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Top 9 Online Form Builders of 2024

From designing easy-to-read forms that your prospects want to fill out, to data-collection forms that help with webinar registration, reservations, and contact tracing, it’s important to work with the best online form builder that helps you meet your specific conversion goals. 

Best online form builders

Here are 9 online form builders to consider based on factors like ease of use, design quality and variety, advanced features, the ability to automate, and, of course, price.

1. Jotform

With more than 10,000 templates, Jotform is known for having the largest collection of templates available. This online form builder offers fully mobile-responsive forms and accessible forms as well as numerous plugins, multipage forms, field types, and integrations like Salesforce, Insightly, and PayPal for online payments. 

Jotform’s Starter plan is free and includes five forms. There are also three paid tiers

2. Moosend

Moosend’s forms are designed to increase your subscriptions and grow your mailing list quickly. The platform allows you to create beautiful forms with dozens of templates and matching landing pages. The drag-and-drop editor also lets you customize the forms so you can add images, fonts, and logos for better branding and visual interest. Plus, Moosend’s forms seamlessly integrate with your website via add-ons, plugins, and custom code. 

This powerful forms tool offers a free plan, or you can choose from monthly and annual plans that include more advanced features. 

3. Socital

As one of the newest online form builders, Socital is one of the most user-friendly solutions you’ll find, no matter how much form-building experience you have. Features include popup tools for cart abandonment, email notifications, form submission options, social tools, and template and format editors for subscription forms. Socital has five monthly plans to choose from. 

4. Typeform

With an Instagram aesthetic, this tool is one of the most visually attractive form builders. No coding skills are required for this user-friendly tool that offers more than 60 form templates. Enjoy several Typeform options, including quizzes, contact forms, polls, surveys, and lead generation forms as well as videos, images, and GIFs. You can choose a free plan or one of three paid tiers

5. Wufoo

Wufoo gives you 400 templates organized into categories, including surveys, registrations, invitations, online orders, and lead generation forms. Enjoy the drag-and-drop process for form creation or use customization tools to change various elements of each form. 

Designed for all types of businesses, Wufoo also offers advanced features, including payment integrations, report designers, and analytics tools. Integrations include Stripe, Campaign Monitor, and Squarespace. 

Made more for experienced users, Wufoo offers four pricing plans as well as a free plan with basic features.  

6. Convertful

With its plethora of form templates, Convertful is ideal for bloggers, agencies, and e-commerce companies. Features include a WordPress plug-in as well as the ability to include gamification tools and coupon boxes. It works well with users of all experience levels. 

Convertful integrates with email marketing software like HubSpot, Moosend, and Sendinblue. There’s a free plan plus paid tiers. Even the free plan includes features like unlimited widgets as well as lead and form fields. 

7. Pabbly

This form builder is affordable and versatile, including more than 250 templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Advanced features include website embedding, payment integrations, webhooks, customizations, calculated fields, conditional logic, multistep forms, and data encryption, yet it’s suitable for everyone. You can also integrate third-party apps, such as PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and Google Analytics. Pabbly offers a single pricing plan. 

8. Formstack

This solution is one of the easiest to use that features advanced technology like conditional logic. You can use Formstack’s form templates or create your own from scratch. The drag-and-drop form builder has a “reorder content” button to rearrange form fields. Formstack also offers custom branding, advanced reporting, and a theme builder. 

Formstack integrates with Zapier, PayPal, and Google Analytics. Although there’s no free plan, you can try one of their five paid plans for 14 days at no cost. 

9. Google Forms

Google Forms gives you an intuitive, real-time form builder with many question types, including short text, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. You can make all types of forms for various purposes, including forms for feedback, subscription signup, and event registration. 

One of the best features is the data validation capability to visualize the information you collect. Responses can be connected to a Google Sheet. Google Forms is free and included in G Suite plans.


Many companies offer a wide assortment of form templates that serve all types of industries, businesses, and form needs. Do your research, and you’ll be sure to find the one that works for you.

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