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Impressive Typography Sites

Typography is one of the very important aspects to consider when designing a website. Well-written content finds its actual place and praise only then when it is placed properly in readable and as well as attractive format. Web typography can embrace everything from calligraphy to digital type — it is not only about using an array of fonts, but also focusing on the 'where' and 'why' when choosing a particular font's size and color. Here are some of many examples of beautiful, interesting and inspiring typography-related sites out there. Please share with us other sites you've found typo-riffic! [fblike] Grip Limited Ever thought of using scroll wheels for a site? This ad agency did: Screenshot Grafik Very simple and elegant — Nick de Jardine's site presented with large typography: Grafik Pieoneers A mighty colourful website that not only makes your mouth water but also arouses your interest to look around: Pieoneers Justdot A back-to-school feeling once your enter this site — pretty impressive: Screenshot Fail-ure A well-made site with clear directions to where you can find the products with no ado: Fail-ure Eighty Two Design A vintage-styled site that prooves old fashion can also look swell: Eighty Two Design Sibling Rivalry A site project that three brothers have brought to life. Interesting use of type and images: Sibling Rivalry Uncle Emile A French site that is full of art and very creative ideas: Uncle Emile August Not only does the type look good here, but also the fantastic photography: August Cascade Brewery Australia's oldest operating brewery has a site and really makes good use of it: Cascade Brewery Iron to Iron An interesting way to reflect shades as well as light with typography: Iron to Iron Marie Catrib’s This restaurant already looks very inviting from the looks of their site: Marie Catrib’s Kari Jobe Having your site as a diary lookalike is not such a bad idea. You'd always be uptodate: Kari Jobe Elan Snowboards A snowboard company that uses clear words and is very user friendly: Elan Snowboards National Television A design and animation studio based on creative collaboration: National Television Nike Better World A single page template with some amazing CSS and JS features: Nike Better World Arqandgraph An interesting use of type and image blocks for a portfolio of the Arqandgraph Design Firm: Arqandgraph Poems Out Loud A site not only dedicated to typography but also language itself: Poems Out Loud Questionable Characters Asking Ben Barry and Frank Chimero — witty and informative: Questionable Characters Sushi Monstr This creative site is made by a writer, usability designer and web developer: Sushi Monstr Chama inc Kepping it simple with black and white is always a good alternative as well: Chama inc Precinkt Here is a good example of using just a few types as possible within one website: Precinkt Typejockeys A site that offers everything from graphic design, type design and various fonts: Typejockeys Oliver James Gosling This Web developer and internet specialist really put a lot of effort and time into his site: Oliver Gosling Lega-Lega A playful way of attracting customers to your site with a self-drawn navigation menu: Lega-Lega The Old State This is another good example of using black and white to achieve that classy effect: The Old State Ben the Bodyguard So why not use as much space as you can on your website? Scrolling down on this site takes you on an interesting adventure: Screenshot One Day without Google A site that uses just about two colours. It's not as bad as it sounds — take a look: One Day without Google Mark Hobbs A witty, colourful site that attracts the attention of any visitor passing by: Screenshot THE= SUM A team of two who are dedicated to design and show it very well: Screenshot (ik) [fblike]

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  1. Some incredibly creative and inspiring typography based web sites.

    Even though most of the sites posted here for the use of their amazing typography, Kari Jobe, Elan Snowboards and Arqandgraph would have to be my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Really awesome!

    I’m trying to decide on ways to incorporate more typography in my upcoming redesign.

    Some much needed inspirations!

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