Denis Potschien November 22nd, 2012

Design Kindle: New Resource For Web Designers Offers Icons, Textures, UIs And More For Free

Web designers are natural born searchers. They are on a continuous quest for icons, textures, inspiration, whatever helps get the next project done. If everything works fine they find what they were looking for and if things run really well the findings can be used freely. I know that Design Kindle is exactly where you should start your search. I assume a high probability that your search not only starts but also ends there. Design Kindle, a new resource for web designers, offers freebies - well - freely and in high quality and with no restrictions for commercial projects. Get the point? Design Kindle: Homepage

Wide Choice Of Fully Editable Components

On Design Kindle you find lots of valuable resources, spanning from icon and UI sets to templates for websites and textures. Textures are available in high resolutions sutiable for print projects also. To have you not lose your way around the site, everything is nicely arranged in categories. The available preview for each layout gets completed by an info-box offering details such as file types, formats, sizes. While textures are available as Jpegs, templates and other graphics usually come with an accompanying Photoshop PSD. PSDs are fully editable, therefore customizable to your needs. Web templates are not only in PSD-format, but usually also include the resulting HTML and CSS in the download.

No Registration Needed, No Limitations Made

The creators behind Design Kindle follow a very simple approach to things like licensing, registration and download restrictions. They demand none. The demand no sign-up, the do not even demand a valid email address. A separate page is dedicated to the introduction of the designers behind Design Kindle. They claim to be offering their work for free as a sign of respect and love for the community and a chance to give back. Conclusion: A great, valuable and also usable site carrying some of the nicest offerings in web design today. As ist is rather new, the portfolio is not too crowded up to now. But remember: Rome wasn't built in a day... (dpe)

Denis Potschien

Denis works as a freelance web designer since 2005.


  1. ­Love it. Nice textures and great UI icons on Design Kindle. I’ll bookmark that site. Thanks for posting and letting us know about it.

    Rod Salm

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