Noupe Editorial Team March 10th, 2017

Noupe Exclusive: 350+ Free Icons For Our Readers

Icons are always useful. This is the same for both you and us. We got together with the vector acrobats from Vexels to create an icon collection with more than 350 pictograms that you can use completely for free, and for any purpose you want to. Enjoy! Our icon set contains symbols for social media, general business applications, and all types of contact pictograms. For that, we have chosen the most up to date design variants. The symbols come in flat design, as line icons, in offset style, with long shadows, as well as sporting the newest material design. This should allow for the creation of all conventional designs. If you are not one hundred percent content with the pictograms, you can simply edit them yourself, as you not only get each icon as an individual PNG with the measurements 1200 x 1200 pixels but also as an individual SVG, as well as a layered Adobe Illustrator format. This overview gives you an impression of what to expect: [caption id="attachment_81626" align="alignnone" width="640"] An Overview of All Pictograms. (Overview: Vexels)[/caption] The download of the 18 megabytes heavy ZIP archive is not tied to any preconditions. All you have to do is attach the note "Designed by Vexels" to projects that you use the set in. After the download and unzipping of the archive, you'll find a folder named ICONS on your local drive, in which the individual design variants are stored, divided into further subfolders.

Download the Zip archive now (18MB): 350+ Icons for Business and Contacts

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