Swetlana Senkevitch December 3rd, 2012

20 Awesome Wallpapers For Retina-iPads

The iPads with Retina display call for a different breed of wallpapers as pictures with low resolutions cannot satisfy the eyes anymore, once you have taken a sip from the cup of high density. The community accepted that challenge rather quickly and has already brought up a wide range of high-grade imagery. I have been checking the offerings, trying to find wallpapers to my own liking. Here is what I came up with.

The Mighty All Wallpapers Overview:

Detailed information, including links to the download and links to the creator of the respective wallpaper are available just below the wallpaper inside the gallery. Having started on one of the wallpapers with a click, you can easily navigate the gallery by simply clicking on the wallpaper shown to go to the next one. Furthermore we have placed a pagination below the pictures to show you, where in the gallery you are and what comes next. We hope you enjoy our little showcase.


Mighty snow top in Kashmir; the lifeline of Pakistan

Pink & blue

Yosemite valley


Tree in the forest

The view




Yellow flower



blue lake

water and sunflower oil

Pink clouds




Golden gate bridge

Forest road

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