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Ultimatum 2.5: Brand-new WordPress Theme Builder at a Fantastic Price

Only three weeks back, the brand-new version of the popular WordPress theme builder Ultimatum got published. This is not a simple update but a complete rewrite of the software with a much higher functionality level. The promise remains: Build a WordPress theme without knowledge of coding. The difference: In this latest version of Ultimatum, designers with coding knowledge are supported too ;-) Our Deal of the Week lets you get a hold of the latest Ultimatum 2.5 for less than half of the regular price...

Again, it's Mighty Deals, that managed to get chosen as our Deal of the Week. There have been weeks where others got close, yet this week's deal is as clearly the biggest snap available as can be. Ultimatum 2.5 at a price this fantastic outperforms the competition easily.

Ultimatum 2.5: Finally a WordPress Design You Really Want

With the latest version, Ultimatum opens for code-savvy designers. Still, the main target group for the software are designers and end users with not that much of knowledge about coding. If you are looking for an easy way to get your individual design ideas realized as a WordPress theme, you won't find any other solution as capable as Ultimatum.

This design was created using Ultimatum 2.5

Sure, you can roam the theme repositories and search for a theme that meets your requirements closest possible. THen you could go and alter it here and there. But this is not the same as creating your own layout from scratch. It will still feel like a compromise.

Ultimatum 2.5 is not a theme. It is not only a framework, either. Ultimatum is a one-stop-shop for everything concerning WordPress theme development and is based on modern standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. It will turn out hard to find a similar solution with a similar feature set. And with a price like the one we offer you today, searching isn't even worth your time...

Another design created using Ultimatum 2.5

What had me immediately, was the fact, that Ultimatum 2.5 is no longer solely based on, but has added support for Bootstrap and Bootswatches.

Ultimatum 2.5 Highlights

  • Code-Free
    You are allowed to be a coder, and make use of this knowledge, yet, you don't need to. The whole process of developing a WordPress theme can be done using the simple, but capable drag and drop editor of Ultimatum 2.5.
  • Individual Designs instead of customized Themes
    Build a design from scratch based on your own ideas and liking. Don't go for compromises while customizing themes others invented. 
  • Simple Styling
    The CSS editor in Ultimatum gives you complete access to all the styles in your website. No need to search for a bunch of CSS files scattered around your theme directories. CSS editing is also completely code-free. 
  • Support for mobile Clients
    Ultimatum-made designs are generally responsive. Yet, with the Pro version you are enabled to develop dedicated mobile web apps.
  • Bootstrap and Bootswatches
    Ultimatum is still based on With version 2.5 you can choose to use Bootstrap instead. Furthermore, there are 12 Bootswatches integrated.
  • Premium Sliders on Board
    Sliders are not only a means of saving screen real estate. Sliders can present your content in a visually compelling way. With Ultimatum 2.5 there are 10 variants of them.
  • Web Fonts Galore
    Ultimatum gives you access to the whole Google Font Directory. You can as well integrate your own fonts through the simple Ultimatum backend.
  • Tasty Menus
    Besides providing a clear navigational structure, menus can also be visually compelling. Ultimatum offers seven different variants, from drop down to Bootstrap menus.
  • CSS Live Preview
    Ultimatum's front-end CSS editor shows direct previews of the altered styles. No more edit, upload, refresh, edit, upload, refresh...
  • Custom Widgets
    Ultimatum comes with a variety of its own widgets, perfect fits to the system. You'll find Tag Cloud, Ultimatum Super Title, Ultimatum Search, Ultimatum Recent Comments, Ultimatum BreadCrumbs and then some.
  • WooCommerce Compatibility (Pro version only)
    If you decide to have your e-commerce activity handled using WooCommerce you'll be glad to hear, that Ultimatum supports you directly.
  • Detailed Documentation
    Ultimatum ist throughly documented. There are hardly any questions left unanswered.

Over at Ultimatum you'll find a complete overview of all the features

Ultimatum 2.5: Less Than Half of the Regular Price

Ultimatum comes in two flavors; a Starter and a Pro version. The Pro version sells for 125$. In our Deal of the Week you can buy it for merely 57$. This is? Yep, less than half of the regular price...

If you do not need to create more than one single site, don't work with WooCommerce and have no ambitions to develop dedicated mobile web apps, the Starter version might be right for you. This one comes for 35$ instead of its regular price of 65$.

I stole the Pro version for 57$. Who knows whether I'll be the next big mobile web app developer, and 21 bucks more didn't kill my liquidity. If you want to do the same or whether you want to go with the Starter edition, you will in any case want to click here. Once done, you'll find yourself over at Mighty Deals, where you will want to click their BUY button.

Have fun developing your very own, individual theme. Come back here to show us examples of your work in the comments below!

Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I like Thesis, but I am all opened for alternatives, if I can afford and they look good. Cheers!

  2. Don´t waste your money with Ultimatum, support is horrible, and the theme is full of bugs. I have it and I´ll never build a website with it again.

    1. used genesis and Dynamik for beyondwhispering, but have opted to try Ultimatium, for future work. Agree that the documentation is on the light side, but what is the alternatives? Headway, Pagelines? Have tried Headway before, and it was not the greatest, and they want you to buy a license every year.

  3. Anybody know where to find a side by side comparison between Genesis and Ultimatum? Also anybody else have experience with the Ultimatum support besides @Leonardo. Support is a big deal for me and if it is that horrible it is a deal breaker in terms of using Ultimatum. The framework does look pretty sweet though.

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