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Picjumbo: A New Collection of High-quality, Commercial-use Photos for Totally Free

Photos are what web designers need in massive amounts. Yet, shooting each and every needed photo by yourself would soon become a full-time occupation in itself. Compromises are to be made. Thus, it's no wonder that we see loads of stock libraries around. Who wants to use the same images, competitor X already uses? The need for heaps of fresh images is permanently rising. Besides the well-known stock libraries with their large collections of millions of pictures, smaller services have started to grow. Most remarkably these services offer smaller amounts of images, yet they do it for free. Some don't even require back-links or proper attribution. Picjumbo by Viktor Hanacek from the Czech Republic is such a service... IMG_0499-1300x866-w550

Picjumbo: Free Photoprovider with a shirt-sleeved Premium offer

Viktor Hanacek is a young web designer and photographer from the Czech Republic, trying to make a living by additionally selling his works over the virtual marketplaces of the web, first and foremost Creative Market. To be successful in doing so you need to gain popularity and reputation. Otherwise people would not trust you enough, to give you their money. Popularity as well as reputation can be gained easily through giving away quality content for free. See it as an alteration of the old principles of try before you buy. I suppose Viktor's motivation in maintaining Picjumbo stems from this thought. Let's get well known for quality works and raise the chances to sell stuff then. I don't criticize that. It is a valid method and a win-win situation. Both sides gain something. And it sure is loads better than running into one of the internet traps where they trick you into thinking everything is free while in fact they chain you to expensive contracts. picjumbo-landing-w550 Started a few months ago, Picjumbo earned money solely through the placement of advertisements. Just recently Hanacek added a Premium offer, which comes over rather shirt-sleeved though. Using the virtual shop of Gumroad, Viktor wants you to opt into a subscription service at a moderate 6 EUR monthly. In return Viktor promises to deliver all the pictures directly via email, so that you'd be the first to have them. And he promises to deliver not only the two or three shots of a whole series, he puts up onto Picjumbo, but to send you the whole series. He doesn't grant for a fixed number of monthly pictures, though. You get 30+ photos in one and 60+ in another. Furthermore there are no guarantees given as far as the topics covered are concerned. You could well receive a set of 60 wedding photos in one month and thirty iPhones in another. You see, this is not your regular stock photo subscription. If you should go for that plan depends on whether you like Viktor's way of photo taking in general or if you don't. Check it out over at Picjumbo.

Picjumbo: Small, but decent Collection of one Photographer's Works

Don't associate. Picjumbo is not what you'd imagine it to be. At least not yet. Picjumbo is a very small jumbo. Only a few dozen pictures are provided, all of which taken by Viktor himself. He would accept contributions, but it seems no-one knocked on that door up to now. All images come in a resolution of around 10 megapixel and are freely usable for private and commercial projects alike. The only thing you are not allowed to use them for is selling them as such. Viktor would be happy if you put a back-link with an attribution to his service, yet doesn't require you to do so. Picjumbo is split into rough categories. Clicking a category shows the contained images in blog or timeline style, not in the form of a gallery. Most categories only have enough material for one page of content. A "Next Page" button is rare at Picjumbo. Besides flicking through the categories, a search field gives you access to images according to your interests, given results exist. picjumbo-search-w550 Is it any wonder, that most of the photos provided have a strong relation to technology? If you are an Apple aficionado you won't get disappointed. I like, that you can see all the pictures have been taken by the same person. Viktor has a unique style with his sharply focused macros and their blurry surroundings. This way most pictures look generic enough to not need a lot of context. But, see for yourself: IMG_4566-1300x866-w550 IMG_9895-1300x866-w550 IMG_3683-1300x866-w550 I recommend Picjumbo as the next addition to your ever-growing bookmark collection. At least if you are a creative professional or other netizen with a need for imagery.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this website. The site has some beautiful pictures. All other royalty free websites have increased their prices over the years. We need some more free image websites like this one.

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