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PSDDD: Brand-New Resource for Creative Professionals curates Dribbble’s Best Freebies

Dribbble is awesome. You cannot help but get inspired browsing the various works and reading the almost always constructive feedback provided by the community. Show and tell is what describes Dribbble best, but some designers do more. They give away their design elements for free. And in these cases, PSDDD comes into play...


Dribbble: Gigantic Selection, Hard to Keep the Overview

It happens ever so often. I browse Dribbble and stumble upon a freebie. Yet I am not able to download it immediately for various reasons and promise myself to come back later to get it. Then, days later, I remember the freebie and try to find it again. It is not seldom that I fail. Dribbble just is no resource focusing on downloadable content, thus it is not organized accordingly.

[caption id="attachment_76074" align="alignnone" width="550"]Dribbble: Great, but hard to keep track of Dribbble: Great, but hard to keep track of[/caption]

Designer Siddharth Arun and developer Mithun Stephen, situated in Bangalore, India, felt the same ache and created the perfect cure. PSDDD makes use of the Dribbble API to access the hidden treasures of the community platform. Selection is done using the API, yet it is decided editorially what freebies are actually shown on PSDDD. The creators hope to maintain a high level of quality this way.

If you are a Dribbble member and want to notify PSDDD of a freebie you've just released, all you need to do is tag it #psddd. This tag is searched for from the side of PSDDD, making sure, the freebie is considered and not overlooked. This is an intelligent way of heightening the chances for a rapid growth. Tagging means hardly any additional efforts on the side of the creator, but promises to help spread the word effectively.

PSDDD: 800 Freebies and Growing

At the time of this writing almost 800 freebies can be accessed from PSDDD. Either you go searching using the corresponding feature from the main page or you go browsing the categories, which have self-explanatory titles such as PS Elements, UI Elements, Icons or Backgrounds & Patterns.

[caption id="attachment_76073" align="alignnone" width="550"]PSDDD: The Overview Pages Consist of 8 Items each PSDDD: The Overview Pages Consist of 8 Items each[/caption]

Once you found the desired freebie, you click on it and are then taken to a detailed single view, where the essential information is curated. Below the freebie related freebies are shown - something we don't have on Dribbble.

[caption id="attachment_76072" align="alignnone" width="550"]PSDDD: Details PSDDD: Details[/caption]

Clicking on "Get Resource" takes you over to Dribbble, where you can initiate the download directly. Before you download any of the freebies, try to check the license. Unfortunately, Dribbble users often don't provide these vital infos. As it is Dribbble contacting the designer is always just around the corner. Look at the designer's profile page and use one of the stored contact possibilities to get assurance that your intended use case is possible. Where there's a will there's a way.

Conclusion: PSDDD is very useful, structured, simple and clean. It is the fastest and all in all best way to search for Dribbble freebies that I know of. I added the service to my bookmarks and so should you!

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  1. This is excellent! I find it hard to search for free files on Dribbble, but now you can search for what you need with ease. Great Job Dieter, you always have something interesting to show us!

  2. Very interesting resource. Thanks Dieter for sharing.
    What about license? Can I use these resources in commercial projects?

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