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WrapKit: This Powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Boosts Your Web Projects

WrapKit is a freshly released UI kit based on the brand-new Bootstrap 4 and built to enhance it. If you're a Bootstrapper you will want to have this.

Bootstrap Enhanced: WrapKit is Features Galore

WrapKit by WrapPixel is a full-blown UI kit with loads of individual elements. Should you be looking for page templates you'll find more than 25 unique examples of various niche sites. Should you like to build your design house brick by brick, there are more than 500 individual elements and page templates. Should you prefer the middle way, you will find the more than 180 interface sections, widgets, areas or however you want to call them, valuable. These deliver small functional contexts that you combine to make up the page as a whole. On top of all that WrapKit ships with more than 3,000 premium font icons representing a value of 79 USD alone. [caption id="attachment_103368" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] WrapKit's ready-to-use UI blocks cover your every need.[/caption] Besides all these ready-to-use items WrapKit also delivers the raw material. These are all the used Photoshop files as well as the SaSS code that's behind the magic. WrapPixel claims that the code base as a whole is absolutely well documented and is successfully serving 60k customers. You might have imagined by now that such a large feature set isn't coming for free, and that's certainly true. Should you need WrapKit for a single application, it will set you back 24 USD. Multiple aka unlimited applications (sites, apps, whatever) will cost you 69 USD. Is your application large-sized and built as a SaaS, you will have to shell out 399 USD. All prices are one-time fees with lifelong free updates and one-year premium support.

Evaluate WrapKit in Various Ways

WrapPixel has an extensive demo site to showcase what WrapKit is able to achieve for you. Don't visit the demo in a hurry, it will suck you in, and recklessly destroy your plans for the rest of the day. The documentation, which is reachable from that same location, is elaborate enough to communicate the concepts and get you started quickly. [caption id="attachment_103363" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] The Restaurant demo is only one of many. All are equally beautiful. (Screenshot: Noupe)[/caption] Looking at a demo is certainly not the same as getting your hands dirty. Thus, it's good news that WrapPixel offers a Lite version of WrapKit for absolutely free. WrapKit Lite is a stripped-down version of its larger brother and comes with more than 25 elements, a few landing page templates, and 17+ interface sections. This is not a lot, but surely enough to get an idea of whether the product conceptually appeals to you or not. Basic questions need not be asked, such as "Is this responsive?" It certainly is as it is based on the latest version of Bootstrap, the gold standard in modern web design. While Bootstrap alone saves you hours and hours of work because of its thoroughly thought-through framework characteristics, WrapKit will literally simplify your life as a designer. I wouldn't say that your sites will create themselves but you'll be pretty close to that.

Who Let The WrapKit Out? Who, Who?

The company behind WrapKit has a proven track record of delivering high-quality templates for the harder parts of web design. WrapPixel offers free and premium admin templates using various underlying technologies such as Angular, SASS, Bootstrap and more. All their premium offerings are accompanied by respective lite versions to give you an idea of what to expect.

Hooray, We Have a Heavy Discount on Offer!

For today's Black Friday Noupe has teamed up with WrapPixel to offer our dear Noupe readers a reduced price for the full-blown WrapKit Pro package. Upon checkout use the coupon code black-friday-noupe and receive a 25 percent discount. Take the spare money and have a nice candle-light dinner at your favorite restaurant. You'll certainly need to buy the Extended Use license for that. But hey, why not?

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