Dieter Petereit May 6th, 2013

Map Icons Designer: 200 Map Symbols plus 10 Location Pins Free for Commercial Use

Icons, these sweet little thingies, you can never have enough of. If you are like me, you'll tend to collect each and every one you can find. The new set "Map Icons Designer" by represents a large collection of pictograms, especially useful for the design of maps. An additional ten location pins, intended to be containers for the icons, care for a fresh and decent overall appearance. Did I mention that the whole set comes for free? What else could we ask for?


Map Icons Designer: Symbols in Different Sizes plus PSD

200 map symbols come contained in a 2.2 Mb heavy zip-file, which inflates to around 5 Mb at unzip and sports a reasonable file order.

Map icons are delivered in 24, 48 and 72 pixel squared as well as in the form of a PSD with vectorized shapes and forms. The PSD is well structured, contains a grid as well as titles for each icon. As the symbols are created using vectors you are able to scale them as you see fit.


The same is true for the modern location pins, variants of what you already know from Google Maps. These come in PNG format and sizes of 24, 32, 48 and 64 pixel squared. Additionally, each pin is delivered as an individual PSD file. That's what I call a full package.


Terms of use are most liberal. You are allowed to use the whole set for private and commercial purposes alike. Not allowed is selling, releasing or redistributing the set as such, but this should be a matter of course anyway. Not mandatory, but much appreciated is a backlink from the project you use the icons in to

map-icons-few-examples-w550 Tiny Excerpt from Map Icons Designer

Icons can be used as they are or in combination with the location pins. The one-colored black design and the simple and clean lines make for almost universally usable pictograms for any purpose. Using them on maps is just the use case that first springs to mind.

The creatives over at promise to extend the collection with more icons. If you ever been using icons from these guys before, you know that they do mean it.

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