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Depositphotos: Their Flexible Plan is a Bargain

Are you a designer? I thought so. I know even more about you. Is it not so that you need stock material on a daily basis? And is it not true that quality varies widely and that you would be happy to find one provider to take the pain out of searching for stock photos? Read on, I have a friendly proposal for you. depositphotos-landing

What is

Depositphotos is one of the largest providers of royalty-free stock files. While a lot of contestants limit their portfolio to just photography, Depositphotos offers vector illustrations as well as videos. What is extraordinary is their delivery of editorial footage. Magazines are able to snatch recent images for recent news coverage, which is something I haven't seen offered by stock providers so far. The service currently stocks more than 50 million files, which guarantees it will have your every need covered. See it as your one stop shop for illustration purposes, be it a website, a printed magazine, a book, an editorial article, whatever. Files are not free however, but very affordable. depositphotos-categories Depositphotos has seen a rapid growth throughout the last three years and almost quadrupled the size of their portfolio. This is due to their concept of being more of a marketplace for independent photographers than a monolithic stock agency. The marketplace concept is no disadvantage, however, as Depositphotos ensures a continuously high level of quality throughout their whole portfolio. Contributors are not allowed to flood in, but undergo preliminary checks before they are accepted. After that, each new contribution must get approved as well to ensure the quality of the over-all portfolio. is available in 20 different languages, including Russian and Japanese as well as European languages, besides English of course. Not a lot of people should feel locked out that way. Finding material is totally easy. Depositphotos has an AI-powered search engine in place that seems to know what you are looking for. While the latter might be an exaggeration, their search engine does in fact deliver robust results. You can even serach for certain image concepts to best fit your project. Should I mention keywords? Nah, that's mundane...

Depositphotos: This Flexible Plan is soo Flexible

The default stock provider sells you one picture in one resolution for one use case and one price. If you alter the use case or the resolution or both, the price for that same photo changes. Deciding on proper stock material for your projects needs a thoroughly thought through decision process that way. Taking into account that photos can become really expensive depending on these parameters, buying stock photos can reach major investment levels. [caption id="attachment_99334" align="alignnone" width="640"]Depositphotos' Quality is Without Dispute Depositphotos' Quality is Without Dispute[/caption] Fortunately, Depositphotos offers not only 50 million files but also flexibility in many ways. Their Flexible Plan is the best offering for frequent image consumption. If you need 30 photos or more in a month you should definitely consider signing up for their Flexible Plan. For a monthly 29 dollars you are entitled to download 30 photos in all available sizes without additional costs. If you decide to go for the yearly plan you will save 49 dollars compared to twelve payments in the monthly plan. In this case you get 360 files for 299 dollars. Should you in any given month need more than the included 30 files every additional file will cost you one dollar on top. Sounds fair? It is. Adding to the fairness is the fact that unused downloads don't expire as long as you keep your plan alive. So should you have downloaded only 20 files in any given month, your download limit will go up to 40 files for the next month. There are no download limits in place, so should you need twenty images today, all fine. Some stock providers limit you to one to five downloads a day. Depositphotos doesn't. Now it's up to you. First, browse their portfolio to convince yourself they have whatever you might need. Second, check out their Flexible Plan. (Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by, all the words are mine.)

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  1. Hey Dieter,

    I just had a talk with the helpdesk of Deposit Photos and I already have a monthly plan for 60 photos a month. I asked if i could change to a Flex plan because normally Ii don’t use that many. and seems for more attractive. (maybe too attractive.) The helpdesk informed me Flex is only for private use!

    So my question. Do you take a risk in using photos (or only using private) from the Flex plan with a private license or are they/you maybe mistaken? Its sneaky because its not obvious what license it is here.

    If its cool then its a good deal…

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