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Reclaim The Web: Win One Year of Free Web Hosting with is a young and emerging hosting provider from the United Kingdom. They have a very clean product line, where you can freely choose between one product, the Zyma Web Hosting Plan. Zyma promises that you will not need any other choice. Looking at their feature lists, there’s little room to disagree. Today, three of our valued readers are able to get a year’s worth of time to judge for themselves as we are giving away three Zyma Web Hosting One Year Plans. Good luck!


Web Hosting 2013: What Does It Take?

There have been times, where hosting providers offered a plethora of different plans and you had the opportunity for a plethora of wrong decisions. Should you go for the biggest and spend too much money for features you’d never need or should you go for a cheap solution just to find out that it’s not even capable enough to server your five-page website? In all likelihood you will have been going for one of the in-between plans, always worried you’d either pay too much or don’t get enough.

server-90389_640-w550 follow a different approach. They don’t let you decide, instead offer a complete package, where there’s little space to miss out on something. For a monthly fee of 1.79 British pounds, 2.71 US dollars or 2.09 euro they have your website covered. Whatever you might need, it is included.

With a few small exceptions, though. If you need a private SSL with a static IP, they’ll charge you an additional 29.95 pounds per year. If you want to protect your Whois-Entry, it’ll cost you 4.95 pounds per year and a monthly backup of your website and database contents would set you back another 19.95 pounds yearly. Keep in mind, that you don’t need to purchase anything beyond the basic plan, if you see no need for the additional features.

Zyma Web Hosting Plan: Crammed Full of Features

The basic plan is everything, just not basic. You get unlimited amounts of everything, be it space, be it traffic, be it email accounts or SQL databases. Also, you receive access to a free CDN (via Cloudflare), technical support and SEO tools. Email support is 24/7, Zyma additionally offers live chat support. You even get a shared SSL certificate, Paypal integration and are enabled to accept credit cards on your site. The feature list is longer than my left leg (same is true for my right leg, btw).

Zyma’s plan offers support for the latest PHP, Perl, Python and Django. Zend is installed as well as the most popular PHP modules and extensions. Servers are operating from UK data centers.


If you are looking for a hosting provider, Zyma is not only a valid choice, it’s not far from a steal for the given feature set. You should definitely give it a try.

With a hosting plan that cheap, it is even time to reclaim the web. Why feed all the social media channels with your valuable, free content, when you can as well publish your own website? Remember? That’s what the web is all about. The web is not three big social media giants living at your expense (in terms of content).

Chevaliers of Fortune: Go for It!

You should also definitely give your luck a try and partake in our little quiz. All you need to do is answer a few questions correctly to secure your chance of winning one of three one-year plans. Obviously you’ll also need to enter your name and email address to enable us to get in touch with you in case you win. User data is solely used to determine a winner and will not be stored or given away after the raffle has ended.

The game runs until July 5th, 2013, at 6 PM (CEST). Good luck!

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  1. Looks good! I always look forward for new hosting plans, but I’m a Microsoft technologies professional, so their plan does not fit for me. Anyway, the price is great.

  2. “where you can freely choose between one product” choosing between one product, so take it or leave it?

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