Denis Potschien October 27th, 2015 is a Dropbox Without the Cloud

The digital cloud is just as much loved as it is feared. Especially services such as Dropbox are used for fast and easy data exchange by private users and businesses alike. But not everybody trusts this kind of service. Lack of data protection and the issue of data security, in general, are often brought up as reasons against them. Just like Dropbox, allows data exchange via the internet but without using the cloud - in most cases. infinit-dropbox-teaser_DE Directly Transfers Data

Infinit is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac as well as on Android and iOS as an app. Once installed, you only need to register or sign up through Facebook. After that, the user can immediately and directly provide data for others via the application. The exchange either occurs through direct connections to other registered users or by distributing a link. infinit_anwendung Desktop Application During the exchange, the data that you want to trade stays on your device at first. You grant other users access to the data via an email invitation. It is also possible to exchange e.g. photos with oneself. This is helpful when you use your own data on multiple devices.  This way, you can share files between desktop computer and tablet or notebook without having to fall back to a cloud-based service. infinit_app Infinit on Android While services like Dropbox or Google Drive cache files, Infinit transfers them directly from device to device using different coding algorithms like AES-256 and RSA 2048. When the internet connection gets interrupted during transfer, it is not canceled but paused.

No Size Limit

Another advantage over other cloud services is that Infinit does not set a limit regarding file sizes. As it only transfers data and doesn't save it, any file size can be transferred. Even entire folders can be shared comfortably via drag and drop.

Caution: Cloud is Used When Sharing Via Link

The only exception is sharing via a link. There is not a big difference to other cloud-based services when sharing the files using a link, as here, the files are actually saved on the Infinit servers. That makes sense as a download via link is usually sent via email where the receiver doesn't always instantly start the download. Not only time zone differences prevent the recipient from starting the download in case the sender already shut down the computer at that time.

Costs for Intensive Use

Infinit is free for everyone who does not need more than a gigabyte of storage for sharing via a link and who only want to transfer files smaller than 10 gigabytes. This will be sufficient for many people. The biggest restriction that comes with the free version is the limit of five transfers to personal devices a month. So those who use Infinit to exchange files between their desktop and mobile devices will reach the limit quickly. There are also additional chargeable versions that contain more storage and additional features. Also, extra storage and file transfers can be received by inviting friends or posting on Facebook.


Infinit is very fast and easy to use. For everyone sceptic of or plain against cloud services, it is a good alternative. What has to be considered, however, is that files are still saved in the cloud when shared via a link. (dpe)

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