Dieter Petereit January 18th, 2013

Code School + Noupe: Claim Your Complete Sass Course for Free

Recently we teamed up with the nice folks over at Code School to offer you a comprehensive course on how to use Sass effectively. Sass is a CSS preprocessor that makes coding style sheets a whole lot easier and the sheets themselves much more maintainable. "Assembling Sass", that's the title of Code School and Noupe's free offering, explains the basics of how to enter the world of structured CSS in an entertaining, yet profound manner. Even though "Assembling Sass" is definitely worth paying for, Noupe readers can claim lifetime access to this course for free. You have to be quick, though...

Code School - 12 Comprehensive Courses and Growing

Code School is an online learning resource. From the comfort of your browser you are able to learn about basic and advanced web technologies in your own pace. Each course consists of several lessons in the form of video tutorials. After each tutorial you can prove your knowledge on exercises additionally provided. Videos don't fill your evenings but are a reasonable ten to fifteen minutes long.

As of today, twelve courses can be consumed, if you decide to enroll - as Code School puts it - to their student program. Instead of having to pay each course separately, Code School follows the concept of an educational flatrate. Each student pays 25 Dollars per month and gains access to all available courses, exercises, screen casts, whatever. Enrollment is not a long-term contract, but can be decided on from month to month. Though, if you sign up for a year right away, Code School gives you three months for free. Team rates are also available. Courses are kept in sync with the rapid development pace modern web technologies run at.

Our 7 lesson piece "Assembling Sass" is not going to squeeze any money out of your pockets though. If you claim your free course before the end of January 2013, you will be granted free lifetime access to "Assembling Sass". So, don't hesitate to sign up for your free account. All you need to tell Code School is your mail address. Furthermore you need to create a user-name and a password, that's all. No other data, especially no financial data, is being asked for.

Assembling Sass - 7 Lessons and a Whole Lot of Exercises

I went halfway through "Assembling Sass" already and so far I am really delighted. The pace is not too slow, yet not too fast. The "professor" Nick Walsh, along with his assistants is able to talk about the relatively dry matter of Sass without letting you drift off into a serious snooze. Actually I found Nick to be quite entertaining. I had fun with all the ampersands and stuff...

"Assembling Sass" definitely is a professional production. Besides watching the video casts on the course's web page, you can also download the videos to your desktop or mobile device even. This can come in handy if you like to bridge time while commuting or during these special family events with Uncle Hugo and Auntie Mildred. Downloads are available in SD and HD alike. Exercises after each video strengthen your abilities to correctly use what you have learned.

Concluding I can only advise you to head on over to Code School immediately to claim your free course. Access to this course will not expire, while the period to claim the course is limited and will end on the 31st of January 2013. All you have to do is click on this link. Once there, click on "Claim Your Free Course" and follow the instructions.

After having played around with Sass for a while, let us know what you think of the course in the comments below. Get sassy!



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  1. Thanks for the link, I’ll be taking this course! I only discovered Sass at this time last year, and I’m loving it. Of course, I could always learn more!

  2. Wow … a free course … and thats with code school. Awesome.
    I like the motto of CodeSchool “Learn By Doing”. Their way of teaching is really different and amazing.

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