Dieter Petereit July 21st, 2013

Free Photos: 10 Freshly Shot Hi-Res-Images From

A few days ago we introduced you to, a project by Ooomf. Today our inbox saw the first update with 10 more photos by different photographers, we thought we should share with you. If you want to receive regular updates on new photos, subscribe to their mailing list. Using this link gets you rewarded with an extra of three photos immediately. is a timeline-oriented image project, driven by the Tumblr engine. solely hosts pictures whose creators have waived all rights the laws allow to be waived. All images at carry the license CC Zero. Actual hosting of the images takes place in Amazon’s cloud. Have fun with the following collection...

Download  /  Photographer: Cierra

Download  /  Photographer: Tyler Wanlass

Download  /  Photographer: Sebastian Muller

Download  /  Photographer: Ireneuilia

Download  /  Photographer: Tyler Wanlass

Download  /  Photographer: Art Wave Web Design

Download  /  Photographer: Tony Naccarato

Download  /  Photographer: Nicholas Swanson

Download  /  Photographer: J DuClos

Download  /  Photographer: Nicholas Swanson

Download the whole series as a ZIP archive directly

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