1. Never work for less than you feel you are worth. It laves a bad taste in your mouth as you work on any project. It will effect your life and it will effect the project and quality. Possibly indirectly but it will. For Clients they should never pay more then they feel they should for a project as it will leave a bad taste in their mouth throughout the project and make them feel they are being taken advantage off. Quality usually cost to reflect what you are getting. Not always, but most of the time. Still if you undersell yourself you are not just hurting you, but all the others that work in the same industry. You start to support the expectation of what your industry value is. Honestly charge what a project is worth and honestly pay for it. I feel these sites leave many doing work and in the end getting nothing. How about a Pick X number of designers from there portfolios and or samples to do a job, and they all get payed. The project winner gets a bonus. This models sounds like it is the best for all parties. The client gets more designs at a group rate. The designers get intensive to win, rewarding them for exceeding the clients expectations. Healthy competition is a good driving force.

    Just some thoughts.


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