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Exclusive Freebie: Ten Beautiful Facebook Covers as PSD, AI and EPS

Facebook covers are the only design you can add to your Facebook page. If your profile or fan page is supposed to sport a professional look, you shouldn't simply go scaling your website header or any random image you were able to find. Instead you should put proper effort into making your Facebook cover look as professional as your services are, well hopefully. Ain't got enough time? Keep calm and read on. We've got something great for you...

Freepik: Free Design Resources from Sunny Spain


Noupe’s readers know It was still summer in 2012 when we first introduced you to the search engine for free design resources. We recommended it though it carried some minor quirks. We praised the high numbers of resources to be found using it, but were not so convinced by the way these findings had to be evaluated regarding their licences and other potential limitations to using them. Freepik doesn’t host the resources, so changes as to licensing can occur at any point in time. Freepik then started to proactively work against this criticism. More and more freebies on Freepik have since been created by the team members themselves. Browse the list of related links below this article and return to the many freebies we already exclusively covered. My personal favorite is and will alway be the pack with "50 Funny Icons out of the Extraordinary".

Freepik: 10 Facebook Covers for your Professional Profile

Today we have another exclusive freebie for you. For the first time ever the Freepik team created a set of Facebook covers. Ten different designs should be enough to suit the tastes of most people. As all the covers are delivered in PSD, AI and EPS you can modify them as much as you see fit. Simple modifications are easy as the covers work with Smart Objects where you simply exchange the content of the object to make the design your own. We provide the ten Facebook covers as ten individual downloads, because having them all in one single file makes that file weigh over 30 MB. The fonts used on the covers are not included for font licensing reasons. This is not a problem, though, as all fonts are free. Simply open the Resources.txt included with each download. In it you'll find the download urls for the fonts needed as well as for the images included.

Our Facebook covers can be used for private and commercial purposes alike, simply leave the note "designed by" intact. You are not allowed to sell or redistribute the covers in any way. If you want to spread the word, refer to this article. That's about it. Have fun with the following 10 Facebook covers in PSD, AI and EPS.

Individual Zip Archives for the 10 Facebook Covers

Download: Facebook Cover 01

Download: Facebook Cover 02

Download: Facebook Cover 03

Download: Facebook Cover 04

Download: Facebook Cover 05

Download: Facebook Cover 06

Download: Facebook Cover 07

Download: Facebook Cover 08

Download: Facebook Cover 09

Download: Facebook Cover 10

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  1. These are so great and saved me a ton of time. I really like Freepik, they have such awesome freebies. Thanks for the share, very nice.

  2. I have to say those are really nice. I’m usually against using a design resource, but for someone started their own company who doesn’t have a graphic design team, this is a nice way to go. Thanks for sharing!

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