Dieter Petereit July 17th, 2013

Win Four Nexus 4 in Four Weeks #4

You remember: To celebrate the relaunch of our official Google+ Page we decided to do you (and us) some good. We decided you should be able to win a high-grade smartphone, while we hoped to strengthen and extend our followership over at G+: a classical win-win situation for the two of us. Last weeks winner has been drawn, so let’s go for the last of four N4. Conditions of partaking are even easier to meet, so read on and secure the last chance…


Nexus 4: The Stock Android Experience

We know you love the pure Android experience, if any. With iOS 7 resembling Android more than ever, what holds you away from turning your back on the walled gardens of Cupertino? Even in the year 2013 does Apple not offer you the possibility to install your custom keyboard with multiple language support, to use homescreen widgets or to use system wide sharing to any app installed. I made the switch in 2011 already and have not looked back since. Then, in March 2013, i switched again, to a Nexus 4 with Stock Android, the greatest phone I ever had..


What you are able to win today, is just that, a brand-new Nexus 4 with 16 GB of storage space. If Google makes the white models available during the course of our raffle, we will leave you the choice which color model you’d like to receive in case you win.

Nexus 4: Last Week’s Winner

Last week’s raffle saw roughly 600 participants with all answers given correctly. Another 100 didn’t manage to answer all questions, while almost 80 did fall from the draw, because they did not add a Google+ URL to their profile. From those who answered all questions correctly, only half bothered to add Noupe to their circles, an even lesser number shared the game with their own circles. From almost 700 participants only around 100 secured their chance to be part of the draw.

This heightens the chances for these 100 by the factor 7. Strongest participation by countries was (in this order) from Germany, US and India, where Germany saw almost twice as much participants as places 2 and 3 together. Let’s see what we got:

Our own editorial magic fairy flourished her wand and conjured up this winner:

Christian F. from Munich, Germany

Congrats, you should receive an email shortly! Read on, if you are not last week’s lucky winner…

Nexus 4: How To Win One

Each Monday from the 24th of June on for four weeks, you have the chance to win one Nexus 4 16GB. We’ll ship that to you, wherever you happen to be located. We cannot guarantee that the device will function in every corner of the world though. What we will equip you with is an unlocked official Google LG Nexus 4, so there’s no limitations from our side.


Securing your chance to win is easy, yet comes tied to a condition. You’ll need an account over at Google+ to partake. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily change that here. Google+ developed to become the platform to go to when it comes to valuable discussions on technical topics. Their focus on presenting creative pieces is outstanding and if you, as a creative worker, don’t own an account yet, you should in any case consider opening one, even apart from this raffle.

If you own an account, this is how to participate: Simply leave a comment below.

Additionally, we need a functional email address to be able to contact you in case you win, so don’t go for one of these throw-away-mail-services. In the form field Website enter the link to your G+ account. The last step is, if not already done, adding Noupe Magazine to your circles and sharing the game with your own circles. That’s it! Remarkably lower preconditions than in the weeks before…

The raffle starts immediately and runs until Friday, 19th of July, 6 PM CEST. The winner will be announced via Google+ and in the comments below. Good luck!

Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.


  1. I love it. I just have an SGS2 and would like to update.

    BTW, your Webside is cool with fresh styling.

  2. I really enjoyed this past month with the contests. I have learned alot about Noupe, and have the site bookmarked on all my devices. Thank you so much for running these contests. I have also done my research on the Nexus 4 and would love to win this one in week 4! I hope this will be a regular thing you guys do with the contests. Thanks so much!

    Chad Goza

  3. I would love a Nexus 4. I have been a Google fan since it’s beginning. I use nothing but Google for email, search and now Android smartphone. Currently own a HTC Ego 3d 4g. I plan to upgrade my tablet to a Nexus waiting to see what the new one will offer.

  4. Hi,

    Since I’ve discovered this magazine, I’ve many of the article really interesting. Heck, this is magazine has such good standards I’m probably going to recommend this to my friends if they are looking at expanding their tools for web design.


  5. It would be really nice if I would win :)
    I love the Nexus 4. I think it is one of the best middle price smartphones.

  6. Vielen Dank für die vielen Informationen auf Dr. Web, hier auf Noupe bin leider recht selten und da muss mir immer ein Übersetzungsprogramm helfen, es ist oft etwas holprig aber das wichtigste kann man auch so herauslesen.

    Danke für die viele Arbeit und die vielen informativen Beiträge.

  7. This would be a perfect replacement for my two year old Motorola Defy. Should also help in my android development efforts! Thank you so much guys for this wonderful opportunity :)

  8. I have fulfilled all the requirements. I am on a CDMA network, with a GNexus, so a N4 would be more of a useful tool. I love Android and would do a victory dance if I won the best smartphone ever. :)

  9. Considering my SG3 recently broke and im using my old HTC evo…i could really use this nexus…plus it would give me yet another reason to make fun of iPhone users!!

  10. Looking to make the swtich to Android. Winning a Nexus 4 would definitely make the switch easier!

  11. This is a really awesome thing you guys are doing. I have a google nexus and I really like but I heard nexus4 has some really awesome features. It would be nice to win.

  12. i would really like to win it,and these are my reasons are
    1=i am a big fan of google plus and the google staff
    2=i am running an android phone running on 2.1
    3=as a zambian its hard to use google plus,if i do win it will be a big boost to my fellows
    4=and finally i have never won any thing in year please help break this ginx!!
    yours zuze

  13. Hi! Would love to become the first Pakistani to win such a competition, In fact I have a Huawei G510, a sluggish Chinese phone and would love to upgrade to “pure Google Goodness” That’s all I have to say.
    (forgot to put my Google+ link in the first post, I apologize for that)

    With love from Pakistan,

  14. Hey Dieter, it’s great. Thank you for informing us and keep on updating us.
    Hope the NEXUS will go in the Right Hand. :)
    Good Luck all and yea, me too :D

    Thanks Bro!

  15. Hi there. We decided to delete comments without Google Plus accounts immediately from now on, so we don’t have to later. I just axed 50+ comments. So if you don’t see your comment here, you did not add your G+ URL to it.

  16. Oh winning this one (at least) would be like Christmas, Chanukah, Easter etc. plus 30th birthday alltogether, I would be deeeelighted!

  17. I’m already using every single Google online product and it’s just about time to upgrade my ancient iOS device. A new android device, say Nexus 4, would fit perfectly. My wallet would be thankful, and as for me, I’m already thankful for articles on your web site.

  18. I’m an Apple worshiper but I’m ready to switch to Android now. Android devices are more easy to operate. Please make me a Nexus owner. It’s a cool device. I’ve read about it over and over On the Internet but I’ve never owned one

  19. Really been enjoying these contests, I’ve learned more about Noupe and been able to share it with several graphic and web design friends to help them with their businesses.

  20. I saw the contest four weeks back on G+. But because of some reasons i could not managed to participate in 2nd and 3rd week contest. Although i took part in the 1st week. I just love N4 and i was amazed when i saw this type of simple and straightforward contest in which you have to do nothing but just to answers some questions and with such a big prize on stake.
    Now I wonder if there will be my name in the winners list this last time or not but i really want to win this one.
    Hope for the best.
    Fingers crossed!!!

  21. For what its worth, I recently broke the screen of my Galaxy Nexus while walking to class this May. 1/3 of the screen is dead so I’ve relied on portable hotspot and my 2nd-gen iPod Touch as a fix until I can afford another phone after paying tuition. So yeah, I’d be nice to win a Nexus 4 =\

  22. I’d loooove to win

  23. Noupe is really curious side of web.I have following Noupe and it is really good to see nice stuff on their website.
    I like this contest as it is for both user & noupe.
    Thanks for such kind of contest and contents on your mag.

  24. can I replace my previous comment with this one? I totally forgot to copy my Google+ stuff into the website box. oopsie! lol! oh! Hi everyone! :-)

  25. This giveaway has been really great by you guys. I haven’t seen “social marketing” in quite this way before. Good way to get people looking at and familiar with your site. Also, the phone is fantastic. Keep up the good work Noupe.

  26. Winning would be so awesome, i can use it to create a photosphere of my new office, my new son being born soon, and my new before and after pics from a healthier lifestyle

  27. My old Droid phone barely charges anymore, and I’m months away from an upgrade. This would be a nice prize. Thanks for the contest and opportunity! Good luck all!

  28. Always wanted a Nexus phone, but they never came out at the right time when I was switching phones – hopefully now’s the time! Great thing you guys are doing for the community, here :)

  29. Hello Team Noupe,

    This sounds very tempting to me to win a Nexus 4 as I can then get my hands on the latest Android release unlike my HTC One S which was declared outdated by HTC recently. :/
    I really wish to switch over from my HTC one S. Keeping my FINGERS CROSSED.
    I need a NOUPE(hone)!!! I hope i win! :D

  30. The Nexus 4 is a thing of beauty and would look very good in my hand. I pray to the Android gods in the Google universe to bestow upon me a Nexus 4. Peace

  31. I don’t mean to overemphasize my need for this phone, but I have an archaic LG G2x sporting a self-growing extended battery I bought off of Amazon. Just picture that.

  32. Would love to be the Nexus one to win one. Don’t win compo’s but if I did this’d be my dream phone. One I can use to show my partner how much better Android is than her iPhone 5!

    Thanks Steve

  33. :)
    I am currently with cricKet using a Nexus S 4G, however 4G does not work on my re-flashed device on the network :(
    I’ve been ready to leave for a while now and have a decent amount saved for a killer Android™ device … just torn between this and the MotoX.

  34. Added email and website to the form fields!
    Hope to win a Nexus 4. My Samsung Captivate throws occasional fits with the new stuff coming out hehe.

  35. Would not mind an upgrade from my iPhone at all! Ios is boring want to jailbreak but dont want to mess with my Apple protective thingy haha. Been wanting a nexus 4 for a while actually to be honest. Good luck to everyone else entering as well!

  36. After trying hard the previous weeks have been unlucky. Hope to win atleast once in such a giveaway! Have been using only WIN Phones till now so this win could give me my first Android and hopefully make me shift from a WIN Phone to an Android!

  37. I have enjoyed the android experience since last year when I got my Nexus 7 last year. Would love to pair a Nexus 4 with it and finally retire my GS II and its sub par touch wiz.

    Thank you for the opportunity Dieter

  38. Really enjoyed getting to try my friend’s nexus 4 out, can’t decide whether to wait for the next series or get the 4. But if you guys are giving one away in a drawing might as well try my luck.

  39. The nexus 4 is a phone at the top of its game considering its specs and price ranging and google experience but sadly i cant afford one i hope i win this and i will forever be a google ambasador help me out please i need it

  40. Well this giveaway has hooked me to see your website and I think I will go here regularly now. So many good information!

    And I hope I can win the Nexus 4.. :D!

    Best of luck everyone!

  41. hey this phone looks amazing, seriously giving apple something to worry about
    i hope these new smartphones really do start to change the way smartphones are used
    i am sick of my iphone5 would love something cool and that actually works, unfortunately our boss is over 50 and stuck in iworld ;)


    As you may have noticed, I am desperate. I need a new phone ASASP. My current phone is a suicidal Pantech Pursuit 2, that can’t even send a text anymore. I’ve been running around entering many sweepstakes to win a new device, to no prevail. So please, help.

    Thank You,

  43. I was on a trip and was not able to enter the week #2 quiz, but I’ve been here for all the others. I am a new but loyal follower! :) Please let me win; my current phone is a dinosaur. I’ll definitely miss it as it’s a tank, but it is well past time for an upgrade. Noupe forever!

  44. In Germany we say “Alle guten Dinge sind drei” but it seems that I didn’t win at the third competition. So next try ;) Would be f**king (sorry for that, but it’s how I feel about it) awesome to win.

    May the fourth be with me =P

  45. I would love to win a nexus 4 (I tried so hard to get one when it was released, but it’s not sold here in Sri Lanka)

    Really really excited about the contest…

  46. I have heard nothing but great things about the Nexus 4! Several friends have made the switch and wish they would have done it sooner. I hope I can join their bandwagon soon!

  47. Hello noupe.. I’ve been reading your articles for years.. Please send this nexus 4 to your avid reader (me).. I
    want it very much.. I told about noupe (and this offer) to all friends ans they all have taken part..
    Please select me..

  48. Hope to get my hands on that device

  49. hav been craving for this amazin phone for ages now.So much potential,so many ideas,faster in stayin connected 2 evry1,so much space for all much stuff,music,cam…d works(goosebumps)….so perfect!

  50. Would love to see “Google” when I Switch on my Google Nexus 4. Desperate to get one Nexus 4 in my hand as I am madly in love with this phone.

  51. I’ve been wanting to own an Android phone. Currently my phone just got busted and now in searching of a new one. I’ve joining in this giveaway since Week 1 and today is the last week. I hope to be lucky this time. If not then this is really not for me. Anyways, congratulations guys on the relaunch of your google page! Here’s my G+ URL:

  52. oh? a new n4? i want & need it … already a owner of the old galaxy nexus and i’m a bit tired of it. so a new n4 would be more than awesome ; )

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