Noupe Editorial Team February 25th, 2011

Free Texture Packs To Spice Up Your Designs

Every day we try our best to present to you some useful tips, dear reader, to inspire you with fresh ideas and to try out new things. Today, we've prepared a nice collection of free texture packs that you just may have been looking for to freshen up your designs you're working on. Enjoy!


High Resolution Brick & Tile Texture

High-Resolution Metal Surface Texture

Starry Texture

High Resolution Grunge Texture

High Resolution Grungy Paper Texture

High Resolution Grungy Surface Texture

High-Quality Graffiti Texture

High Resolution Fabric Texture

High Resolution Sand and Seashell Texture

High Resolution Watercolor Texture

Grungy Bokeh Textures

High-Res mosaicTextures

High Resolution Shadow Textures

High-Res Natural Texture

High Resolution Paper & Canvas Texture

12 High Resolution Denim Textures


Free High Resolution Fabric Texture

Free High Resolution Wood Textures

Wood Texture

Grunge Texture

Texture: Let It Snow!


Sun Texture

Grunge Pattern Texture

High-Res Fabric Fold Texture

Fabric Texture

Vintage Book Texture

Paper Texture

High-Res Summer Garden Texture

Vintage Book Texture

Free Dirty Paper Texture

High-Res Metal Texture

High Resolution Rust Texture

Desolate Texture Pack

Free Found Paper Texture

High-Res Car Texture

Free Vintage Paper Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

High-Res leaf Texture

Free High Resolution Slate Texture

Free Texture

Abstract Texture

Rock and Concrete Texture

Light Grunge Texture

Massive Grunge Texture

Love texture

High-Res Ginkgo Texture

Free High Quality Texture: Zebra

Rust and Stardust Texture


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  1. Thank you for this outstanding collection of textures. I was looking some new textures for my newly created website. I will definitely use these textures.

  2. Textures are always important in a design full of contrast. It helps convey the intended look and feel of a website, and makes them more pleasing to the eye. Thanks!

  3. This is by far the best collection I’ve ever come across. Thank you for your hard work….. helping to make better designs everywhere!!!

  4. Thanks for the great list of textures. A bonus that all the links actually work (seems to be hard to accomplish with texture articles on other blogs…) Keep up the great work!

  5. You got very interesting debate started on your website and its worth a lot of feedback. Very few people are able to talk so well about this topic. A big thumbs up from me.

  6. You got very interesting discussion started on your site and its worth a lot of feedback. Very less people are able to talk so well about this issue. A big thumbs up from me.

  7. Thank you for sharing this collection. It is greatly appreciated by myself and all who have viewed your site.

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