers. Good Luck!

By the way: Pixeno not only provides hosting for web designers and developers, but offers solutions for any freelancer and small business owner.

Let The Games Begin

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