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No Second Chance For a First Impression: 50+ Free Design Resources to Create That Perfect Presentation

Okay. So you're designing this responsive website, but your client demands to see it on a variety of devices beforehand, before you even coded a single line. Or do you have a client who wants to right away start to market the app you have just begun working on? Or do you have a great concept for an app you want to raise funding for? Whatever your usecase is, you are in bitter need of a professional presentation. You need to show something that doesn't already exist. You need magic. Keep calm and carry on. We here at Noupe are there for you. We took a deep dive into the web's highest waves and came up with a massive list of almost 60 resources to help you get that presentation going.

Our list includes some helpful online services, and loads of free device mockups and realistic templates. Some are pixel-, others vector-based, but all will help you to achieve your goals.

Section #1: Services


placeit Creator:   placeit Features:  Lots of device mockups.

Device Art Generator

device-art-generator Creator:   Android Developers Features:  Android devices.


mockuphone Creator:   mockuphone Features:  iOS devices, Android devices.


shapeitapp Creator:   shapeitapp Features:   Laptops, Blackberry.

Device Frame Generator

device-frame-generator Creator:   f2prateek Features:  Google device frames.

Am I Responsive

am-i-responsive Creator:   responsivedesign Features:  Standard set of devices.

Section #2: Realistic Mockup PSDs

iPhone Mockups

iphone-mockups-by-regy-perlera Creator:   Regy Perlera Features:  iPhone 5 mockups.

iPad & iPhone 5s Mockups

ipad-&-iphone-5s-mockups-by-regy-perlera Creator:   Regy Perlera Features:  iPad and iPhone 5s mockups.

iPhone 5s Mockup gold

iphone-5s-mockup-gold-by-christoph-gromer Creator:   Christoph Gromer Features:  iPhone 5s.

Flat iPhone 5S mockup

flat-iphone-5S-mockup-by-george-vasyagin Creator:   George Vasyagin Features:  Flat iPhone 5S.

iPad mini

ipad-mini-by-kenny-sing Creator:   Kenny Sing Features:  iPad mini.

iPad Mockup

ipad-mockup-by-al-rayhan Creator:   Al Rayhan Features:  White iPad.

Nexus 5 Mockup

nexus-5-mockup-by-kreativa-studio Creator:   Kreativa Studio Features: Nexus 5.

Xperia Mockup

xperia-mockup-by-josé-polanco Creator:   José Polanco Features:  Xperia.

Flat iPhone 5s 3D

flat-iphone-5s-3D-by-paul Creator:   Paul Features:  iPhone 5S 3D.


notemockup2 Creator: webvilla Features:  White iPad.

Surface 2

surface-2-by-sam-withey Creator:   Sam Withey Features:  Black iPad.

iPhone 5 photo mockup

iphone-5-photo-mockup-by-brandon-brown Creator:   Brandon Brown Features:  iPhone 5.


notemockup3 Creator:   webvilla Features:  Notebook, iPad.


iphone&probook-by-anpsthemes Creator:   anpsthemes Features:  iPhone, notebook.

iPad 3

ipad-3-by-brandon-brown Creator:   Brandon Brown Features:  Black iPad.

Nexus 5

nexus-5-by-vector-square Creator:  Vector Square Features:  Nexus 5.

Nokia Lumia 2520

nokia-Lumia-2520-by-andrii-sydorov Creator:   Andrii Sydorov Features:  Nokia Lumia.

Iphone 5S & 5C Mockup

iphone-5s-&-5c-mockup-by-gwénolé-jaffrédou Creator:   Gwénolé Jaffrédou Features:  iPhone 5S and 5C.

iPhone 5

iphone-5-by-paul-flavius-nechita Creator:   Flavius Nechita Features:  Black iPhone.

iPad Mockup

ipad-mockup-by-petter-berg Creator:   Petter Berg Features:  Black iPad.

Macbook Mockup

macbook-mockup-by-petter-berg   Creator:   Petter Berg Features:  MacBook.

MacBook Air Mockup

macBook-air-mockup Creator:   ninetofive Features:  MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Mockup

macBook-air-mockup-1 Creator:   ninetofive Features:  MacBook Air.

The Desk Template

the-desk-template Creator:  Jérémy Paul Features:  iPad, iPhone, workspace.

iPhone 5 levitation

iphone-5-levitation Creator:   Jérémy Paul Features:  iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 3D

iphone-5-3d Creator:   Jérémy Paul Features:  iPhone 5.

iPhone 5s

iphone-5s-mockup Creator:   graphicburger Features:  iPhone 5s.

Macbook Air Screen

macbook-air-screen Creator:   pixeldima Features:  Macbook Air.

iPhone5 photo realistic mockup

iphone5-photo-realistic-mockup Creator: Tomas Korosi Features: iPhone 5.

Phone Holder

phone-Holder Creator: Danny Johnson Junior Features: iPhone holder.

3D iPhone

3d-iphone Creator: nickmurphy Features: ae.

Section #3: Vector Mockup PSDs

Ipad Air Mockup

ipad-air-mockup Creator:   blugraphic Features:  Black and White iPad Air.


iphone-by-graph-concepts Creator:   Graph Concepts Features:  Black and White iPhone.

Nexus 5

nexus-5 Creator:   aips Features:  Nexus 5.

Minimal Flat Iphone5

minimal-flat-Iphone5-by-rahul-dass Creator:   Rahul Dass Features:  iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4 

samsung-galaxy-s4 Creator:   Valentin Scholz Features:  Black and White Samsung Galaxy.

Simple Flat iPhone 5S Vector

simple-flat-iphone-5s Creator:   Alberto Ziveri Features:  Black and White iPhone 5S.

Nexus 5 

nexus-5-by-greg-moore Creator:   Greg Moore Features:  Sketch Nexus 5.

Samsung Mobile 

samsung-mobile-by-monkeytempal Creator:   monkeytempal Features:  White Samsung Mobile.

iPhone and Android 

iphone-and-android-by-billy-kiely Creator:   Billy Kiely Features:  iPhone and Android.

Flat Apple's Devices

flat-apples-devices Creator:   Micha? Jakobsze Features:  MacBook, iPad, iPhone.

BlackBerry Z10

blackberry-z10 Creator:   graphicburger Features:  Black Z10.


smartphones Creator:   Jérémy Paul Features:  3 cell-phones.

Nexus 5 Flat

nexus-5-flat Creator:   Christian Björkman Features:  Black and White Nexus 5.

Flat Showcase Presentation

flat-showcase-presentation Creator:   victorsosea Features:  Macbook, iPad, iPhone.

 Mobile Devices Illustrator Template

mobile-devices-illustrator-template Creator: uxkits Features: Various mobile devices.

Flat mobile devices

flat-mobile-devices Creator: Herr Henning Features: Galaxy Nexus, iPhone, iPad.


htc-one Creator: Ben Mildren Features: Black HTC.

iPhone 5S Minimal

iphone-5s-minimal Creator: Vlad Moroz Features: iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5c colorful

iphone-5c-colorful Creator: Anton Kudin Features: iPhone 5c.

Nexus 7

nexus-7 Creator: Tim Gale Features: Nexus 7.


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