Dieter Petereit November 2nd, 2013

Noupe’s Favorites 44/2013: The Best Links of the Week

If you follow our accounts in the various social networks out and about, you're certainly aware that we are posting loads of additional content there. Be it links to freebies, tutorials, interesting articles or other things worth mentioning. We dig up a lot in the widths and depths of the web. And we do actually share content, that hasn't been created by our own team. One of these days we got a friendly email by one of our dear readers, asking us to not only publish these additionals in the social networks as this reader as well as many others are refusing to get engaged in socializing. In times of Prism and Tempora we can perfectly understand this approach. So we decided to curate the best links of each past week into one weekly article, starting today. Here you go...

The best Links of the Week from 26th of October to 1st of November 2013

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1. Solution for Long Drop Down Items

Good solution for really long dropdown menus (incl. full code) |


2. My Entire Front End Development Processes From Start To Finish

VERY interesting! This frontend-developer lays out all his tools from start to finish |


3. Beautiful Flat Icons – Download 180 Free And Open Source Variations

90 free circle icons in 2 variants, 2 sizes and loads of formats (incl. PSD, AI and PNG) |


4. iOS 7 colors

A nice visual list of the color gradients used in iOS7, complete with Hex values |


5. iPad Air PSD Vector Mockup

Over at Pixeden you can download a vector PSD mockup of the new iPad Air. They are fast, aren't they? |


6. The HTML5 Document Outline

Should be obvious, but isn't... | Care for structure in your HTML |


7. Clean Up Your Mess

A guide to excellent visual design - for beginners and people, who simple have no taste |


8. A Meticulously Curated Place of Repose, ...

Beautiful stuff | Veerle Pieters just brushed up her inspirations page |



Beautiful butterflies,awwee | Hard facts about HTTP status codes, too | Best of both worlds |


10. Countries{for}Devs

Developer and need all the countries from the US (or others) as a Select list, yet don't know them all? Go here:


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