Dieter Petereit December 19th, 2017

Subtle Backgrounds for Your Last-Minute Christmas Cards

Every year, Christmas time catches us completely off guard. Wasn't it summer just a short while ago? Now, it's only one more week to Christmas. Though the Advent season was short this year, we can say whatever we want to, we have overslept making and sending out neat Christmas cards to our clients and acquaintances. Not all hope is lost. In theory, you could even order an ugly sweater over at Amazon, and take a selfie in front of your Christmas tree. Send your Christmas card via WhatsApp, for a change. That doesn't seem professional, though. Given the time constraints, I don't recommend a complex creative phase, and the shoemaker shouldn't have the best shoes, either. So, why don't you rely on meaningful photos that address the theme in a subtle and modern way, and use them as the basis of your Christmas card? We took a look around and found a few that we can recommend to you. All shown images can be used for free, as they are under the license CC0. You don't even have to mention the originator, although you are free to do so. We've focused on selecting fresh images. We don't want you to use an image that has been used ten years ago. We also made sure not to suggest images that scream "kitsch" from a distance. Thus, not everyone will find their stereotypical idea of Christmas in these photos. For these people, I recommend searching through our top 50 image services. (Over at, there are a lot of standard Christmas images.) Also, you can check out these Free Christmas card templates and Christmas cards templates collection for a bit more Christmas joy! Photographer: Scott Webb | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Jasmin Schuler | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Andre Benz | Source: Unsplash Photographer(in): Esse Chua | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Helena Yankovska | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Toa Heftiba | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Brooke Lark | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Caley Dimmock | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Joanna Kosinska | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Markus Spiske | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Lionello DelPiccolo | Source: Unsplash Photographer: Congerdesign | Source: Pixabay Photographer: Element5 Digital | Source: StockSnap Photographer: Victor Hanacek | Source: PicJumbo

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  1. Great post about subtle backgrounds for your last minute christmas cards. Many many thanks for sharing with us

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