Dieter Petereit April 8th, 2013

Exclusive Freebie for Noupe’s Readers: 500 Icons in our Freepik Web Mega Bundle

Today, we have something to give away for free and we know you’ll like it. The creators of Freepik came up with a big icon-set of 500 symbols and decided to make it available exclusively through our lovely Noupe Magazine. We share it only with our German sister Dr. Web. Read on to learn how to get hold of Freepik’s Web Mega Bundle 500. It’s easy as can be…


Freepik Web Icon Mega Bundle 500: 3 Different Sizes Größen, PNG and AI

Freepik is not new to regular readers of Noupe. We introduced you to the search-engine for design resources in summer of 2012. A few days ago we showed you the next project by the same creative team, CSS Matic. CSS Matic is a WYSIWYG editor for CSS elements.


The Freepik Web Mega Bundle contains 500 symbols, suitable not only but foremost for web and app design. The download package weighs 5,3 MB and includes the icons in PNG format with full background transparency in sizes of 32, 64 and 128 pixels. The symbols are gray scaled and fit best into modern flat designs.


Use-cases are not limited, though. There are pictograms for application logic, cloud computing and communication. But there are symbols to illustrate transportation, weather or ecommerce-related topics as well. If you are in need for some user symbols or gravatars, the set has you covered too.

Besides containing the three already mentioned PNG sizes, the package also lets you put your hands on the raw vectors. The source file for all the included icons is available in Adobe Illustrator format and comes unrestricted. The creators only grouped the vectors of each single icon which undoubtedly makes sense. Ungroup them and create to where your creativity leads you. Most obviously you are able to make the icons available in any size you need that way.


The licensing will not surprise you. You are allowed to use the icons for private and commercial purposes alike. You are not allow to redistribute the set from third-party websites. And you are not allowed to claim copyright or even imply you are the creator. But that should be simple rules of fair play and as such self-evident

That said: Have fun with the Web Icon Mega Bundle 500…

Grab it from here

Download: Web Icon Mega Bundle 500

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  1. It´s great!! I was looking for about grey vector icons and here is.
    Thanks for share this content, greetings

  2. So glad I found this. I am currently adding some customization to my site and these are the perfect icons :) Much appreciated! I am now going to go stalk the rest of this blog.

  3. So awesome pack!!! I love it’s available in illustrator format so I can customize them *_____*
    Very useful. Thanks for share!

  4. Great! are those icons free for commercial use? can i use them only for web? or olso on my graphic design for print? (BC, logos, flayers, posters….)

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