Stelian Subotin February 1st, 2011

Useful Icon Packs for Your Creativity

For all of you out there who can't get enough of icons, we have compiled another round-up of 35+ very creative icon packs which will most probably come handy and useful for your personal as well as commercial projects. If there is an icon set you'd like to share, please do so in the comment section below. Enjoy! [fblike] UI Sweet Icons YummyGum designed 60 free vector Photoshop icons with care. Perfectly suitable for iPhone & iPad apps or your new web project: Screenshot Vector 3D Social Icons This set of social icons is an original and fully editable set of social media icons, with a great 3 dimensional look: Screenshot Isometrica Social Media Icons This is another social icon set to soak up your precious bandwidth, royally entitled, Isometrica. It contains icons with popular social media services, available in 2 sizes: Screenshot Social Media Sleek icons This free social media icon pack includes 25 sleek, modern and very usable social media/networking icons that can be used and downloadeded (free of charge) in your work. It can be used in your both, commercial and personal projects: Screenshot Free Furry Cushions Icons The Furry Cushions Social Icons is a set with 6 transparent furry social icons in the .png format. You can use these icons any way you want, in commercial as well as personal projects: Screenshot Incredibly Detailed Icon Set Media Loot is a incredibly detailed icon set with the 3 dimensional look, available in .png and the size of 128 px: Screenshot Lovely Website Icon Pack This is a pack of beautiful, elegant and sleek icon pack, containing 8 icons in in with the png format; for your commercial/personal projects: Screenshot Transformer Icons Transformers is a huge pack of high-quality icons, available in the 256x256 px size, .png format, available only for your personal projects. Screenshot Social Cubes Exclusive Social Cubes is a well-designed and very beautiful icon pack, which contains 18 icons in the png format: Screenshot Free Vector Based Social Media Icons Buddy Icons is a simple but elegant icon pack, which contains 126 vector social media icons in .png format: Screenshot Web Icons Pack This is another pack of premium vector icons which consists of 17 web icons in png format, and available for your commercial and personal projects: Screenshot Upojenie Icon Pack Upojenie is a high-quality pack of icons which are great for using while designing/developing a mobile/tab device application: Screenshot Free Social Media Icon Pack The current pack is an elegant and vibrant icon set, consisting of 42 icons, available in 2 sizes and psd as well as png format: Screenshot Dusk Icon Pack Siena is a brand new set of 200 free icons, developed for Webdesigner Depot. You can use them for your designs such as logos, websites and much more. They come in 6 different raster sizes and we have also included vector files for all the icons, so you can resize them as needed: Screenshot Exclusive Icons Siena Dusk is a small pack of beautiful icons, which are also great to be used for your mobile applications, tab programs and so on. Available for personal use: Screenshot Flavour Extented Icon Pack Flavour is a very big pack of stunning icons, containing over 450 high-quality and well-designed icons you can use for private and commercial use: Screenshot Web Icon Pack Web Icon pack is another huge set of icons which are great to be used for your website and your applications as well: Screenshot Web Injection Icon Pack The Web Injection icon set, developed for webdesigners and developers includes 26 stylish icons which are available for commercial and personal use: Screenshot Devine Icon Pack Devine is an elegant pack of 54 icons, available in 2 formats, which are great to use for designing different user interfaces: Screenshot Basic Icon Set Basic icon set is a simple but stylish icon collection, available in three different sizes and png format: Screenshot Token Icon Set Token is another very elegant icon pack, which is also very suitable for different UI projects. Available in png format: Screenshot Nixus Icon Pack Nixus is a popular icon pack with lots of beauty and high-quality. Available for commercial and personal projects: Screenshot Mixed Icons Pack Mixed, is a nice-looking and well-designed set of icons, which is great to be used for blogs and all kinds of websites: Screenshot Touchscreen Icons Touchscreen is a collection of very high-quality icons, in png format, available for your commercial and personal projects: Screenshot Application Icon Pack This is a small set of high-quality application icons, available in png format, and in 4 different sizes: Screenshot Free Web Icons “Nurture” is a Social Icon Pack that includes 10 icons featuring the logos of popular social bookmarking sites. The pack includes 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, and 64×64 icons in .png format: Screenshot Heart Social Icon Set Hearting is a set of 22 social icons in .png and in resolutions 16×16, 32×32, 64×64. This set was designed by Aravind Ajith, especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers: Screenshot Wood Social Icons This set consists of 11 elegant, and unusual icons in PNG format (64 x 64). The pack is free for both personal and commercial projects: Screenshot Vector Social Bookmark Icons Snap to Objects, is a vector social bookmarking icon pack, which is available for free download, in png format, with the possibility to use for commercial and personal projects: Screenshot Cheers Social Media Icons Cheers is another vibrant and high-quality icon pack, available for use in your private and commercial projects: Screenshot Vector Social Icons Pack The current icon pack contains a set of sleek and elegant vector popular social networks. Icons are available for personal use and in png format: Screenshot Elegant Social Icons This vibrant and modern social icon set consists of 15 high-quality icons available in .png and three different sizes: Screenshot Social Media Icon Pack This is another stylish pack of social icons, available for free donwload, in .png and also in three sizes: Screenshot Sociolego Free Icon Set Sociolego is a really interesting and creative icon pack which can be used for your personal and commercial projects: Screenshot Location Icon Pack Location is a pack of 10 sleek and interesting icons, available in 4 different sizes and png format: Screenshot Beer Cap Social Icons Again another creative social icon pack, in the form of bottle caps, with three sizes and in png format: Screenshot Social Media Bookmark Icon Social Media Bookmark is a pack of simple but elegant and beautiful icons, available for commercial and personal use in png format: Screenshot Curly Vector Social Icons This is another pack of creative social media icons, with the curly effect being available for commercial and personal use: Screenshot Pixels Social Media Icons Pixels is a beautiful dark social media pack of icons, available for commercial and personal use: Screenshot (ik) [fblike]

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  1. As I scrolled through and looked at these icons I expected a mix of awesome, pretty good and not so good icons. After all, everyone has their own opinion of what looks good.
    I was wrong. Every set here is awesome! Great collection.

  2. I’m impressed. I haven’t looked for icons in some months and to see all these in one places is great. Thanks so much.

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