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HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 24 Free Design Resources from January 2014

Creativity is like a cat. Sometimes it gives you head butts and rubs against you. Then it delivers you nothing but dead prey or stays away completely for days. As a creative professional you need to find ways to get creativity back, while your cat just needs you to patiently wait as long as it takes. Sparking your creativity is best done by inspiration and inspiration comes from many things, not the least other people's work. In the face of this fact we've put together yet another set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. Your cat will not be interested, but you should keep the following list safe and warm....

One important information before you read on: All the following elements are freely usable, though some will require a registration to download.

Section #1: HTML Templates

Hawthorne: Mobile Friendly HTML5 Template with Nice Typography

hawthorne template

Creator: Type & Grids
Features: Responsive design.

Tessellate: Responsive Full Width HTML5 Theme

Tessellate template

Creator: HTML5 UP
Features: Full width, responsive.

Grayscale: Full Width Single Page Template

Grayscale HTML template

Creator: Start Bootstrap
Features: Full width, responsive layout.

Zwisesolutions: Responsive Cross Browser Template

Zwisesolutions HTML template

Creator: Zerotheme dot com
Features: Responsive, HTML5 structure.

Eden: Vintage Theme for Exterior Design

Eden HTML template

Creator: Templatemonster
Features: Retro aesthetics, full width.

House Framing: Real Estate Mobile Friendly Template

House Framing HTML template

Creator: W3layouts
Features: HTML5 layout, responsive.

Jetro Flat: Clear Flat Corporate Theme

Jetro flat HTML template

Creator: w3layouts
Features: Responsive design, full width slider.

Section #2: PSD Templates and Elements

Shopmint: Flat Ecommerce Template

Shopmint PSD template

Creator: HeroWP
Features: Carefully layered file, single page design.

Mobile App Template: Clean, Flat Landing Page for Mobile Apps

Mobile PSD app template

Creator: Freebies Gallery
Features: Page divided in 3 parts, carefully layered.

Book App Template: Colorful Flat Concept for a Book Store

Book app template

Creator: Tkreative
Features: Flat design, font awesome icons.

Prasastenom: Admin Dashboard Template

Prasastenom PSD template

Creator: Andreansyah Setiawan
Features: Many useful elements, flat design.

Deliver: Clean Landing Page Template in PSD

Deliver PSD template

Creator: Michael Reimer
Features: 4 pages, contact form layout.

Slowave: Business Landing Page Template + Contact Form

Slowave PSD template

Creator: elemis
Features: Flat design, contact form included.

Zoomer: Single Page Template with Multiple Sections

Zoomer PSD template

Creator: Pixels Daily
Features: Several sections.

Luca: Sports Ecommerce Page Template

Luca PSD template

Creator: Blazrobar
Features: 5 different sections, vibrant colors.

Admin Dashboard: Template with Bright Colors, Analytics and Graphic Presentations

Admin Dashboard PSD template

Creator: Freebies Gallery
Features: Conspicuous UI elements, flat design.

Variety: Multipurpose Single Page Template Suited for Business

Variety PSD template

Creator: Raphael Lechner
Features: Main color customizable.

Section #3: Elements for Graphical User Interfaces

Flat UI Kit: Minimal Interface for Web-Apps in Red and White

Flat UI kit

Creator: Hugo
Features: Flat Design.

Twitter GUI: Revamped, Minimalistic Version of the Twitter Interface

Twitter GUI

Creator: Marie Dehayes
Features: Flat design, no vectors design.

Bootstrap 3 UI: All Bootstrap UI Elements in PSD

Bootstrap 3 UI

Creator: Alterplay Labs
Features: Glyphicons included, flat design.

Spotify Reimagined: New PSD-Concept for the Popular Music Service

Spotify reimagined UI

Creator: George Vasyagin
Features: Flat design.

Flat UI Kit: Modern Interface with Metro Look

Flat UI kit

Creator: George Vasyagin
Features: Metro design.

UI Set: Another UI Set in iOS Style for App Design Inspiration

App design UI set

Creator: Muharrem ?eny?l
Features: iOS 7 style.

Simple UI Kit: a Flat, Feminine Interface

Simple Free UI kit

Creator: Candence
Features: "Female" design, carefully layered.

More Parts of our Monthly Series of Fresh Design Resources

Did you just recently find out that we publish quality resources on a monthly basis? Are you looking for more of that great stuff? The following list has you covered.

About the Authors

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  1. And the best thing is that ideas can strike anytime even from garbage in your dustbin. You just need to think on the concept and if you are good at your work there is a new beautiful design.

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