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Salmon & Cream: Fully Responsive WordPress Premium Theme with a Flat Design (Giveaway)

Salmon & Cream is the first premium theme by the new label goodbye, agency! Its looks follow modern design principles, first and foremost responsiveness and flat UI. It will remind you of the formerly called Metro now known as Modern UI of Windows 8. The theme works fully responsive and supports retina devices. Various useful jQuery plugins are directly integrated. Salmon & Cream sure is one thing: exceptional...


Salmon & Cream: Premium Theme Made In Germany

goodbye, agency! is a brand of the German designer and freelancer collective Idee & Anhang. The group wants to make themselves known for providing exceptional themes for both WordPress as well as the brand-new blog platform Ghost. They will not turn you down if you are looking for a complete online strategy for your business, too.

The first publicly visible result of their cooperation, the theme Salmon & Cream, nourishes hopes that Idee & Anhang might be able to breathe new life into the more or less saturated and conventionally oriented theme provider industry.

[caption id="attachment_77476" align="alignleft" width="550"]This is not Windows 8 This is not Windows 8[/caption]

Its been a little over two weeks ago, that goodbye, agency! decided to sell Salmon & Cream via designer's latest darling, Creative Market. The theme carries a price-tag of 75$ for one single license, read: one domain. Three of our valuable readers are able to win a free license and save 75 bucks to dissipate in luxury. Read on...

Salmon & Cream: Fully Responsive and Mobile First

Salmon & Cream is a portfolio theme. Freelancers, especially those working in one of the creative, visual businesses, find a playground to perfectly present their own creations. Lawyers and tax consultants are advised to look elsewhere.

If you happen to first view Salmon & Cream on a very large screen, it will immediately become clear, that goodbye, agency! followed a mobile first approach. Screen elements seemed to be jumping right into my eyes from my 27" Full HD. On my Galaxy Note everything looks decent, with larger than usual touch targets. As I already mentioned, the theme is fully responsive, converting the top navigation to an off canvas menu in smaller viewports. Menus can be three levels deep.

[caption id="attachment_77477" align="alignleft" width="550"]Different color schemes contained Different color schemes contained[/caption]

If salmon is what you eat, but not what you want to look at, you'll be happy to hear that besides the color scheme of Salmon & Cream, two other, more conventional schemes are supplied, too. You can easily imagine what Bahama Blue and Concrete Gray will look like. Salmon & Cream is internationally usable, yet only comes with English language integrated. The theme creators stick to the standard of PoEdit, which allows for easy localization. The necessary .po/.mo files are part of the theme. The integration of Theme-Options in the backend is especially useful if you are the technically lesser skilled WordPress user.

Salmon & Cream was built based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The CSS was originally written in the form of LESS, the source files in LESS are also contained in the download.

[caption id="attachment_77479" align="alignleft" width="550"]Blog functionality isn't missing, obviously Blog functionality isn't missing, obviously[/caption]

The first premium theme by goodbye, agency! is definitely to be called exceptional. Being exceptional is what the team behind the theme focusses at. As they told me, they want to deliver experiences that are far from boring, that stand out from the crowd. I can confirm: Mission accomplished!

Salmon & Cream: How To Win A License

If Salmon & Cream looks like a perfect fit for your portfolio, you shouldn't hesitate to head on over to Creative Market and buy it. Or you could as well wait a few days and first try your luck in our little raffle here.

Securing your chance to win of the three licenses is easy, yet comes tied to a condition. You'll need an account over at Google+ to partake. If you don't have one yet, you can easily change that here. Google+ developed to become the platform to go to when it comes to valuable discussions on technical topics. Their focus on presenting creative pieces is outstanding and if you, as a creative worker, don't own an account yet, you should in any case consider opening one, even apart from this raffle.

If you own an account, this is how to participate: Write a comment below this article and tell us, what you are planning to use Salmon & Cream for, eg. your photography, your websites, your hand-made pun sculptures, whatever.

We need a functional email address to be able to contact you in case you win, so don't go for one of these throw-away-mail-services. In the form field Website enter the link to your G+ account (as shown in the screenshot below). The last step is, if not already done, adding Noupe Magazine to your circles. That's it!


The raffle starts immediately and runs until Monday, 24th of June, 6 PM CEST. Any valid comment will take part in the draw. Winners are announced via Google+. Good luck!

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  1. I would actually like to win this theme for my husband to use for a side project he is currently working on.

  2. I would use this for my next small openSource-Project, or try to use this for our small startup in germany that’s starting in September 2013.

    Would be nice to use this one


  3. Well, I don’t know much more than the fact that I wants it. I wants it bads!
    I recently had to retire my graphic design freelancing business, but I still have many ideas that I would like to get out there, as an artist rather than a designer.
    This theme would be a great way to showcase my doodles.

  4. I would like to win this mostly because I love the flat design trend and I need a website design update for my portfolio

  5. I would love to have this theme because I find the flat design trend very enticing and my portfolio website needs an update.

  6. I designed a site of my own and it fell flat (haha), so this looks like it would work well to display my work.

    thanks guys and gals

  7. Well I am planning to launch a new website related to design and photography and would love to have this theme on it. Being responsive and mobile compatible would be a headstart in the design process and help me launch the site faster.

  8. I recently found and have loved it. Can’t wait to see what following Noupe will bring me.

    I have a graphic design portfolio website. But since the integration of smartphones and tablets to our field, I have not been able to update my site to be fully responsive across any device. I’d love the opportunity to use the Salmon & Cream theme to update my website. Thank you goodbye, agency! and noupe.

  9. I recently lost my job because I have been really sick and have had 3 spinal surgeries in the last year. I need to get a new portfolio up quick to apply for a new job and am on the lookout for a badass WP theme, this could be the one to get me a job. Please help!!!

  10. I want to use it to help my brother with a proyect, he wants a site to offer his products, he works with organic and recycled materials. And he needs a site to promote his project. I would love to help him using this awsome design.

  11. I will convert this theme to blogger template and use for my blog. I love blogger as I don’t need to think much about seo, Google is taking care of that :)

  12. I would use this for my friends portfolio website – he is a designer and need a clean showcase for his work – so this would be perfect!

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