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The 500 Dollar Blogger Bundle Giveaway: Noupe is Looking for 3 Winners

Dear readers of our lovely Noupe magazine. Today we teamed up with Envato to bring you the opportunity to win The Blogger Bundle. The Blogger Bundle consists of over 500 dollars worth of files. For a limited time, you can buy this bundle over at Codecanyon for just 20 dollars. But we encourage you to first try your luck and participate in our giveaway game. Three readers will be randomly drawn from all correct entries. Read on...


Envato: Marketplaces for all Things Digital

The Blogger Bundle is hosted at Codecanyon, one of Envato's many marketplaces. Codecanyon is focused on code and plugins. Make sure to visit their WordPress Plugins and JavaScript Code sections to get an idea of what they can help you with. Surely you will also already have heard of their other offerings, such as Themeforest, Graphicriver or Photodune. They operate loads more than can be mentioned here without breaking the average word count.

[caption id="attachment_79600" align="alignleft" width="550"]The Blogger Bundle includes premium themes The Blogger Bundle includes premium themes[/caption]

The Blogger Bundle: 40+ Valuable Digital Assets at an Incredible Price

The Blogger Bundle consists of more than 40 premium files out of each of the before-mentioned marketplaces. In The Blogger Bundle you'll find two premium themes for Tumblr, three premium WordPress themes, one HTML template and an email template, all from Themeforest. Codecanyon contributes 14 different code snippets and plugins to the bundle, most of which are tailored to enhance WordPress, others can be used on any website out there. Another 16 items, delivered by Graphicriver, enhance your design work. You'll find icons, vectors, frames, fonts, logos, badges and even a business card template here. Last, but not least, Photodune contributes eight stock photos to The Blogger Bundle. These photos include landscapes and people and are of good use to any designer's tool box.

[caption id="attachment_79598" align="alignleft" width="550"]The Blogger Bundle: an excerpt of the included design resources The Blogger Bundle: an excerpt of the included design resources[/caption]

Bought separately, all these items would sum up to an amount of 500 dollar, but for a limited time only, you can make a snatch and steal them for 20 dollars. An even bigger snatch can be made with the help of a little luck.

With a Little Luck: Win The Blogger Bundle

We teamed up with Envato to give away three licenses of The Blogger Bundle to our dear readers. All you have to do is answer the three questions in our little game below this article correctly and you'll be in the draw. Our editorial fairy will conjure up the three winners after Thursday, 24th of October, 6:00 pm CEST. Winners will be announced as an update to this post and by email.

The Blogger Bundle will be made available from inside Envato. So, in case you win, you'll need to register for a free account on any one of Envato's marketplaces and they'll make sure you'll get access to The Blogger Bundle. Existing Envato customers need not register again, instead simply provide us with their marketplace user-name.

If in the end, fortune didn't smile at you, don't grieve. Just head over to Codecanyon and make the second best snatch, save 480 dollars. But, first things first, good luck!

A little hint: all of the following questions can be answered either from within the article above or from the micro site introducing The Blogger Bundle over at Codecanyon...

UPDATE: The Winners Have Been Drawn

The lucky winners are Paul M. from the UK, Ralf H. from Germany and Carrie S. from the United States. Congratulations!

Now for the Game

[polldaddy type="iframe" survey="B9106B8DB2FAD1C9" height="auto" domain="noupe" id="the-blogger-bundle"]

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  1. Hi Dieter

    Thanks for featuring this contest here. It is really awesome to see out bundle featured on Noupe. Good luck to all of your readers.

  2. Hi Dieter,

    Am I missing something or is the competition over? I calculated my SA time at 16h00 (well that’s when the winners are announced if I’m correct).

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