Noupe Editorial Team December 9th, 2008

50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008

Icons is everywhere on the web. In most modern designs it is used to not only complete our design but also to attract the user's eye. Designers use Icons to create breath-taking designs and decorate their desktop as well. Today we’re going to take a look at 50 most beautiful icon sets we’ve found over the year 2008.

Some amazing Icon Sets are missing? Let us know!

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Free Icon Sets

1. OldSchool Icon Set

Free icon set

2. Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers

Free icon set

3. Milky icon set

Free icon set

4. Archigraphs Porcelain Icons

Free icon set


Free icon set

6. Socialize Icons

Free icon set

This free icons set contains all the most popular social icons, placed inside a sticker, making them easy to use in all kinds of projects. Although initially intended to be used by bloggers, these icons go beyond that and can be used in almost any website. This free icon set contains 12 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

7. Distortion Icons

Free icon set

Unique, good looking and useful grungy sticker icon set with background in brick red color and white.

8. Merry Christmas Icons

Free icon set

These snowing free icons contain the most recognizable Christmas items. Bring that unique feeling that only snow brings to your websites and blogs. The "Merry Christmas" free icons set contains 12 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

9. Coquette Icons

Free icon set

This playful free icon set contains curvy and colorful free icons made with one goal, to get all the affection to your projects. These free icons flirt with style! "Coquette" free icon set contains 50 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

10. Turqua 3d Isometric Vector Icon Pack

Free icon set

A full set of 30 3d isometric vector icons. The icons are in both editable Illustrator 8 EPS and SVG formats.

11. Fugue Icons

Free icon set

1000 icons are included in PNG format (16x16 pixel).

12. Free Glossy Blogging Icons Set for Bloggers

Free icon set

There are total 12 shiny and modern icons for your blogs. It comes with 3 sizes, 24×24, 36×36 and 48×48 in png format.

13. Free Glossy Blogging Icons Set for Bloggers

Free icon set

128 glossy Icons available in 48×48px. Some of the main Social Media Icons are included such as: Design Float, Digg, Delicious, Furl, Technorati, Flickr, Stumble Upon, Twitter & Many more…

14. Finance and Applications Icon Set

Free icon set

This set contains 59 raster and vector icons, designed by Icon Eden. The set includes icons in .png, .icns and .ico-formats. An .EPS vector file is available as well.

15. Liquidicity

Free icon set

16. Free Vector Icon Set 1

Free icon set

The first part of the set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons.

17. Web browsers icon set

Free icon set

18. Icons

Free icon set

Here is a site offering a full set of professionally designed icons for web applications for free.

19.Cult-foo icon set

Free icon set

Set of 50 icons at .PNG format for public usage.

20. Validation Icon Set

Free icon set

Free Validation "w3c" Icons to download and use.

21. Web 2.0rigami

Free icon set

15 origami icons in a variety of sizes in transparent pngs, and the PSD and EPS files.

22. Circular Icons

Free icon set

Circular is a themed collection of 100+ 16×16 icons. The icons are available as a zip download of alpha transparent png's.

23. Phuzion

Free icon set

This pack contains 150 icons in total which look best in their original size (256x256px).

24. Free web development icons

Free icon set

Icojoy team's new 24x24 free icon set in web 2.0 style

25. Simplicio

Free icon set

The set contains 78 free icons in .png and .ico including AI which can be useful for both corporate and personal setting.

26. Web 2 Icons

Free icon set

23 freeware “iPhone-like” icons of Web 2 Social Bookmarks and Networks for use in blogs, websites, desktops, softwares.

27. DSLR lens Icon

Free icon set

28. Pirates Theme icon collection

Free icon set

29. Feed Me Animals

Free icon set

A Free RSS Feed Vector Icon Set.

30. Ecommerce Icons

Free icon set

32 free icons to use or remix in your eCommerce projects complete with master SVG file.

31. Practika

Free icon set

A free set of 11 practical and useful high-quality icons.

32. Website Icons

Free icon set

33. Glossy Member Icons

Free icon set

34. Aeon

Free icon set

35. RSS feed

Free icon set

36. Nice ‘n’ Simple Subscribe Badges

Free icon set

37. DESIGN for:

Free icon set

38. Drop Box Icon

Free icon set

39. Green and blue

Free icon set

Desktop & Dock Icons

40. Onibari Leopard Made

Free icon set

41. Carbon Gloss

Free icon set

A set of over 90 original dock icons in .png format. Compatible with your Mac or PC, and virtually all dock applications that use .png files.

42. De Freu. -Icon Pack

Free icon set

41 PNG and ICO Fileformat Icons + Matching Wallpaper.

43. iMod for Dock

Free icon set

149 icons for your dock


Free icon set

45. iLeopard Icon Pack SE

Free icon set

46. Qure for Adobe Creative Suite

Free icon set

47. Colorabo

Free icon set

48. ZeroOne

Free icon set

49. Made Of Wood

Free icon set

50. Paper Clip

Free icon set

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  1. Great selections, very good work on the post I really appreciate it, thank you. I’ll definitely download some icons.

    (#29 nd #30 got the same name)

    1. Great list indeed. We’re working on some mobile apps and might model some of the icons after some of these.

  2. Very impressive! As a developer, I look at the creativity of designers and artists, and I am truly amazed. May hat is off to all of you. Great Job!

  3. Can’t wait to start with my next project to use some of these bad boys, or maybe just get a blog icon makeover and use them, thanx anyways for your work.

  4. Perfect!!!

    Thank you for this list.

    A must have collection for the budding blogger or web developer. Noupe, how do you keep finding such great stuff?


    Jeromy (AKA Hillbilly)

  5. By far the best collection I’ve seen. Thank you! Luckily I haven’t started designing my own yet, I’ll just use these. Bookmarked! I’ve been also meaning to say I love your tagline.

  6. Thats what i was looking for. My friend sent me this link. Really nice and wealthy post. Helped me a lot. As a developer i’ll use these icons in ma application. Great! Artistic work by some cool people. Keep it up.

  7. Thank you so much for compiling this wonderful list – I cannot believe so much is offered for free. Just what I needed to add to some of my blog posts to brighten them up!

    Happy Netweaving,
    Carol Deckert
    Networking Coach

  8. Great icons! Free hand-drawn set is our favorite. We (icoland team) just launched a new website, will work hard and hopefully hit the list of 2009 ;)

  9. These icons look really fabulous. no wonder you received a heavy load of diggs.

    Probably a hard time for your server to keep up with all the traffic.

  10. Some amazing Icon Sets are missing? Let us know!- You ask.


    But the icon set I’m talking about hasn’t been made – yet!

    I dare anyone out there to make an icon-set for creative designers. The set should include the following icons:
    – Camera (For: Photographers)
    – Acryllic Brush (For: Painters)
    – Oil Brush (For: Painters)
    – Aquarelle Brush (For: Painters)
    – Crayon (For: Crayon Artists)
    – Pencil (For: Traditional Drawing)
    – Markers (For: Artists who use markers)
    – Ink (For. Ink-artists)
    – Photoshop (For: Artists who use Photoshop)
    – Illustrator (For: Artists who use Illustrator)
    – Flash (For: Artists who use Flash)
    – Dreamweaver (For: webdesigners who use Dreamweaver)


    Perhaps also icons for the categories:
    logodesign, print-layouts and so on…

  11. Wicked Post… You know your nice looking / worthy Icons – this is a one stop shop – everything I’ll ever need, well for the next couple of year’s anyway :) taaah

  12. Che muchas garcias, so una masa estos iconos. Son los mejores que vi hasta ahora.
    Nos estamos viendo,… y si no nos vemos nos tanteamos. juaj!!

  13. Wow- all this artistic talent and contribution in one place- thanks. It’s like having a book of logos.

  14. I’ve never seen anything so good! Those
    icons are really beautiful. I’ve downloaded
    at least 5 of those!! Thank you so much!!!

  15. Even though I have looked through all of these icons, I am still in love with the doodle ones.

    Great and lovely, one can feel a soul there))))

  16. Great collection of icons back then already :) Well it’s only 2 years ago, but still. Love the Onibari Leopard Made icons, the chinese wind icons but also the merry christmas ones and the pirate icons of course. Can’t really decide here. Thanks for sharing these.

  17. I agree completely with what you’re saying. My only drawback is that once I do attempt to make a change, it really works, however I all the time revert again to my identical ways. Sticking to them is what I discover difficult.

  18. I REALLY like the wooden folder icons and the altered DropBox icon. I just wish I had the skill to create those types of things. One thing for sure, I’m going to download them right away

  19. We are now in 2011, The icons are still great and very usefull.

    My favourites are “Milky icon set” and “Coquette Icons”.
    I’m a designer for several years. But i have to be honest that my skills aren’t at the level of the designers of these icons :-(

  20. a good collection of icons, are very good and very useful for use in any design, not only to see that too as did those icons…

  21. As long as we’re making websites, lists like this will continue to be incredibly useful.

    I’ve used several of these free icons in my UI projects.

  22. This is a great blog and very engaging too. Excellent work! That’s not really much coming from an amateur publisher like me, but it’s all I could think after enjoying your posts. Excellent grammar and vocabulary. Not like other blogs. You really know what you’re talking about too. So much that you made me want to explore more. Your blog has become a stepping stone for me, my friend. Thank you for the articulate journey. I really enjoyed the 4 posts that I have read so far.

  23. Thanks for putting this together. It really helps a non-designer developer like me. I still appreciate great design and rely the awesome designers I work with, but sometimes you just need a place to grab a good icon.

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