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Captain Icon: Fantastic Free Set of 350+ Flat Icons in Many Formats

Mario Del Valle from Valladolid in sunny Spain simply loves to create. In his own words, he was passionate about drawing since he was a child. Lately he also became eager to share. He sat down in front of his digitizer and started to come up with ideas for a huge free icon set. Lots of coffee and scribbles later, he transformed into Captain Icon and set out to conquer the world with his beautifully designed, flat set of 350+ pictograms. Here's what to expect...


Formats Galore: Captain Icon is the Generous Kind

Mario created a large set of icons covering many areas of everyday and business life. What's special about the design of his set is the playful, round, comic-like and flat attitude. This style is certainly not for everybody, yet modern websites and mobile apps aiming to be received as fresh and dynamic would well benefit from the use of Captain Icon's works.

[caption id="attachment_82031" align="alignleft" width="550"]Captain Icon: Only a Fraction of what's in Store Captain Icon: Only a Fraction of what's in Store[/caption]

To showcase his iconset properly, Mario created a parallax one pager, once again following the hottest trend in web design today. On the website, which is a best practice example in itself, he literally brought Captain Icon to life. Scroll down the story and see for yourself.


Having arrived at the point where you can download the set, Mario politely asks you to probably donate an amount of your choice to support future works. A free download is also perfectly fine, though.

Clicking "Download" immediately starts to store a zipped archive, weighing in at around 5 mb, to your hard drive. Once unpacked, it occupies around 15 mb of your disk space. Mario not only provides with the usual individual PNGs of his 350+ icons. Instead he also includes an EPS, a (perfectly organized and layered, unrestricted) PSD, individual SVGs and even a turn-key web font. Such a complete delivery is not the usual freebie, where you most often get the PNG for free and would have to pay for the rest.


Captain Icon: Proper Licencing Would Be Great

Up to the time of this writing, while the icon set is still hot off the press, there is no proper licensing available, besides that Mario claims his set to be "free". It would be appreciable, if he could a little clearer on this term.

For now I'd expect these rules to be applicable: You are allowed to use the icons in private as well as commercial projects. You are allowed to edit the pictograms. You are not allowed to redistribute the set or claim you are its creator.

Hey Mario, did I get that right?

Once the licensing is properly settled, Captain Icon will establish itself as a must-have for your designer toolbox. What do you think?

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