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Total Recall #2: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Pro GUI Sets of 2013

In part one of our Total Recall series we featured an extensive collection of the best free website layout HTML/CSS themes and PSD templates from 2013, aimed to quickly and effectively give you a solid foundation for creating your own theme or website. However, not everyone can find a design that will fully meet his design requirements and satisfy customer's preferences. So for those who prefer to construct their own interfaces brick by brick, we have prepared another comprehensive collection - even bigger than the last one. These more than 100 helpful toolkits can enormously contribute to your prototyping process, providing you with a broad range of basic components and integral widgets that adhere to the same style and coloring.

The following professional kits are quite diverse. You'll find buttons, fields, toggles, inputs, navigations, tags, menus, tooltips, progress bars, sliders, icons, glyphs, even widgets and boxes - namely everything that can be found on any website and application interface design. As 2013 was the year of flat style graphics, it’s not surprising that our list mostly includes GUI kits made in this neat and nifty style, called the Flat design.

That said, let’s take a look at our second part of the three-part Total Recall series, this time dedicated to the best free GUI sets.

Section #1:  GUI Kits


Folia Creator: templaza Features: Contact form, calendar widget.

 Flat UI Design

Flat-UI-Design Creator:  uiconstock Features: Navigation, media player.

 Massive UI Design Pack vol. 1

Massive-UI-Design-Pack-vol-1 Creator: Max Silenkov Features: Coundown, calendar widget.

Blog / Magazine: UI Kit

Blog--Magazine-UI-Kit Creator: graphicburger Features: Sign in form, subscription widget.

Time Graph UI

Time-Graph-UI Creator: Justas Galaburda Features: Statistics widget, portfolio profile.

Elegant Outline GUI

Elegant-Outline-GUI Creator: land-of-web Features: Pagination, navigation.


PSD-UI-Kit Creator: Simeon K. Features: Drop-down menu, music player.

Coffee: Web UI Kit

Coffee-Web-UI-Kit Creator: pelfusion Features: Slider, tabs.

Grayscale: Clean UI Components

Grayscale Creator: techandall Features: Navigation, loading bars.

Infinite Admin

Infinite-Admin Creator: victorsosea Features: Admin panel, graphs.

Flat UI Design Kit

Flat-UI-Design-Kit Creator: medialoot Features: Buttons, menu.

Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

Flat-Rounded-Square-UI-Kit Creator: webappers Features: Media player, calendar widget.

The Flat Design UI Pack

The-Flat-Design-UI-Pack Creator:  speckyboy Features: Various widgets, buttons.

ios7 style ui kit

ios7-style-ui-kit Creator: Mahmoud Fahim and Mohamed Marakshy Features: Media player, icons.

Behance Style Flat Ui Kit

Behance-Style-Flat-Ui-Kit Creator: uipixels Features: Profile widget, pagination.

The Ero Widget UI Kit

The-Ero-Widget-UI-Kit Creator: speckyboy Features: Set of colorful widgets.

 Flat Design User Interface Elements

Flat-Design-User-Interface-Elements Creator: Marie Dehayes Features: Scroll bars, menus.

Purple UI Kit

Purple-UI-Kit Creator: Maarib Sha Features: Social media, calendar widget.

Flat Winter UI Kit

Flat-Winter-UI-Kit Creator: Zachary VanDeHey Features: Weather widget, search widget.

UI Library

UI-Library Creator:  Myplanet Features: Graphs, table view.

Flat UI kit

Flat-UI-kit Creator:  George Vasyagin Features: Login form, loading bar.

Bleya UI

Bleya-UI Creator: katrina radic Features: Posts, media player.

Lucent UI

Lucent-UI Creator: sarahjustine Features: Map, statistics.

Human After All UI Kit

Human-After-All-UI-Kit Creator: tim digidino Features: 3 color choices, buttons.

 Flat Style & iOS 7 Line Style UI Kit

Flat-Style-&-iOS-7-Line-Style-UI-Kit Creator:  graphicsfuel Features: Scroll bars, downloading status.

Flat User Interface Kit

Flat-User-Interface-Kit Creator: psdchat Features: Buttons, inputs.

Ui kit

Ui-kit Creator:  khader bini Features: Numerous widgets.

 Flat Pixet

Flat-Pixet Creator: Pixet Features: Map widget, tabs.

Color UI Kit

Color-UI-Kit Creator: Cüneyt ?EN Features: Weather widget, media player.

Zan UI

Zan-UI Creator: Benz Lee Features: Buttons, navigation.


PINK-UI-KIT Creator: Maria Isay, QuartSoft, 4monkeys Features: Calendar, icons.

3 in 1 User Interface Elements Kit 

3-in-1-User-Interface-Elements-Kit Creator:  onextrapixel Features: Tables, social media icons.

Flat UI Kit

Flat-UI-Kit Creator: Wahib El Younssi Features: Navigation, profile widget.

Simple UI Pack

Simple-UI-Pack Creator:  Samuel James Oxley Features: Line style graphics, device icons.

UI Flat Design Kit

UI-Flat-Design-Kit Creator: Samir Timezguida Features: Login form, counters.


Blackwidgets Creator: m.elgendy Features: Various widgets, menus.

small UI kit

small-UI-kit Creator: Visualcreative Features: Buttons, forms.

Flatex UI Kit Pro

Flatex-UI-Kit-Pro Creator: Moe slah Features: Buttons, inputs.

Purpel City

Purpel-City Creator: R R Features: Statistics, tabs.

Simple UI Kit with Flat Colors

Simple-UI-Kit-with-Flat-Colors Creator:  techandall Features: Loading bars, scrolls.

Social Summer UI Kit

Social-Summer-UI-Kit Creator: Rotem Elimelech Features: Comments widget, statistics.

Flat UI Kit PSD

Flat-UI-Kit-PSD Creator: bloomwebdesign Features: Buttons, inputs.

Flattastic UI kit

Flattastic-UI-kit Creator: webdesignerdepot Features: Contact form, inputs.


UI-KIT-2 Creator: premiumpsds Features: Comments, featured products.


basiliq Creator:  cloudcastlegroup Features: Hand-drawn graphics, icons, buttons.

free GUI to download

free-GUI-to-download Creator: Michal Vasko Features: Product page, login form.

Minimal Ui Kit

Minimal-Ui-Kit Creator: Bluroon Features: Menu, music player.

Flat / Skeuomorphic UI kit

Flat--Skeuomorphic-UI-kit Creator: webdesignerdepot Features: Inputs, cart.

City Break UI Kit

City-Break-UI-Kit Creator: pixelkit Features: Forms, filters.

Web User Interface Design Kit 

Web-User-Interface-Design-Kit Creator: cssauthor Features: Pricing tables, login box.

Bootstrap 3 PSD

Bootstrap-3-PSD Creator: designshock Features: Buttons, fields.

Google Maps UI

Google-Maps-UI Creator: lukechesser Features:  Map, toggles.

Flat & Casted Long Shadow UI Kit

Flat-&-Casted-Long-Shadow-UI-Kit Creator:  I Am Features: Slider, buttons.

Touch50px UI Kit

Touch50px-UI-Kit Creator: Angelo Features: Toggles, buttons.

Infographic PSD Templates

Infographic-PSD-Templates Creator: freepsdfiles Features: Graphs, charts.

Simplesta User Interface Kit

Simplesta-User-Interface-Kit Creator: pelfusion Features: Knobs, controls.

 Flat UI Kit

Flat-UI-Kit Creator: pixelsdaily Features: Switches, scroll bars.

Smoothberry UI

Smoothberry-UI Creator: icondeposit Features: Tables, widgets.


UI-KIT Creator: premiumpsds Features: Map, player.

Metro Style Free Flat User Interface Kit

etro-Style-Free-Flat-User-Interface-Kit Creator: egrappler Features: Widgets, bars.

Dashboard UI Design

Dashboard-UI-Design Creator: cssauthor Features: Menu, charts.

Spotify Flat

Spotify-Flat Creator: Nabil Ghulam Features: Panel, icons.

Flat Design UI Components

Flat-Design-UI-Components Creator:  graphicburger Features: Widgets, boxes.

Long Shadow Flat UI Kit


Creator:  onextrapixel Features: Menus, boxes.

Flat Ui Kit

Flat-UI-Kit-webdesignerdepot Creator: webdesignerdepot Features: Maps, boxes.

Responsive Ui Kit

Responsive-Ui-Kit Creator: uipixels Features: Monochrome, responsive.

Flat Bold UI Kit

Flat-Bold-UI-Kit Creator: Simon Eramo Features: Widgets, boxes.

Eerste: Flat User Interface Kit

Eerste-–-Flat-User-Interface-Kit Creator: designyourway Features: Calendar, social media counters.

Flat UI Kitby Devin Schulz

Flat-UI-Kitby-Devin-Schulz Creator: Devin Schulz Features: Bars, inputs.

Infographic Elements

Infographic-Elements Creator: cssauthor Features: Charts, graphs.

Dark UI Kit

Dark-UI-Kit Creator: Hüseyin Yilmaz Features: Boxes, inputs.

 Flat UI Kit by Mark Peck

Flat-UI-Kit-by-Mark-Peck Creator: Mark Peck Features: Loading bars, profile widget.

Flat UI Kit by Eric Bieller

Flat-UI-Kit-by-Eric-Bieller Creator:  Eric Bieller Features: Counters, social media.

Vertical Infinity: A Mega Flat Style UI Kit

Vertical-Infinity-–-A-Mega-Flat-Style-UI-Kit Creator: cssauthor Features: Tags, alert boxes.

Flat Ui Kit

Flat-Ui-Kit Creator: Zachary VanDeHey Features: Icons, widgets.


FLAT-UI-ELEMENTS Creator: andrewbeckwith Features: Pie charts, stages.

Metro UI PSD Set

Metro-UI-PSD-Set Creator:  freepsdfiles Features: Shopping cart ui, progress bars.

Flat / UI Kit by Sebastiaan Scheer

Flat-UI-Kit-by-Sebastiaan-Scheer Creator: Sebastiaan Scheer Features: Pie charts, boxes.

 Flat UI

Flat-UI Creator: designmodo Features: Tooltips, toggles.

Square UI

Square-UI Creator: designmodo Features: Menus, tabs.

Dark UI Kit

Dark-UI-Kit Creator:  Kim Features: Charts, players.

Ultimate UI Kit

Ultimate-UI-Kit Creator:  cssauthor Features: Progress bars, social media icons.

Flat dashboard

Flat-dashboard Creator: prowebdesign Features: Pie charts, bars.

Blue UI Pack

Blue-UI-Pack Creator: Roman Shelekhov Features: Sliders, buttons.


Leo Creator: cssauthor Features: Message boxes, bars.

Dark user interface 

Dark-user-interface-by-Dennis-Design Creator:  Dennis-Design Features: Buttons, scroll bars.

Flat GUI Set

Flat-GUI-Set Creator: land-of-web Features: Widgets, social media.

Ecommerce Flat UI Kit

Ecommerce-Flat-UI-Kit Creator: graphicsfuel Features: Boxes, widgets.

Section #2: Mobile and App GUI Kits

Designer Portfolio: App Ui Kit

Designer-Portfolio-App-Ui-Kit Creator: blugraphic Features: Login form, statistic widget.

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

Flatastic-Mobile-UI-Kit Creator: thedesigninspiration Features: Toggles, buttons, social media.

 Dribbble App Concept

Dribbble-App-Concept Creator: graphicburger Features: Profile, tabs.

Mobile and Web UI Kit

Mobile-and-Web-UI-Kit Creator: themedesigner Features: Radiobuttons, scroll bars.

Rampy Flat UI Kit

Rampy-Flat-UI-Kit Creator: grafideaweb Features: Contact form, login form.

Flat Bank UI

Flat-Bank-UI Creator: Rishabh Varshney Features: Bank ui.

iOS 7 UI

iOS-7-UI Creator: Oz Pinhas Features: Various functional screens.

iOS7 iPad GUI TemplateiOS7-iPad-GUI-Template

Creator: uijunction Features: Keyborad, screens.


iOS7-GUI Creator: teehan+lax Features: Numerous components.

 Mobile Game GUI

Mobile-Game-GUI Creator: graphicburger Features: Glossy buttons.

iOS 7 UI Components

iOS-7-UI-Components Creator: techandall Features: iOS7 style.

Music Ui PSd

Music-Ui-PSd Creator: Dimple Bhavsar Features: Music-oriented components.

Flatimus: iOS Free UI Kit

Flatimus-iOS-Free-UI-Kit Creator: Satys Features: Checkboxes, tabs.

ios7 wireframe kit

ios7-wireframe-kit Creator: blakeperdue Features: Toggles, buttons.

iOS7 UI Kit 

iOS7-UI-Kit Creator: Satish Patel Features: Keyboard, screens.

Nexus 4 GUI

Nexus-4-GUI Creator:  Chirag D. Features: Screens, boxes.

iOS 7 UI Kit

iOS-7-UI-Kit Creator: medialoot Features: Components, navigations.


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