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Let It Snow: Festive Resources to Santa up Your Website

In these special times we tend to not only decorate houses, streets, the whole country, basically. We don't even leave our websites untouched. Christmassy looks are mandatory these days. If you are on the lookout for a bunch of effects to implement on your blog, portfolio, whatever, look no further. We have compiled a small collection of just what you need to bring that Santa sparkle to the eyes of your visitors.


When Your Website looks Flaky

It's obvious as in obvious. Christmas is associated with snow, even though in most parts of the world it doesn't snow at all, at least not around Christmas time. There is a plethora of JavaScripts to let it snow outside the browser window (from your viewpoint). „Snow3D“ is one of these little assets. Yet, it is somewhat more special than others, because it applies larger and smaller flakes around the screen to have the snowfall look three-dimensional. Using your mouse you can even change perspectives. Flocculent!!

„Snow Falling Greetings“

„Snow Falling Greetings“ base on CSS3 animations, which besides being festive is technically interesting. A pity that this effect is bound to be limited to webkit browsers as its creator omitted vendor prefixes completely. Use your chance and add the necessary code for other browsers manually and claim to have learned at least a little this Christmas.

Are you more of the conventional type? Then „Snowstorm“ might make you happy. This JavaScript cares for decent snowfall. Flakes fall slowly and smoothly, very decent. To freak out a little you might be willing to change the color, shape and/or number of the flocks. By default snowflakes follow the direction of your mouse moves and pile up from the lower end of your browser window.

„Snowstorm“ and „Smash Christmas Lights“

Sparkling Lights

If snow is not enough, you'll be glad to hear, that "Snowstorm" comes with an added bonus called „Smash Christmas Lights“. The JavaScript puts a a colorful chain of lights to top of your browser window. Now move your mouse across the lights and notice their destruction accompanied by fierce acoustics - extremely pensive.

„Smash Christmas Lights“

Festive Fonts

A classic and always heavily sought for are festive fonts. Font Squirrel has two very Christmassy ones for you, which are even free of charge. Perfect for the feast of love to come. „Kingthings Gothique“ and „Mountains of Christmas“ are available in web and desktop formats, where „Mountains of Christmas“ is even available via Google Fonts.

Festive Fonts at Font Squirrel


Parallax is the new black. These effects are the best invention since sliced bread - well, sort of. Okay, probably not, yet they are very popular and very useful to add that festive feeling to your otherwise too modern website. „jQuery Scripts“ offers a beautiful demo of how to spruce up your Christmas greetings with parallax effects. Download the demo and customize it to your own liking.

Parallax Effects for X-Mas, Perfect Fit

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