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Win Four Nexus 4 in Four Weeks #3

You remember: To celebrate the relaunch of our official Google+ Page we decided to do you (and us) some good. We decided you should be able to win a high-grade smartphone, while we hoped to strengthen and extend our followership over at G+: a classical win-win situation for the two of us. Last weeks winner has been drawn, so let's go for the third of four N4. Conditions of partaking are easy to meet, so read on and secure your chance... n4-5

Nexus 4: The Stock Android Experience

We know you love the pure Android experience, if any. With iOS 7 resembling Android more than ever, what holds you away from turning your back on the walled gardens of Cupertino? Even in the year 2013 does Apple not offer you the possibility to install your custom keyboard with multiple language support, to use homescreen widgets or to use system wide sharing to any app installed. I made the switch in 2011 already and have not looked back since. Then, in March 2013, i switched again, to a Nexus 4 with Stock Android, the greatest phone I ever had.. n4-product-hero What you are able to win today, is just that, a brand-new Nexus 4 with 16 GB of storage space. If Google makes the white models available during the course of our raffle, we will leave you the choice which color model you'd like to receive in case you win.

Nexus 4: Last Week's Winner

Last week's raffle saw roughly 500 participants with all answers given correctly. Another 200 didn't manage to answer all questions, while almost 50 did fall from the draw, because they did not add a Google+ URL to their profile. From almost 750 participants only 500 secured their chance to be part of the draw. Our own editorial magic fairy flourished her wand and conjured up this winner: Zack R. from Indiana, United States Congrats, you should receive an email shortly! Read on, if you are not last week's lucky winner...

Nexus 4: How To Win One

Each Monday from the 24th of June on for four weeks, you have the chance to win one Nexus 4 16GB. We'll ship that to you, wherever you happen to be located. We cannot guarantee that the device will function in every corner of the world though. What we will equip you with is an unlocked official Google LG Nexus 4, so there's no limitations from our side.


Securing your chance to win is easy, yet comes tied to a condition. You'll need an account over at Google+ to partake. If you don't have one yet, you can easily change that here. Google+ developed to become the platform to go to when it comes to valuable discussions on technical topics. Their focus on presenting creative pieces is outstanding and if you, as a creative worker, don't own an account yet, you should in any case consider opening one, even apart from this raffle.

If you own an account, this is how to participate: Just answer all the questions below correctly (Hint: Ask Google if you feel stuck). Additionally, we need a functional email address to be able to contact you in case you win, so don't go for one of these throw-away-mail-services. In the form field URL enter the link to your G+ account. The last step is, if not already done, adding Noupe Magazine to your circles and sharing the game with your own circles. That's it!

The raffle starts immediately and runs until Friday, 12th of July, 6 PM CEST. The winner will be announced via Google+ and in next week's article. Good luck!

This Is Where The Game Begins...

All questions carry red stars, which means answering them is mandatory... [polldaddy type="iframe" survey="B016D08EE16DEE04" height="auto" domain="noupe" id="nexus4-week3"]

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