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Resources Galore: Win a One-Year Unlimited Download Subscription of Medialoot’s Massive Collection (Giveaway)

There are giveaways, and then there are giveaways. Today we teamed up with Medialoot to bring you one massive giveaway. One that's definitely worth the effort of participation. We are giving away five one-year unlimited download subscriptions, each valued at 99 USD. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Wanna know the details?

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Medialoot: Designer's Resources Flat Rate

Medialoot, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, located alongside the Delaware river, is a creativity headquarter. I'm not surprised as Philadelphia has always been a breeding ground for creative people, bringing forth international successes such as the famous Phillysound.

While at first sight, Medialoot might look like just another resource seller for designers' requisites, it works different from most of the others. Medialoots offers more than 51,000 individual elements, comprehensively categorized into "User Interface", "Mobile Design", "Vectors & Illustrations", "Icons", "Fonts" and "Photoshop Add-ons". Where's the difference, you might ask.

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Selling design resources nowadays is most often done through more or less well-tailored bundles on the various market places that exist. On these market places you have to make a definitive decision about what you exactly need for a given project. Medialoot does not expect you to make this decision once and for all. Medialoot works more like Spotify, only for design resources.

You pay for a month or pay for a year and then get access to all the resources they offer. A simple license agreement makes sure that actually using the resources does not require you to consult a lawyer. Make sure to check the license, but for now just keep in mind that all the resources are suitable for commercial use.

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Medialoot does not force you into any long-term subscriptions, but leaves you the choice whether to go for a recurring monthly subscription or a recurring yearly subscription or a non-recurring yearly subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time, with it ending at the next renewal date.

If you decide to go for the monthly plan, this will cost you 14 dollars per month. If you choose the yearly plan, this will set you back 99 dollars per year. All the subscriptions are unlimited, which means that you are not limited to the download of a defines number of resources per period. Instead it is more like that all-you-can-eat at your local spare ribs restaurant. Grab as many resources as you can chew...

What Medialoot offers is completely community-driven, which means that they listen to their customers and produce what they demand. You can rest assured that you'll never find any fillers intended to make the collections look larger than they really are.

Before I forget, Medialoot also runs a cool blog, posting useful articles on how to achieve things using Photoshop or Illustrator, besides other interesting topics. Grab their RSS and stay informed.

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Win One of Five One-year Unlimited Plans Worth 99 USD Each

Want to save round about a hundred bucks for a year? Enter the draw for one of five one-year unlimited plans, each worth 99 dollars by partaking in our little giveaway game. Simply complete the following quiz correctly to secure your chances. The quiz runs from now on until Saturday, 21st of June 2014, 6.00 PM (CEST).

There are no regional restrictions, so any world citizen with internet access is welcome to try their luck. The subscriptions will be drawn at random from all the correct entries. Make sure to enter a valid email address, so that we can reach you in case you win. All the email addresses stay inside Noupe and are not given away for advertising purposes.

Let's get on with the game. Good Luck!

Let The Game Begin. Solve This Quiz!

Hint: If you cannot find the answers in the article above, Medialoot's website is definitely able to assist you...

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